How to Quickly Manifest a Phone Call With The Law Of Attraction

Ever wondered whether you can use the law of attraction to manifest something as abstract as a phone call?

You absolutely can and the best part is that it is among the easier and more basic of things to manifest.

Whether you want to manifest a call from an estranged friend, a romantic interest, an ex, or a potential employer, the law of attraction works all the same.

Put yourself in the right state of vibration, think the right thoughts and feel the right emotions and you will make it come true.

Not only is a phone call a easy and fun goal to manifest, but you can also use it as good practice to hone your manifestation skills.

It’s sort of like manifesting a text message although the approach and techniques differ a little.

With a little focus and willpower, you can make it happen in as soon as a few days or a few hours if you’re really good.

Follow the steps laid out in this guide and the person whom you want a phone call from will inevitably start missing you, thinking or wondering about you which will eventually lead them to calling you.

If manifesting a phone call is your goal right, then read on, for here you’ll find everything you need.

Figure out what you want and why you want to receive the phone call

The very first step towards manifesting the phone call you want is to know exactly what kind of phone call you want to manifest.

This means that you need to be clear about the reason behind wanting to manifest the phone call.

This reason can be anything and whatever you want it to be. Whether it’s to talk to your romantic interest or to secure a job interview, you decide.

When it comes to your goals with the law of attraction, there’s no right or wrong, you can manifest anything you want as long as your conviction is strong enough.

What’s most important is that you’re clear and certain about what you want to manifest.

You need to be absolutely sure that the phone call you’re asking for is what you want. 

This is one of the main reasons many people fail to manifest, it’s because they themselves aren’t entirely certain if what they’re asking the universe for is what they really want.

One you’ve clarified your motivations behind and resolved all doubt and ambiguity surrounding, the universe will be free to start making it a reality.

Whether it’s a call that will push your career to new heights or a call that will reconnect you with an old friend or lover..Figure out your reason and believe in it wholeheartedly.

Visualize the phone call happening

The next step is to vividly visualize the phone call taking place as if it’s already happening in real time.

Visualization is one of the most popular methods of manifestation and for good reason. It is extremely effective and brings results quickly.

Here’s how to use visualization for manifesting phone calls: 

Close your eyes and visualize the phone conversation taking place. Be as detailed as possible with your visualizations.

This means that when you visualize, you should include everything you can think of including the way your phone looks, the call notifications, your surroundings, the clothes, you’re wearing, and so on.

As phone calls are more auditory than visual in nature, you’ll also want to place a little more emphasis on the conversation itself.

Try to mentally hear the voices of the conversation and as vividly as you can, imagine the vocal tone, the words being used, and the volume/vocal tone used by yourself and the person you’re talking on the phone with.

Imagine the words, laughers, the volume of the voice, the emotional vibes.

And most importantly..

Imagine how you’d feel. Imagine the feeling of satisfaction of manifesting the phone call that you want, the feeling of completeness as you put down the phone knowing that you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do.

It may seem long-winded to include so much detail, but little details such as these make all the difference when it comes to making the law of attraction work.

To put it simply, the more detailed you are with visualizing, the more inclined your brain will be to believe that it’s real.

And if you start believing that your visualizations are real then they’ll be much more effective at manifesting what you want.

Believe That It’s Possible

Actively doing things to attract what you want is only one piece of the puzzle. The other thing you must do is to make sure that you’re not sabotaging yourself by harboring limiting beliefs.

With manifestation, everyone struggles with limiting beliefs at some point.

These beliefs are often subconscious in nature and require you to be truly honest with yourself if you hope to uncover them.

Take a moment to sit down and ask yourself if there’s anything that would possibly make you believe that manifesting the phone call that you want isn’t possible.

Perhaps you think that the person you want a phone call from, doesn’t want to call you for whatever reason.

Or maybe you think that the law of attraction can’t be used for something like a phone call.

Or that the person whom you want to call you has simply forgotten you.

Whatever limiting beliefs you may have, it’s important that you clear them if not they’ll block your manifestation from taking place. 

Try to be radically honest with yourself here. No matter how unpleasant or irrational any of these beliefs may seem, you have to face them.

Simply by being aware of what your limiting beliefs are, you’ll lessen their influence over your manifestations and their hold over you.

And that awareness alone is enough to ensure that any limiting belief won’t interfere with the law of attraction.

Affirmations: Affirm Your Wishes into Reality

Now the next step is to use affirmations. Affirmations are statements that we repeat to ourselves for the purpose of steering our minds to think in a way that we like.

In my experience, affirmations are incredibly effective at pushing us to a state of vibration where manifestation is possible.

Here are some examples of affirmations that work well for manifesting phone calls:

The universe answers my requests and provides me with all my wishes.

I am open to receiving phone calls from (Fill in name here).

I am the master of my reality and life.

Within this week,  (Fill in name here) will call me and say I want. 

You don’t have to follow these exactly, feel free to change them up and be creative with them.

Once you’ve got your affirmations ready, recite them daily for a week or two until you feel that your beliefs have shifted.

Trust me guys, techniques don’t have to be elaborate in order to be effective.

Simple affirmations such as these coupled with visualization can be used to manifest many great thing.

For something as simple as a phone call, the combination of affirmations and the visualization technique above is almost guaranteed to bring you the phone call that you’re looking for.

The only thing to remember is that you have to be consistent with doing them. 

Remember as with all law of attraction techniques, discipline and consistency is key.

Let Go and Detach

Once you’ve gotten into the consistent practice of visualizing and reciting affirmations, the last step that you need to take is to let go and detach.

Letting go is important because it prevents you from thinking thoughts that could interfere with the workings of the universe.

In my experience, the best way to let go properly is to simply keep yourself active and busy.

Don’t make the mistake of sitting around and obsessing over the law of attraction. Focus on living your life the best you can. 

Also try to avoid talking about anything law of attraction or manifestation related to people who are unfamiliar with these concepts.

Their remarks that come from disbelief or lack of understanding can cause you to doubt yourself and affect the manifestation process.

Simply by avoiding unnecessary conversations, you’ll make staying detached a lot easier.

And don’t worry about when it’ll come, provided that you’re doing the affirmations and visualizations consistently, it’ll come pretty soon.


Follow the formula above and you’ll easily manifest the phone call that you want without much hassle at all.

As with manifesting anything else, remember to not overthink things and simply be consistent with your practice.

Do the visualizations and affirmations regularly and you should see results in a few days and for more difficult cases, a few weeks.


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