Hi and welcome to Will to Mastery. My name is Leon J. and I live a life of absolute mastery and abundance. I never want for anything, for all that I want comes to me naturally with ease.

This wasn’t always the case, many of the earlier years of my life were spent in mediocrity and unhappiness. Once upon a time, I was a struggling businessman who wasn’t able to find much success with anything I did. I wasn’t able to find much luck in love either.

And yet today, I live abundantly, doing what I love together with the woman of my dreams. What happened? How is it that even one such as I was able to change my life to such a degree?

Everything began to change when I discovered the inherent powers of my mind. I found out that by mastering my mind I was able to master the law of attraction, which granted me the ability to attract and achieve anything that I wanted in life.

Material possessions, success, love, inner happiness, peace, happiness, I realized that I could have it all if only I was able to control my mind.

You see your mind and thoughts have the power to attract anything that you want as long as you know how to harness that power.

However, there’s much much more to properly utilizing your mind than simply “thinking positive”.  While mastery over your mind will open the doors to endless possibilities in life, getting there can be a difficult process that involves much willpower, dedication, and perseverance.

My purpose with willtomastery.com is to show you the way to get there so that you too, can get to live the life of your dreams.

Alongside the knowledge and wisdom about the law of attraction that I’ve gained from my experiences. I will show you the many practices, techniques, and habits that have helped me in my journey and develop mastery over my mind.