Law of Attraction Detachment: Attract what you want by letting go

There are two sides to the coin when it comes to applying the law of attraction. On one hand, we need to work actively with the universe to manifest what we want through techniques such as visualization and positivity.

On the other hand, we need to detach, let go, and simply go with the flow in order to allow the universe to do its work. Both aspects are equally important if one were to successfully manifest anything using the law of attraction.

Yet despite that, detachment is often overlooked. Not enough attention is placed on its importance and the way to cultivate it.

If you want to learn to be successful in manifesting anything with the law of attraction, you must learn how to detach. Here’s why.

The ability to remain detached is essential in applying the law of attraction to attract anything at all.  When you can successfully detach, you will be able to overcome even the greatest doubts, you will be able to unleash your mind’s greatest potential to attract the grandest of your desires. 

Detachment brings with it the peace, serenity, and confidence you need to let go and let the universe do what it needs to do to bring about your desires.

Being able to completely detach from the process, outcome, and attachments will shatter all limits to what you can attract.

You will become a master in using the law of attraction.

Without the ability to be detached it can be very hard to put yourself into the right frame of mind. Feelings of doubt and anxiety will inevitably spring up when you’re overly attached to the outcome.

Thankfully, being detached is something that anyone can learn and put into practice.

In this article, I’ll show you some easy but extremely powerful methods that I’ve personally used to stay detached. But before that, let’s take a look at what being detached really means.

Law of Attraction Detachment
Nothing feels quite like the freedom of detachment.

Detachment, what it is and what it isn’t 

The state of detachment comes from a place of faith and complete assurance that the universe will bring you all that you ask for.

In this state, a person is so certain that they’ll receive what they ask for that they simply feel no interest in dwelling on the subject.

They’ll naturally be able to let go and the universe will reward them for it. This is the level of detachment that we want to attain.

Many of my readers often email me saying ‘but Leon, I care about what getting what I want, how you can ask me to be detached?’ Being detached doesn’t mean not caring, you can be proactive with the law of attraction even while remaining the detached.

Remember, detachment isn’t apathy. It’s letting go. 

One common mistake people make is confusing detachment with apathy. The two mental states couldn’t be more different.

While detachment is based on faith and assurance, apathy has its roots in hopelessness, this is the state that people get into when they’ve given up and stopped caring altogether.

If you struggle with apathy, I want to tell you to never lose hope, no matter what your circumstances are.

There is always a way to better your life and to start attracting the life that you want, you just need to cultivate the right mental state and use the right techniques. Apathy, through perseverance, can be transmuted into faith and detachment.

Detachment comes from having unparalleled faith. It should always feel good.

How to practice detachment?

Now that we’ve established the importance of staying detached when using the law of attraction, how is it then that can we actually stay detached while attracting the things that we want?

Detachment is the natural result of having full confidence and assurance in the universe and your own abilities. So cultivate that and it will come by itself.

Like anything else with the law of attraction, detachment shouldn’t be forced. Instead, we should gradually work towards gaining the ability to let go naturally and effortlessly.

We can do this by acquiring the correct mental habits and states of mind that will allow detachment to become second nature.

Cultivating faith, the foundation of detachment

The first step in cultivating the ability to be detached is to cultivate a sense of faith. Remember that true detachment is a result of having immense faith and confidence in successfully manifesting your desires. If you’re religious, you can also place your faith in God.

The power of faith lies in the powerful feelings that it invokes, the vibrations produced by faith will send ripples through every corner of your being.

Faith is able to outshine all negative emotions such as doubt, fear, or anger.

Indeed, one can say that it is the cornerstone of emotional mastery, it alone has the power to overcome even the most stubborn of negative emotions, no matter how deep they run.

2 simple things you can do to develop faith naturally

 1.  In order to cultivate a strong sense of faith, pay attention to what you focus on. Be strict about what you let into your mind. For example, don’t expose yourself to any media that remind you of what you don’t want. Only engage in conversations that give you a sense of empowerment. Only read books that fill you with hope, the list goes on.

I understand that in our day to day lives it often isn’t feasible to completely block out negative influences. Just try your best to do it when you can.

Pay extra attention to what you let into your mind for about 2 weeks and expose yourself only to positive stimuli.

If done successfully, you will achieve a much higher level of faith than ever before. Not only that, but you’ll also be much more resistant to any negative influence, so you can relax a little then.

 2. Tell yourself verbally, every single night before you go to sleep that the things you ask the universe for are already on their way to you.

At night before bed is the time when your mind is at its most suggestible. So even uttering a simple affirmation such as this will allow you to start cultivating immense faith on a subconscious level.

These 2 habits may appear simple but are actually very powerful, do them consistently and the levels of faith you have will soar. As a result, you’ll find it far easier to stay more positive and detached in your daily life.

How to let go and trust the universe:

Detach from the outcome

Detachment in the law of attraction consists of two main parts, detachment from the outcome and detachment from the process of obtaining your desires.

The first thing that you need to work on is detaching from the outcome.

This may sound counterintuitive as after all the outcome is the very thing that we’re after in the first place, but by detaching from the outcome you’ll be far more likely to achieve it.

Overthinking the outcome is one of the main causes of doubt and anxiety, two emotions that can hinder even the best efforts in attracting anything.

If you’ve ever tried to attract something that you considered a big deal and started overthinking it, you’ll know what I mean.  Chances are, you had thoughts like “is this even possible?” or “I don’t think I can get that”.

The only time that you should think of the outcome is when you’re doing visualization exercises where you have to imagine the outcome that you want in detail. Outside of that let go of it and simply know that it’s on it’s way to you.

Here’s the secret to detaching from the outcome: Have a very clear idea of what you want

Sometimes the reason people dwell on the outcome is that they do not have a clear picture of what they really want.

By being ambiguous about your desired outcome, you create space for the mind to imagine all sorts of unfavorable scenarios.

Have an outcome in mind that is as unambiguous as possible. When you have a crystal-clear picture of your goal, it will seem far more tangible and your mind will be able to accept it and detach from it at the same time.

Sit down for a moment and ask yourself, what is it that you truly want? Get a paper or notepad and write it down. List down every detail, what emotions would you feel when you achieve your goal? what would you do differently in your daily life? The more details you add in the better.

While it’s true that the universe may sometimes bring you an outcome that’s slightly different or maybe even better than the one that you envision, pay no attention to that for now. Focus on having a clear idea of what you want and you will naturally become far more detached.

Detachment from the outcome is one of the key traits of successful people.

Detach from the process, you don’t have to try too hard

We often make it unnecessarily difficult for the universe to bring us what we want by trying too hard. We worry about when it will arrive, the means in which it will be gotten, about what we need to do in order to make it happen, etc. It’s okay to consider all these factors but ultimately you must let go of them and simply act in faith.

The reason many of us turn to the law of attraction in the first place is that we can’t figure out how to get certain things in life by ourselves.

So we turn to the infinite power of our minds and the universe to provide us with the solutions that we need, yet by being too attached to this process you prevent these very solutions from coming.

Trust that the entire process of manifesting your desires will be taken care of by the universe. Pay no mind to the circumstances that can’t be controlled by you, take the actions that you need to take. All of it will be taken care of as long as you trust and have faith.

Detachment from the process was something I struggled with as well

This is something that I struggled with for a long time. When I first started building my business, I had a lot of uncertainty regarding the process of building it. I couldn’t let go and would doubt myself with every single step that I took. As you probably expect, this didn’t help in attracting what I want (a successful business) at all.

One day, I decided to simply let go and trust the universe to guide my progress.

As a result, I was able to detach myself from the process and ended up successfully building and manifesting a successful business.

You don’t have to be idle: 1 simple trick to detach from the process forever while still taking action. 

The good news is that detaching from the process is a little easier compared to detaching from the outcome.

The trick is to never ever doubt yourself or your actions. Whatever actions you choose to take, whatever decisions you have to make, believe in them wholeheartedly.

As I mentioned before, doing this was immensely helpful to me when starting my business.

There was a lot I didn’t know and a lot of big decisions I had to make. I struggled with doubt and uncertainty quite a bit.

Regardless, I chose to believe with every fiber in my being that whatever decision I made and whatever action I took will get me to where I want.

And indeed they did, I ended up building and manifesting a very successful business.

This simple but extremely powerful mental shift will allow you to work alongside the universe instead of interfering with it.

Believe in yourself completely, no matter what you’re doing. Believe that whatever you’re doing will bring you closer to your goals and it will come

The power of imagination: Imagine you already have what you want

Imagination/Visualization is an amazing technique that quite literally tricks the subconscious mind into working in your favor. The subconscious cannot differentiate between what’s real and what’s imagined, so when you imagine/visualize yourself already having the things that you desire, you will start feeling as if you already have them.

These feelings in turn, will not only help you detach but also bring about results much more quickly.

When your subconscious mind believes that you already have what you want, somehow you will feel like you already have it and will naturally feel more detached as a result.

What do you feel

To add even more power to this imagination technique, try imagining the feelings you’d feel when you get what you ask for.

Besides visualizing already having what you want, imagine the feelings you’d feel when you have it.

Analyze these feelings, go into as much detail as you can.

Let’s say for example that you want to lose weight, how would you feel when this happens? Imagine the satisfaction you’d feel, the sense of pride, the feeling of accomplishment.

The more that you’re able to hone in on these feelings, the more detached you’ll become.

Ignore your surroundings

Remember everything in the universe, and the whole of reality is ultimately made out of energy and like all forms of energy, are in a state of constant change.

It doesn’t matter what your current circumstances are, change and progress are already taking place the very moment you start shifting your state of mind.

All that you visualize and are attempting to attract already exists on a certain level of reality, it’s only a matter of time before the universe manifests it on the physical plane.

According to renowned and highly influential law of attraction speaker, Neville Goddard, imagination is the key to successfully attracting anything out of life.

Make an effort to ignore your present circumstances no matter how do they’re like. 

Irrationally believe in what you imagine wholeheartedly. It may sound silly and people may laugh at you for doing this but I ASSURE you that when you are able to imagine without a flicker of doubt, there is literally nothing that you cannot achieve.

Stay Present

Anxiety, fear, and doubt, all have their roots in thinking too much about the future. While thinking too much about the past only causes you to relive bad past experiences or feeling a sense of longing for ‘the good old days’.

When you dwell on the future or past too much, you’re bound to eventually start imagining scenarios that could go wrong which causes much unnecessary fear and anxiety.

The better thing to do would be to ground yourself to the present moment.

It is only in the now where true faith, detachment, and peace can be experienced.

Focus on all the things that are around you at this very moment. Whatever you’re doing, pay attention to the task at hand.

Not only will it help you detach and develop faith, staying present can bring about many benefits to our lives, many of which will greatly enhance the results you get with the law of attraction.

Detach from unwanted thoughts and feelings. 

Have you ever tried to consciously stop yourself from thinking certain unwanted thoughts?

This is called repression, while superficially similar to detachment, it is actually very different.

Perhaps at the time of doing that, you might even feel a little better. Truth is, however, that all you’re accomplishing by doing this is pushing these thoughts and feelings further into the depths of your subconscious mind.

The thoughts and feelings you repress can come back to haunt you in many ways. They can appear in the form of bodily discomfort or may even manifest as unwanted situations.

Therefore you should avoid repression, which is often mistaken as detachment.

The way to properly detach from unwanted thoughts and feelings is to consciously be aware of these thoughts, acknowledge them, and simply let them go.

Whatever hold these unwanted thoughts and feelings have over you will simply fade away as you acknowledge and let them go.

Be aware without resisting the thought and emotion, do not identify with the thought, just watch it.

For example, say you struggle with intrusive thoughts about being poor, maybe like a voice in your head constantly telling you that you are poor. Instead of going about it the old way and trying to repress it, just allow the thought to be but watch it intently at the same time.

You’ll find that the thought will lose power over you and start fading away on its own as you observe it consciously.

Try it for yourself and see, you’ll be able to detach much more and feel a lot more at peace.

Don’t repress your negative emotions, detach from them instead.

Keep busy with activities that you enjoy

What is it that you enjoy doing? If you have any hobbies or sports of particular interest to you, participating in them will allow you to get lost in the moment and keep your mind off any unwanted thoughts.

More importantly, it allows you to feel good, and with both the law of attraction and law of detachment, simply feeling good goes a long way.  

Try not to talk about what you’re consciously attracting

It can be difficult to resist the urge to talk about what you want to attract, while it’s better than complaining and talking negatively you’d be surprised to find out that not speaking about at all about your manifestation goals is often the best.

Once you completed the necessary steps in asking the universe to bring you what you want, it will immediately mobilize all its powers to manifest that. The less you talk about this process, the better the outcome will be.

Talking about what you’re trying to attract unnecessarily will only invite opportunities for doubt and other negative feelings to sow.

Unless you have already reached a relatively high level in mental discipline, try your best to avoid talking about what you are trying to manifest.

What you resist persists

Resistance to anything will create more of what you resist. Whatever your circumstances remember that they do not define you nor are they permanent. Life is in a state of constant flow where everything changes and nothing stays still, not even for a second.  But for now, you must accept them.

Take a moment to ask yourself if there’s anything that you’re resisting in your life now. Find the strength to accept that it is what it is for now. For example, If you’re single and wish to find a partner, for example, you must accept the fact that for now you’re currently single and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Once you’re able to accept the circumstances in your life and let go of resistance, you’ll find a much easier in becoming detached and getting the results that you want.


When the powers of detachment are used alongside the law of attraction, the limits to what you can attract into your life will be forever changed.  Give detachment the attention it deserves, put an effort to cultivate it and you will able to go to lengths that you never dreamed of.

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