How to make subliminals work: Double your results by using these tips

Subliminals are some of the most powerful ways to develop your mind, personality and abilities. Through using them you can completely alter deep-rooted habits, beliefs, and behaviors in a way that few mind-development tools can.

I’ve used subliminals to great effect in achieving many of my personal goals and swear by their effectiveness. Through years of using them, they’ve allowed me to be the absolute best version of myself.

If you’ve been using subliminals but aren’t getting the results that you want it isn’t because subliminals don’t work. It could simply be that you aren’t using them correctly or that the subliminal you’re using is poorly made.

The golden question is: how to make subliminals work?

There are a few secrets and tips that you can apply in order to significantly increase the effectiveness of listening to subliminals. I’ll get to that in a bit, but before that let’s understand a little about how subliminals work.

How do subliminals work?

Subliminal messages are basically auditory or visual messages that are so subtle that they lie beneath the threshold of conscious perception but are still picked up by the infinitely powerful subconscious mind.

These are the types of messages that are embedded in subliminal mp3 tracks.

Because they are able to bypass the conscious mind, you won’t be able to reject them on a conscious level.  They will be absorbed straight into your subconscious mind.

Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious mind doesn’t have the ability to discern or reason. It will simply accept any subliminal message that it’s exposed to regardless of what the content of the message is.

The subconscious mind is a layer of consciousness beneath the level of conscious thought where everything that makes up your personality and identity is stored.

Every belief, habit, fear, and desire you’ve ever had, has its roots in your subconscious.

This is where the power and effectiveness of subliminals come from, the ability to directly influence your subconscious.

How to make subliminals work
Your subconscious mind determines everything.


If you’ve tried subliminals before but didn’t get any results, here’s how to get them to work

Now that we’ve established how subliminals work, let’s get to the most important factors to consider when using them.

You may already be familiar with subliminals and probably tried them yourself, whatever results you’ve gotten you can significantly enhance them by tweaking the way you use them.

Although I’ve gained innumerable benefits from using subliminal tracks, I’ve also wasted years of my time using them and not getting any results. Why is then that only now I’ve started to get results?

Through a long time of experimenting with subs, I discovered that making them work comes down to two main things. The quality of the subliminal being listened to and the consistency in which you listen to it.

Subliminals and Subconscious Resistance 

Now, one thing I want to establish before we go any further is the existence of something that’s known as “resistance”.

Resistance is basically the subconscious mind’s attempt to reject the subliminal messages that it’s being exposed to.

Why would it do this? Because if there’s anything the subconscious dislikes the most, it’s change. And the main purpose of listening to subliminals are to induce huge changes.

Among its many functions, one of the subconscious mind’s main purpose is to maintain a sense of consistency in your identity.

After all, it is only through years of life experiences that your deep-seated beliefs, habits, and personality are able to be formed.

Without this mechanism, there won’t be any consistency in your personality. You’d be a different person every day.

What does resistance feel like?

Now, resistance is commonly manifested as short periods of anxiety and depression.

If after listening to subliminals you find yourself feeling more moody than usual, it could very well be resistance in action.

The only way to overcome subconscious resistance is to persist through it. It is only temporary and with repeated exposure to the subliminals, the subconscious will eventually yield.

Resistance can also sometimes appear as a lack of results.

Sometimes despite listening for as long as a few weeks, there still won’t be any noticeable effects simply because the subconscious is still trying to come to terms with the new beliefs that you’re forcing upon it, this process is known as reconciliation.

If you haven’t listened to your subliminal for a long enough period of time, then your lack of results may simply be due to resistance.

With all subliminal tracks, give it at least a month before you come to the conclusion that it isn’t working.

If after a month of listening, you still don’t notice even the slightest effect, then it’s probably due to some other factor. Which brings me to my next point, the quality of the subliminals you listen to.

Avoid low quality and poorly made subliminals.

Not all subliminals are created equal. Creating a subliminal track is a very technical process and requires a great amount of knowledge and expertise to do properly.

The quality of the subliminal track you listen to is the largest factor in determining the results you get. Listen to a low quality subliminal and you simply won’t get any good results, no matter how much you listen to it.

What’s in a good subliminal? Properly structured affirmations, scripting and high-quality mixing with no frequency lost, among many other things.

There’s a specific way of communicating with the subconscious mind that’s different from the language used in daily life. For example, negative forms such as “I am not” will be ignored by the subconscious mind.

Therefore the messages inside the tracks must be worded very carefully and good subliminal makers will know how to do it.

Where can you find quality subliminals?

Search online and look for reputable companies that specialize in producing subliminal tracks. Check out forums and online communities to see what works for others, the results that others get are often the best gauges for the quality of a subliminal.

I’ve also made a list of some of the best subliminal makers out there, you can check it out here.

This will save you a lot of time and possible harm that you could incur from testing random subliminals yourself.

What subliminals do I use?

I’ve used all the subliminal products that I listed in my other article, but for now, I’m listening to the tracks from this company called Subliminal Guru.

Through many months of using their tracks, I was able to become far more positive, confident and just generally much more successful in life.

Their products cover a decent range of topics that should cover most peoples’ goals.

All of them contain simple and effective scripting that isn’t too taxing on the mind yet effective at the same time.

While you won’t see any miracles happening by listening to these subliminals, through consistent use over a period of time you’ll definitely be able to see some very noticeable results.

Their subliminals come in both masked and ultrasonics / silent subliminal formats, so they will be very easy to listen to all day long.

There are good subliminals from other companies out there that work too so you can look around and try.

How about free subliminals on YouTube?

Many people email me asking if the various subliminal tracks found on YouTube are any good. I’ve tested a fair amount of them and while some of them are decently created with relatively good scripting, they all share one problem. Quality loss.

Whenever an audio track is uploaded to YouTube, they will have to be compressed first which can cause a loss in quality.

Usually, this loss is unnoticeable such as in the case of normal audio tracks like music. For subliminals however, even the slightest quality loss can drastically affect their effectiveness.

If you like the subliminals you find on YouTube, see if the creator has a webpage where you can download the tracks. You’ll notice much better results from listening to the downloaded tracks.

Note: There’s a well known YouTube channel called Sapien Medicine that you’re probably familiar with. While their tracks are very effective, they are not subliminal tracks as people often mistake them to be, but rather energetically imbued audio tracks created through a technology known as ‘morphic fields’.

Visual Subliminals on YouTube

Visual subliminals on YouTube are fine. Unlike their audio counterparts, they generally don’t suffer from the same type of quality loss.

The only downside to visual subliminals is that it isn’t feasible to use them as often as audio ones simply because you can’t constantly watch them. With audio subliminals you have the option of listening to them while sleeping or doing other things.

You have to stay consistent and be patient

Like with any pursuit, to get successful results with subliminals, you have to be disciplined and consistent in using them.

Often times people fail to get real results with subliminals simply because they don’t listen to them enough.

Listening to a subliminal once or twice a day isn’t enough to achieve your goals with them. Due to the many barriers of the subconscious mind that the subliminal has to crack through.

Now don’t go overboard and listen to them for 24 hours a day, your mind will need some time away from the subs in order to process the information.

My recommendation is 16 hours a day of listening. With 6 hours you’ll be able to get the maximum exposure possible without overloading your mind.

As for how many days it takes to see any effects, it depends.

Everyone has different minds, so it varies quite a bit. Some people can get results in as fast as a few days while others require at the very least a month to see any effects.

For most people, it will take some time, say around a month or 2, before any noticeable results can be seen.

It isn’t always feasible, but try your best to get as much listening time as you can, especially when initially start to listening to a subliminal.

Through countless repetition of the right messages the subconscious mind will start to accept them as absolute truth, the effects can even become permanent if used sufficiently.

Listen while you sleep with silent subliminals

One of the best times to listen to your subliminals is while you sleep. We spend a lot of time sleeping after all, so it’s one the best opportunities to get longer exposure to the subliminals.

To top it off, when you sleep, your brain goes into an extremely suggestible state, making it the ideal time to listen to them.

If you have trouble falling asleep with any noise in the background, you’ll be able to use something called ultrasonic subliminals which are also known as silent subliminals.

These ultrasonic subliminals are played on a frequency range that is inaudible on a conscious level but is still picked up on by the subconscious.

Most good subliminal makers offer their tracks in ultrasonic formats along with masked formats, so it won’t be hard to find them.

One subliminal at a time and don’t mix subliminals from different makers

In the spirit of wanting to achieve all their goals at once, people often listen to different subliminals that cover completely different topics, all within the same day.

There are many reasons as to why doing this is a very bad idea. Subliminals by their very nature are quite taxing on the mind and if you overload it beyond its limits, it will simply reject the subliminals outright. This is why you should only focus on one topic at a time.

Sometimes, people even mix subliminals produced by different makers. Every maker has their own methods of creating subliminals and some of them are simply incompatible with others.

For example, let’s say you have 2 subliminals of which goals are to make you become an alpha male/female.  One of them may attempt to accomplish this by moving you closer to YOUR idea of what an alpha is, while the other may try to force its preconceptions of alphaness on you.

Play them both at the same time and you will simply confuse your subconscious. At best you won’t get any results at all and at worse, you run the risk of damaging your psyche.

Unless specifically specified by the subliminal maker, avoid mixing subliminals from different makers at all costs.

If you want to try different subliminals, allocate a set time for each of them, maybe a month for one sub and another month for the other.

Use visualization together with subliminals

Unlike the conscious mind, the way in which the subconscious processes information is primarily through feelings/emotions.

Visualization is pretty much a shortcut to accessing these feelings and emotions.

A practice that I’ve used to great effect is visualizing while listening to a subliminal.

To do this, simply listen to the appropriate subliminal track while imagining that your goals are already achieved. For example, if your goal is to be more confident, close your eyes and visualize yourself as a very confident person while listening to a confidence subliminal track.

The feelings that visualization invokes will help the subconscious process the subliminal messages much more quickly.

Both visualization and subliminals complement each other wonderfully and when used together can produce some truly incredible results.

You don’t have to do this every time you listen, only once or twice a day for a few minutes is sufficient.

Use proper equipment

Sometimes even when using good subliminal tracks, people get little to no results. A common but often overlooked reason is that they aren’t using the right listening equipment. Low-quality listening devices can sometimes fail to play subliminals properly.

Therefore it can be a good idea to invest in a decent set of headphones or bluetooth speakers that are able to cover a wide frequency range. This is especially so for ultrasonic/silent subliminals.

Do it right and results are guaranteed with subliminals

Consider all that I’ve said above when choosing and listening to subliminals and you will truly understand how to make subliminals work.

As you implement this knowledge, the results you gain from using subliminals will improve tenfold. For some, they can even be life-changing. They’ve certainly changed my life for the better and made it a whole lot easier.

Remember subliminals aren’t magic, they don’t work overnight and are still subject to the physical limits of reality. But with consistent and proper usage, you’d be surprised at the potential they have.


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