How To Believe In The Law Of Attraction- 7 Powerful Ways To Fority Your Faith

Believing in the law of attraction is one of the very first steps towards being able to manifest what you want into reality.

Whether your goal is to have more money, better relationships, better health, or simply be happier, you must first believe that it is possible before you can manifest it.

It is when you honestly believe that you can attract your greatest wishes that you start to do so.

The thing is though, belief is tricky, and getting yourself to believe in something can be harder than it seems.

This is especially so if you have never gotten any results with the law of attraction before, it can be very hard to convince yourself that the law of attraction is real without seeing it in action.

The good news is that with the right approach, getting yourself to believe is not only doable but natural and enjoyable.

Can you manifest without believing?

The answer is yes. The law of attraction is always in action, you are constantly attracting into your life based on your dominant thoughts and emotions.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, the universe will bring you circumstances that match the vibrations you send to it.

However, if you want to control what you manifest into your life and get the universe to bring you only stuff that you want, then belief in the law of attraction is absolutely necessary.

In this post here, I will show you some simple and amazing ways to cultivate a natural, lasting and powerful sense of belief in the law of attraction.

1) Don’t Force the Belief, Let it Develop Naturally

Real belief and faith can only be gained when you don’t force it.

Forcing yourself to believe in the law of attraction would only create friction and resistance in your mind, both of which are highly detrimental towards your manifestations.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is to release the need to believe, don’t worry if you aren’t yet where you want to be in terms of faith.

Ironically when you do that, you’ll find that your faith will increase on its own without you needing to do much else.

Therefore this is the very first step that you need to take.

2. Let Go of Past Attempts at Manifestation

Failed attempts to manifest in the past can really shake your faith in the law of attraction, therefore it is really important to make peace with these experiences.

Realize that not attracting what you want in the past is part and parcel of learning to manifest with the law of attraction, especially when you’re new to it.

Before I started successfully attracting what I wanted, there was a long period of time where I couldn’t attract anything I wanted, no matter what I did.  

It was only until I made peace with my failures and learned to let them go

You see, so think back of a time when you tried to manifest something and failed. Accept that it happened

As with any other skill, there will be lots of stumbling before you get good results.

The law of attraction can be tricky and there are countless reasons as to why the law of attraction didn’t work in the past for you.

The most common reason however is giving up too soon!

3. Read Up on Other Peoples Experiences

One of the best things you can do to bolster your own belief is to simply read up on other peoples law of attraction experiences on discussion forums.

One of my favorite pass times is to read about peoples success stories and how they

True, we don’t know if these people and telling the truth but in my experience, people on law of attraction forums seldom lie as they seldom have any motivation to do so.  

Ever better than reading is talking to people who have successful LOA experiences. If you know any such people, then talking to them would be highly beneficial.

4. Start small and manifest easy things

One of the very first things I always tell my clients is to do is to try and manifest smaller goals.

It is always tempting to jump right ahead and attempt to attract your greatest desires but if you have no experience in manifesting, then it is much better to start small.

Start by manifesting small goals, things that do not seem too impossible, or that you want too badly, such as maybe a cup of coffee or a single dollar.

If you can successfully attract these things, you will start developing a rock-solid sense of belief in the law of attraction that is based on your own experiences and results .

Faith developed in this manner would be etched into the furthest reaches of your subconscious mind and is pretty much unshakable.

5. Pretend That You Already Have It

Often the best thing you can do is to act as if you already have what you want! This goes against all logic and may feel silly when you do it but end of the day it works.

The truth is that your mind, especially your subconscious mind, can’t actually tell between what’s real and what’s imagined.

When you pretend that you already have what you want, you will immediately start feeling all the emotions associated with having it.

These emotions include, of course, belief and faith.

In turn you will send out vibrations to the universe that will quickly attract it to you.  

Whenever you find yourself overwhelmed with doubt, pretened that you already have what you want and it should put you back into the right frame of mind.

6. Don’t ever give up

If you’re in the process of manifesting something, and it’s taking too long, it can definitely be disheartening.

However, very often, people fail to manifest simply because they give up too early. This is especially so if what you’re trying to attract is drastically different from what you currently have.

It is highly likely that the universe is simply shifting the circumstances of your life in order to accommodate your request.

Understand that your reality follows whatever you believe and have faith in.

Even if you don’t see any signs of your wishes manifesting, it is on its way as long as you believe it is.

Trust that the universe has your back in all that you ask it for and that you can simply let go and relax.

7. A little skepticsm and a little bit of doubt is fine

While it is true that having doubts can have negative effects and keep what you want away from you.

You must accept that it is there. When you do this, you will find that the doubt dissipates on its own.

The more you resist it, the more strongly you will feel it.

Just like how you shouldn’t force yourself to believe in the law of attraction, you shouldn’t force yourself to stop feeling doubtful either.

When you accept its presence however, it and whatever negative effects it has on you will also lessen.

The best approach is to simply keep an open mind while experimenting with it.

As you progress along, you’ll start believing in the LOA based on your own understanding and experience which is ultimately much more powerful than blind faith. 

8. Go With The Flow and Be Patient

Being patient is extremely beneficial as it, not only is patience a prerequisite for manifesting many things out there but will also teach you how to detach from the outcome.

Remember unlike most products you see, you can be sure that this one right here is the real deal.

When You Believe You’ll Know

Just like the feeling of being in love, you’ll just know when you start to really believe in the law of attraction.

You’ll find that doing everything LOA related, whether it’s visualizing, imagining, or saying affirmations, all of it will feel much easier and the results you get will literally be two times better.

When you believe wholeheartedly that you will receive what you ask the universe for then you are bound to receive it.

It may not happen instantly, and in some cases, it can take a fair deal of time but make no mistake, if your belief remains unwavering then you will get what you want, whatever it may be.

Do all that I’ve described above and there will come a day when something just clicks inside your head and you’ll know from the deepest core of your being that the universe can bring whatever you wish. 

And when that happens, life will never again be the same.


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