40 Powerful Love Affirmations that will transform your relationships and life

To love and be loved is one of life’s most beautiful and sublime experiences. Few if any other feelings compare to the immense joy love brings.

Whether it’s the love that you share with your romantic partner or the love for your family, all forms of love has the potential to bring tremendous joy and transformation into your life.

Countless benefits can be gained by simply vibrating in the frequency of love.

In this post I will share some love affirmations that have helped me tremendously in vibrations of love

I’ll divide these affirmations into a few different sections so that you can experience love at every level of your being.

Self Love Affirmations

I feel that many of us neglect ourselves and don’t give ourselves enough love.

In the end, all love starts with self-love. It is only when you’re able to truly love yourself that you’re able to give and attract love from others.

1. I love myself completely and wholeheartedly

2. I love and accept everything about myself, both the good and the bad.

3. I deserve to be loved, for it is my birthright.

4. Everything I do is for my highest good.

5. I take care of myself to the best of my abilities.

Radiating Love

Our true nature is one of love, underneath all the complexities of our egos and personality, only love remains.

When you’re able to unlock this part of yourself, everything in your life will be touched by love and flow much more smoothly.

All conflicts and troubling emotions such as fear stem from a deviation from this loving nature.

Make love a fundamental part of your personality, radiate it from your very being and you will start expressing everywhere in your daily life.

6. Love is all around me, it is everywhere in my life.

7. I am an embodiment of love.

8. To be loving is my true nature.

9. When faced with adversity, I choose to forgive and love

10. Nothing can hurt me, for the love within me protects me from all harm.

Romantic Love: Attracting your ideal partner

Everyone, no matter who they are, has someone out there that compliments them at every level, accepts them and loves them unconditionally.

This special person is known by many as a soulmate and is the person destined to give you the love that you truly deserve.

These affirmations will allow you to attract that person into your life. They can also be used for a specific person that you’re trying to attract.

11. I am open to love and receive it with open arms.

12. My soulmate and I are on the way to each other.

13. I am grateful for being able to attract true love into my life.

14. I completely at peace with being single for now.

15. I trust that my ideal partner will come to me at the best and most appropriate time in my life.

Affirmations for love and marriage

If you’re fortunate enough to already be in a marriage or relationship with someone you love and who loves you back, then these affirmations will strengthen the bond between the both you, allowing them to become deeper than ever.

16. I love my partner deeply, from the bottom of my heart.

17. I am very grateful to be in my current relationship.

18. Every day, the relationship between me and my partner is getting better.

19. Our love burns like an unquenchable flame.

20. Me and my partner are destined to be together

Affirmations for feeling loved

What if you’re currently lonely and lack love in your life? Realize that all the love you ever need is already within you, for within every man and woman lies the seed of God/the divine.

And when you realize this, you will never be lonely again. People who love you will be pulled into your life.

21. I feel loved, I know that the universe is always looking out for my best interests.

22. I understand that people are all intricately connected.

23. I release any judgment and resentment that I feel for other people.

24. I release all the pain I feel due to the absence of love.

25. Love and I are inseparable.

Affirmations for love and healing

These affirmations are especially useful for those who have been hurt emotionally before.

Painful experiences can cause many of us to develop emotional blocks that can greatly inhibit the feeling and expression of love.

Healing and getting rid of these emotional blocks is a huge step in allowing to experience the most love possible in your life.

26. I let go of the past.

27. Every day I am healing, every day my capacity for love increases.

28. I am able to express love no matter what goes on around me.

29. I love and accept myself completely, no matter what has happened in the past.

30. I accept all the pain that I experience and choose to let it go.

Platonic Love

Friends are a very important part of our lives, they share our joys and offer us support during our most challenging times. When you love your friends, you will be able to turn casual friends into lifelong companions.

Friendship will take on a new meaning of mutual trust, care and cooperation.

31. I love my friends and care deeply for their wellbeing.

32. Wherever I go, I make friends easily.

33. I share a deep connection with all of my friends.

34. My friendships are based on mutual trust and care.

35. I am grateful for all the friends I have.

Love in everything you do

36. Everything I do, I do from a place of love.

37. Overwhelming love pours out from me every moment of the day.

38. The love within me triumphs over any negative emotions that I feel.

39. The love I feel attracts even more love into my life.

40. Love surrounds me wherever I go.


If you repeat these love affirmations daily, mark my words that your entire life will change for the better.

Love goes beyond mere romance, in fact it is considered by many of the greatest minds to be the most powerful emotion in the universe.

And when it becomes the dominant emotion of your mind, everything in your life from your relationships to your level of happiness will improve tenfold.

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