How To Manifest A Job With The Law Of Attraction

If you’ve ever wondered whether you can use the law of attraction to manifest a job, you’d be glad to know that you absolutely can.

Whether you’re looking to manifest a new job or the job of your dreams, the principles are the same, through placing your focus and thoughts on the right things, the universe will bring it to you.

A HUGE portion of our time is spent at work and for many of us, our jobs determine the amount of money that we earn and very often, our levels of happiness as well.

In this post, I will show you how to really utilize the law of attraction for manifesting not just a new job but the job of your dreams.

If you too would like to have an amazing job that would bring you both happiness and wealth, then read on.

1. Be crystal clear on the kind of job you want to manifest

Now the first step towards attracting your ideal job is to figure out the type of position that you really want.

You don’t need to know exactly what job it’ll be, but you should know what it’ll be like.

Take a couple of minutes to sit down and ask yourself these questions,

Would it be an outdoor job?

Would you work for other people or would you be running your own business?

What would your salary be like?

Be as detailed as possible,

What kind of environment would you like to work in?

What are the hours are going to be like?

How much would you be making?

When you can answer these questions, you’ll be crystal clear about the kind of job you want to attract and that is of utmost importance if you want to manifest it into reality.

Decide what really matters to you in a job

Everyone looks for different things in a job, while some prioritize money, some people prioritize personal happiness or even the contribution they’d provide to society.

It’s different for everyone, but the moment you figure out what matters to you most in a job,  the idea of manifesting it will feel far more tangible.

Your subconscious mind will start believing it to be possible.

how to manifest a job

2. Release the past

If you have bad experiences with previous jobs then you’ll have to make peace with these experiences if you want to progress towards manifesting a new one.

If you hold on emotionally to past jobs then you’ll be unable to attract a new one or you’ll just attract more of the same experiences.

Many jobs come with challenges and difficult moments, and unfortunately, sometimes a lot of pain as well.

So I understand that letting go and making peace with the past is much easier said than done.

What I recommend you do to release the past is to simply acknowledge and accept that it happened, and then pay as little attention to the past as you can.

Do your best to keep your mind steadily anchored in the present and future.

3. Count The Stuff You Already Have

A job requires skill, character, certain tools or clothing depend on the position. Some of which, you probably already have.

Take a moment to think about what you already have in your life that is useful for your career and be thankful for having it.

Even if it’s something as minor such as knowing how to use a computer, be grateful for it.

If you already have a job then be thankful for it, even if it’s one that you dislike.

When you do this, you’ll be expressing gratitude in the career aspect of your life which would greatly help in the manifestation process.

What if you really hate your current job?

Being thankful can be difficult if you work at a job that you really hate, if that’s the case, simply remind yourself to be grateful each time you receive your paycheck.

If you can’t be thankful for the job, then be grateful for the income.

This way you’ll be able to put yourself in a thankful state of mind without forcing it, which can be counterproductive.

Relax, take it easy and let the process unfold naturally, this is key.

4. Decide and state your intent

What really helps spur the universe into action is to decide with every fiber in your being that you WILL be working at a job that you love.

Affirm to yourself and the universe that no matter what, you will manifest your dream job. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed and say the words out loud.

It may seem silly but this is actually a very powerful thing to do.

You see, the moment you state your intent to the universe and make this decision, a monumental shift takes place in your consciousness that will propel you towards success.

You only need to do this once.

5. Plan and Take Action

A huge part of manifesting a job is taking action and planning for it.

Now, this may seem mundane but remember, if you take action, you’ll greatly aid the universe in bringing you what you ask it for and will be able to succeed much more quickly.

Start asking around, sending resumes, and contacting people.

Start preparing for your new position by honing and cultivating skills that you’d use in your new job.

The benefits of taking concrete action and planning are twofold. Not only do you speed up the manifestation process, but you’ll also naturally keep your mind off thoughts that would keep your dream job away from you.

When you’re busy planning and taking action, negative thoughts, feelings of uncertainty and the like would be kept at bay.

6. Have Faith and Trust the Universe

Faith is important for manifesting anything at all but its importance is much greater when it comes to manifesting a job, even more so for manifesting a good one.

Our work is an extremely important part of our lives, not only do we require it to live but we also base a large part of our identities on the work that we do.

And because of this importance, feelings such as doubt and desperation, which blocks the universe from bringing you anything, can arise more frequently when we think about our work.

The solution to this is none other than having faith.

Always remember that the universe is more than capable of providing you all that you could possibly want from life and all you have to do is to trust in it wholeheartedly.

Take faith to the extreme

The more faith you have, the more the universe will bring you, I’ve personally witnessed the amazing powers of faith in my life and the lives of people I know.

Never feel ashamed or silly for believing with absolute faith that you will get the job that you want, even if the odds seem stacked against you.

Keep your attention on the positive and pay no mind to anything that causes you to feel doubt. Do this and your level of faith will develop naturally.

7. Realize the importance of YOUR Happiness in a job

We get the idea that we should work merely for money while neglecting other aspects of our jobs such as our personal satisfaction.

I remember many years ago when I used to dread every single day, waking up and going to work at a job that I really disliked.

Despite earning decent money, this job caused me to feel very unhappy and this unhappiness started seeping into many other areas of my life as well, such as my relationships.

Naturally, I tried to change my situation but I wasn’t able to make progress at all, not till I started prioritizing my own happiness.

For many people, paying attention to your own personal satisfaction can be the catalyst for starting a new and wonderful career.

Today I spend my days doing work that I absolutely love while being paid handsomely for it and part of it is because of my acknowledgment that happiness in my work is something important.

Can you manifest a job for other people?

Okay, I’m aware that some of you are looking to manifest jobs for people you know such as your spouses or children.

To answer your question, you can absolutely do it, it is the same as attracting a job for yourself so just follow all the steps that I’ve listed above.

However, there is one important difference that you must take note of.

And that is to let the person you’re manifesting for, know what you’re doing.

You don’t necessarily have to tell them about the law of attraction but you should let them know that you’re doing something to help them attract a job.

To keep it simple, you can just tell them something like “Hey I know you’re getting a great job soon, I’m sure of it’.

To be really frank with you, I’m not entirely sure why you have to do this, but in my experience, it’s really important and the only times I’ve successfully manifested anything for other people is when I tell what I’m doing.


And there ya go, these are the steps you need to take if you want to manifest a job.

Follow the guidelines listed above to the best of your abilities and you will be doing working your dream job in no time at all.




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