The Law of Vibration: What I’ve learned from Bob Proctor

The Law of Vibration, first introduced by the renowned Law of Attraction master, Bob Proctor and expanded upon in books such as The Kybalion, is one of the fundamental laws of reality that plays a very important role in determining what you manifest and attract into your life.

Understanding this law allows you to change everything that you attract and allows you to get to the source of all phenomena, thereby giving you the ability to gain complete control over most of your life and destiny.

Alongside the many universal laws such as the Law of Abundance and the Law of Karma, the Law of Vibration works mainly in conjunction with the Law of Attraction to determine the state of your life and its circumstances.

This makes understanding this law paramount if you want to attract and live the life of your dreams.

In this post, I will show you the most important things you need to know about this law and how you can utilize it to massively improve every aspect of your life, including the results you can get with the law of attraction.

Let us begin.

How does this law work?

According to the law of vibrations, everything in the universe is in a constant state of movement, nothing is still, not even for a moment. Your thoughts, emotions, feelings and even the chair you’re sitting on has a specific frequency that it’s always vibrating at.

You see, at the most basic level of reality, everything is made primarily out of energy.

It is the vibrational frequency in which this energy vibrates at which determines the physical forms and properties of every object and phenomena in the world.

Quantum scientists have found that below the subatomic level of atoms, neutrons and other atomic particles, there is nothing but an ocean of undifferentiated energy.

And at this deepest most basic level of reality, there’s no separation between you and anything around you. It is only the difference in vibrational frequency that creates the illusion of separation.

You, your mind and the rest of the world are intrinsically connected. The separation that you perceive between yourself and the people and objects around you, is merely an illusion created by the limitation of your senses.

How does this law apply to you?

This means that your mental state directly influences all the circumstances of your life, your dominant thoughts and emotions have the ability to alter circumstances at a molecular level.

All things, before they manifest in physical reality, take form first in the astral or mental plane. As the intensity of your thoughts and imagination increases, they will start manifesting in real life.

Here’s an example that illustrates this concept in action.

Notice that when you think bad thoughts about a specific person that you dislike, if you keep at it long enough, they’ll start acting more frequently in ways that bother you, leading your contempt for them to increase even more.

What’s happening here is no coincidence, now we’re going to push the boundaries of your beliefs a little, but bear with me.

What’s actually going on here are the vibrations of your thoughts interacting with that of the person, which subtly influences them to act in a negative manner towards you.

While each thought on its own isn’t very significant, the more you dwell on them, the more power you give them.

Eventually they’ll start developing into thought patterns, forcing circumstances to match the signals that they put out.

Therefore, nothing could be more important than to control your thoughts and feelings, for they alone determine how your life will play out in this lifetime.  

Your Mind is a transmitter and the universe a mirror

Like attracts like, I’m sure you have heard of this saying before, this saying though, describes exactly how the Law of Vibration works.

Think of your mind as something like a satellite, like a satellite it is always sending out signals. These signals are based on the vibrational frequency of your mind.

The universe, like a mirror, then reflects these signals into your life, bringing you circumstances and things that correspond exactly to your vibrational state.

This process doesn’t just happen when you visualize or think intently about something, but is constantly happening, every minute and second of the day.

How to raise your vibrations

Now that we have a better understanding of The Law of Vibration and the tremendous influence that it has on your life, here’s some ways and techniques you can use to significantly raise your vibrational state.

The mindsets and pointers I’m about to share have allowed to me stay in state of higher consciousness during most of my waking hours.

If you follow them diligently, I’m sure they will work for you just as well.

The best way to identify your vibrational state

Now, the first step before doing anything is to know where you currently stand along the vibrational scale.

To do that, you need to pay attention to 2 main things, the feelings that you feel most often and the words that you use the most.

This scale is a scale of measurement that’s used to measure the frequency of all the various feelings and emotions.

On top of this scale, we have positive emotions/feelings such as love, hope and joy while on the other end of the spectrum lies feelings such as despair, doubt and fear.

This is very similar to the scale of consciousness used by Dr Hawkins, a psychologist who has remarkable understanding of the mind, in his amazing book, Power vs Force.

Your Feelings

Much of the Law of Attraction advice out there emphasize the importance of how you feel and they’re mostly right.

Your feelings play a very essential role, even what you think isn’t as important as the feelings that you feel. You can logically know that you that you deserve to be wealthy, but unless you’re able to feel rich and stay in the frequency of wealth, you’re unlikely to attract wealth.

Pay attention to your feelings and jot them down. Identify the specific feelings that you feel most frequently in your daily life. Is there a particular feeling that comes up more often than others? Take note of it.

Once you’ve identified your most prominent feelings, see whether they’re mostly positive or negative.

If it’s mostly positive, that’s great. Cultivate them and make it a point to feel these feelings more often.

A single positive feeling can lead to the birth of other positive feelings and end up raising your vibration as a whole.

If it’s a negative feeling, then you have to eliminate it.

Feelings are sometimes beyond our control however, so what you should do whenever negative feelings arise is to simply observe them in a very present state of mind and let them go afterwards.

The mere act of being keenly aware of what you feel in the present moment allows you to release yourself from whatever grip negative feelings have over you. Give it a shot and you’ll see what I mean.

Negative feelings are self-replicating and can act to bring about even more negative feelings and vibrations by themselves. So, it’s imperative that you deal with them as best as soon you can.

What you say: The words that you use most often

Pay attention to the words you use most frequently in your daily life.

Understand that most speech happens subconsciously, we aren’t always aware of the thought processes that goes on in our head when we talk.

So you might be very surprised at what you discover when paying conscious attention to what you say.

The words you say also happen to be a very accurate way to infer your present vibrational state.

For example, when talking about money, what are the words that you use often? If you use words such as expensive very often then it could indicate that you’re vibrating from state of lack in regards to money.

On the other hand, if you often use words like wealth, enough or affordable, then you’re probably in a state of abundance.

Change what you say and you change your life and your mind.

What we say doesn’t just reflect the state of our minds, it works both ways, with our speech also affecting our minds.

When you make a conscious effort to change the words that you use often, you’ll also be able to change your vibrational state.

Much can be achieved simply by changing the words that you use in your day to day life. Your subconscious mind will inevitably take note of the changes in your speech and respond accordingly, reflecting all you say into your life.

Remember however, the effects of changing your words isn’t immediate nor is it easily observable. Their effects compound with time, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t immediately feel better after changing your speech habits to be more positive.

Keep at it until speaking in an abundant manner becomes second nature and you’ll start to see massive improvements in your life.

Watch your surroundings

What you’re exposed to constantly has a powerful effect on your vibrational levels more than anything else. If you surround yourself constantly with news and stimuli of a negative nature, then it can be very hard to attract anything positive into your life.

If the people around you are mostly negative, then sooner or later they will start bringing you down as well.

Same goes for whatever forms of media that you expose yourself to, if you watch a lot of depressing movies or listen to too many songs about heartbreak, they will inevitably start affecting you.

All the stimuli that you’re exposed to affects you at a deep subconscious level, so you won’t even be aware of it when it happens.

With all that being said, it is unrealistic to constantly monitor what you’re exposed to in life. So, here’s what you can do instead to circumvent the effects of being exposed to any negativity; maintain a high level of awareness when you’re exposed to any negativity in your life.

Similar to what I said above about feelings, the simple act of being aware and conscious has the amazing ability to transmute any forms of negative vibrations into neutral ones.

Be aware of what’s around you, acknowledge it and let it go. This is the awareness technique in a nutshell.

Note: Currently, in the midst of this global crisis, the world is in a much lower vibrational state than usual. Everywhere you go, you’ll find news of people dying and losing their jobs.

While we should sympathize with those suffering, we need to protect ourselves as well.

Therefore, extra effort must be taken to watch what you let into your mind, less you be dragged down along with the world.

Try to stay as aware and conscious as you can.

Universal Laws

Ignore your senses by focusing on what you imagine

What you imagine is as real as what you see in reality. For all things that happen in real life is preceded first by a mental image or visualization. Through imagination you can raise the level of your consciousness to heights beyond your wildest dreams.

Living Imaginatively.

Being independent from your surroundings is one thing, but to be able to believe in what you imagine more than what you perceive around you will give you the keys to changing reality itself.

You heard me right, choose to consciously ignore what you see in your present surroundings and pay more attention to what you imagine instead.

Imagine things as you want them to be as vividly as you can and believe in them so strongly that they feel as real as what you perceive with your senses.

No matter how different your circumstances are from your imagination, lean in belief towards the latter rather than the former.

If you do this, I guarantee that in but a matter of time, your reality will change to match exactly that what you imagine.

Remember, there is no difference between an imagined object and a real object except in vibrational frequency.

Some may say that living in such a way is delusional, but they’ve never seen firsthand, the wonders that this technique is capable of achieving.

Suspend your beliefs, stretch the limits of your skepticism for a moment and imagine to your heart’s content. You’ll be amazed at what you can manifest.

Take it easy, positive vibrations attract even more positivity

Positive emotions, thoughts and feelings such as love, abundance, faith and joy, are all at a naturally higher frequency when compared to other negative emotional states such as sadness and desperation.

But what you probably didn’t know is that they’re also much more powerful. By their very nature, positive vibrations can overwrite any type of negative vibes within you.

This is why feeling down every once in a while, is perfectly fine. You can still successfully manifest all that you want even if you occasionally find yourself in a negative state of mind.

Sometimes in life, there are situations where feeling down is only natural. In these instances, there is no need to suppress your feelings and force yourself into a positive state.

As long as you don’t dwell too long in a negative state, you’ll be fine.

I’ll give you an example from my own life.

Back in the day, I was single and wanted desperately to attract a suitable partner into my life.

At the time, I already knew that by feeling desperate, needy or doubtful I would inadvertently make the process much harder. Nevertheless, there were still times where I was unable to control my emotions, there were days where I simply felt doomed to live the rest of my life alone.

I didn’t dwell on it however, I simply chose to let it go and move on with putting myself in the most positive state possible as often as I could.

And to my surprise, the positive vibrations within me cancelled out the effects of whatever negative state I was in. Within just a few months, I was able to attract the love of my life and have never been happier.

Once you get the ball rolling with putting yourself in a more positive frame of mind, you’ll start gaining huge momentum in everything else that you do.

So just make the effort to start, eventually it will snowball into a complete shift in your life.

How I raise my vibrations quickly

Here’s a little program that I’ve used to significantly raise my vibrational frequency and improve my life in a very short span of time.

This program is called Instant Manifestation Secrets and as far as I know, it’s the only program out there that is aimed specifically at raising your vibrational state.

If you follow the guidelines I’ve listed in this post, you won’t really need this program but one thing’s for certain is that it’ll significantly speed up the process and make it a whole lot easier too. Check out my review here and decide for yourself.


This about sums up my understanding of the Law of Vibration and the ways in which I align with it. Follow these guidelines and you’ll naturally make this universal law work in your favor.

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