How To Use The Law of Assumption In 4 Steps

Do you know about the Law of Assumption? It’s an immensely powerful law that when mastered will give you the means to easily manifest pretty much anything that you want. The law of assumption was first introduced by prominent law of attraction thinker, Neville Goddard. The main premise behind the law of assumption is simple, … Read more

How To Manifest Someone to Miss You (7-Steps)

How To Manifest Someone To Miss You

Have you ever missed someone and wondered if they feel the same? Through the law of attraction, almost anything is possible. Not only can you make someone miss you using manifestation. But eventually, as your thoughts and emotions intensify, you can get them to return to your life once again. Now the reason behind wanting … Read more

How To Manifest Good Grades With The Law Of Attraction

If you’re looking to make your school life easier and enjoy academic success, then you’d be pleased to know that the law of attraction works excellently for this purpose. Whether your goal is to manifest better grades, graduate with flying colors, or simply pass your exams, through the law of attraction all of these things … Read more