How to Manifest Lottery Wins Easily (6 Incredibly Powerful Ways)

I remember as a child, my father used to tell me stories about an uncle who practically lived off his lottery winnings.

This uncle, whom I’ll refer to as uncle Jim, was so adept at playing lottery games, that for many years of his life, he never actually needed to work.

While he never actually won the jackpot, he was consistently winning in the minor lotteries (about $10,000 each) in absurd frequencies. There was even a year where he won 12 times in total.

Even at such a young age, I was extremely intrigued by this. I wanted to know the secret behind his constant success.

The fact that someone could literally manifest lottery wins at will and has such control over reality intrigued me to no end.

As I got older, I started playing the lottery myself. I didn’t do it too often as my main interest wasn’t the money itself as much as it was about discovering the secrets behind winning.

And eventually, through much experimentation (And some money burned) I uncovered those very secrets which I’ll share with you in this post.

What I quickly realized was that the Uncle Jims of the world all invariably utilize these principles in one way or another, there’s no difference between you and a lottery winner except how they approach playing it.

I don’t play much anymore but back in the day, I was literally racking up the winnings by using these simple but profound techniques.

Apply them yourself and you too can do the same. Without further ado, let’s get started.

How to manifest lottery wins by using the right methods

1. Believe that it’s possible

This one kind of goes without saying, but you’d be surprised at how many people enter the lottery while believing deep down inside that they’ll never win.

And as expected, these people never actually win. It’s really just a self-fulfilling prophecy in action.

Make the choice, to believe with all your heart, and might that you are a constant winner and inevitably you will start winning.

I understand that if you have a past history of many losses it can be hard to change this belief. But realize that your beliefs and mind are very much within your control.

Consciously make the decision to believe that you will win and your beliefs will immediately shift.

Almost instantly you will start attracting the vibrations of winning.

Don’t worry if at the start you don’t feel any different. Keep at it, make it point to imagine yourself winning, everyday affirm to yourself how lucky you are.

Eventually, you will reach a point (It won’t take too long, don’t worry) where you’ll start believing deep in your core that winning is inevitable for you.

Do this and your belief in yourself will be rock solid and unshakable.

Even when you lose, you’ll know at a gut level that the loss is only temporary and that sooner or later you’re bound to win.

This is the first and most important step so take heed of it.

2. Deal with losses properly

Everyone who’s ever played has lost before but in the grand scheme of things, a few losses here and there doesn’t really matter.

The thing that really separates the winners from the losers is the way in which you deal with your losses.

We get unhappy about losing the money that we spend on playing in the first place.

But the real cost of losing is the toll it takes on your ability to stay positive and hopeful.

Lose too many times and you will start internalizing losing as part of your reality, in short, you will make it become a habit.

I’ve seen it happen to far too many people.

Your thoughts and habits that determine everything when it comes to winning.

How the winners deal with their losses

One common trait among all winners is that they are never truly unhappy when they lose.  

Sure, they may be a little disappointed but they never dwell on it.

This is the key, never dwell on your losses. The more you think about them, the more they will become part of your identity, and the more you will lose.

Instead, whenever you lose, accept it and move on. Do your best to let go completely.

Accept completely that losing is an essential part of the game, there’s no one in the world who is able to win every single time.

What matters is that you win enough to make a profit and recoup the money you invest.

To feel a little disappointed when you lose is fine and only human, so don’t worry about that.

As long as you don’t dwell on your losses and move on from them as quickly as possible, your chances of winning will significantly increase.

This simple act of letting go of your losses isn’t to be underestimated. This here is one of the biggest secrets of gambling winners, the ability to detach and let go. 

All your future attempts will be affected by how you deal with your past losses.

3. Act as if you already won

This is a common manifestation technique used to attract all manner of things and it’s really great for lottery winnings too.

When you act as if you already won, you are literally commanding the universe to make it a reality.

Everything in the physical world takes form first in the mental and astral plane before manifesting in physical reality.

Acting as if sets the stage for winning in real life. As you change your thoughts, the physical circumstances in your life alter themselves to match your state of mind. 

This is why all the major religions in the world share the opinion that thoughts create reality.

And the very act of acting as if you’ve won forces your mind to think the kind of thoughts that will attract winnings.

4. How badly do you want it?

Napoleon Hill, the author of think rich and grow rich, lists desire as one of the most powerful and important factors in manifesting money.

The good news is that desire is highly applicable for winning the lottery as well.

Ask yourself how badly do you want to win? The more you do, the more likely you are to win.

In fact, if you cultivate an extreme desire to win, you’re more or less bound to win eventually.

So, sit down for a moment and think about what you’ll do when you actually win.

Give yourself the freedom to fantasize and imagine the things you’d do, the many luxuries you’d indulge in.

Get excited and imagine how you would feel at that moment.

Let these fantasies fan the flames of desire within you till it burns as bright as the sun.

A Caveat: Don’t let desire turn into desperation and frustration

One important thing to take note of, however, is to make sure your desire never becomes destructive or all it will end up doing is attract the opposite of its intended effect. 

In many ways, desire is just like fire. When controlled, it can be used to cook your food, when out of control, it’ll burn down your house.  

To control your desire, make sure it’s accompanied by the attributes of patience and faith.

Without patience, desire will lead to frustration, and without faith, it will lead to despair.

When desire is expressed in tandem with calm patience and limitless faith, you will be able to reshape your reality and life to any way you see fit. 

Through the combination of these three emotions, people have gone from debilitating poverty to affluent wealth, from complete failures to bustling successes.

Time and time again I’ve witnessed the power of controlled desire in the lives of both myself and that of the many people I know.

Therefore, whenever you find yourself feeling impatient, take a step back, and relax.

Whenever you feel hopeless, remind yourself that the universe is infinitely abundant.

5. Imagine yourself winning

When you can picture something vividly in your mind’s eye, it will become your reality sooner or later.

Successful athletes, actors, entrepreneurs, and yes, lottery players, have all utilized the amazing powers of imagination at one time or another.

Try your best to visualize yourself winning as vividly as you can.

In your visualization, pay extra attention to the specific details. Like for example, the place where you’ll pick up your winnings or the people you’d tell when you win.

That being said, when it comes to imagining your winning numbers, just visualize any random number.

After that just forget about the number you imagine. 

Remember the point is to manifest winnings and NOT winning numbers. There is a difference.

When your entire being is aligned with the vibrations of abundance, whatever number you choose will become the winning numbers.

Imagine daily and your wishes will come true.

6. Start with smaller goals

It’s hard to envision yourself winning the jackpot when you’ve never won before.

Therefore, it’s always easier to start with manifesting smaller winnings.

The more you win, the more confidence you will develop, and the more winnings you’ll attract. 

Start first by manifesting a few thousand dollars and gradually work your way up till you can do that easily.

From there, you can slowly get comfortable with manifesting bigger amounts or you can stick to manifesting smaller winnings more frequently, at that point, your options are endless.

Little by little, your small winnings will build up a sense of faith and confidence inside you that will allow you to truly believe at your core that winning the lottery jackpot is possible.

Another thing, remember to celebrate all your winnings, never discount them no matter how small.

8. Figure Out What’s holding you back

If you’ve done all that I’ve written above for at least a month but still haven’t won the lottery then there could be something in your life or thoughts that’s holding you back.

I’ve written an article here about the most common mistakes that prevent people from achieving success with the law of attraction. If you’re not too familiar with basic law of attraction mistakes that you MUST avoid then I highly recommend that you read it. 


Manifesting lottery wins is more than just a game and definitely more than a matter of luck.

I know because I’ve dedicated quite a fair bit of time to figure out the “science” behind it.

All successful players practice the principles that I’ve shared here. The more closely you are able to follow these teachings, the more successful your endeavors will be.

With lotteries, you probably already know that there aren’t any physical techniques you can do to tip the scales towards your favor, so all you can do is focus on what matters most, your thoughts, your habits, and your emotions.

Take care of those three things and winning is near guaranteed.


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