5 Unique Manifestation Techniques that will literally double your results.

In my opinion, manifesting with the law of attraction is an artform and like with any artform, there are many different levels of attainment.

A person who has mastered the art of manifesting can attract anything into their lives with the utmost ease, seemingly at will.

The good news is that anyone with a little dedication can become an expert in manifestation through using the right techniques.

What you’ll learn here

There are many law of attraction techniques that when practiced and cultivated will allow you to develop your manifesting skills to a very high level so that you too can start attracting like a master.

In this post, I will share some unique manifestation techniques and mindsets that I’ve used to great success in attracting much of what I have today.

These techniques have allowed me to completely transform my life from one of pain and dissatisfaction to one that’s filled with happiness and abundance.

Now there are literally hundreds of law of attraction techniques out there, some are more common, such as visualization, imagination, and affirmation. I won’t cover any of these in this post.

You can read about the more common techniques in my other posts, where I’ve covered them in great detail.

Instead, in this post, we’re going to cover some of the less well known but still incredibly powerful techniques and mindsets that will allow you to completely revamp your approach to the law of attraction.

You won’t find these techniques in any other books or blogs, I discovered them through my countless days of research and experimentation with manifestation, these are the hidden gems of the law of attraction world.

I’m truly confident that if you start applying them sincerely, you will be to manifest with absolute ease.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Master your desires

Step 1: Understand your desires and transmute them

Having desires is an unavoidable part of being human and because of this, it is imperative that we learn how to live with them and use them to our advantage.

Aside from those who are able to reach a high level of spiritual attainment and detach from their desires completely, most people in the world have something that they want, desire is what defines us as a species.

In fact, the desire for something is the reason that people develop an interest in the law of attraction in the first place.

Now although common law of attraction advice usually states that to want and to have desire impedes the ability to manifest successfully, this isn’t entirely true.

A normal level of desire is perfectly acceptable and doesn’t necessarily hinder your ability to manifest.

To try and repress this natural desire will only lead to unnecessary frustration.

The key to making desire work in your favor is to not let your wants and desires spiral into neediness or desperation.

Make it a point to want and have desire from a place of abundance and faith.

Whenever you find yourself wanting something too badly, take a step back and relax a little.

Find something else to do in order to distract yourself, and then, here’s the important part, pretend for a moment that you already have what you want.

Just for a moment, pretend that you’ve always had it and will continue to have it indefinitely. See yourself in your mind’s eye as someone who already has what they want.

By doing this, you’ll be able to shatter the shackles of lack and be able to mix your desires with feelings of abundance.

The more often you do this the better and eventually, with enough repetition, your desires will start to work in your favor.

Step 2: Be honest about what you want

“To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom” Socrates

Being honest with yourself about what you want will greatly hasten the process of manifesting it.

Self-deception regarding what we want occurs far too often and is unfortunately one of the things that many of us unknowingly do that will inadvertently prevent us from attracting successfully.

You can see this in action all the time when people have desires than contradict each other.

Like say for example, you want to attract a monogamous relationship but at the same time also want the freedom of seeing multiple people.

If you try to attract both at the same time, chances are that you will attract neither.

This isn’t because of any moral or karmic repercussions, but simply because doing this will cause you to put out vibrations that contradict each other

And the only thing contradictory vibrations accomplishes is canceling out each other.

I’ll give you an example from my own life. I remember a few years ago when I was trying to manifest a decent car, I’d do all the common manifestation practices, I’d visualize myself driving, put pictures of cars on my vision board etc.

Yet somehow even after months, there seemed to be no way to get a decent car without having to make some big compromises in my life. Mind you, I wasn’t in a very good spot in life during that time, so a decent car was a big deal to me.

After a little evaluation, I found out why I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. It’s because I wasn’t being honest with myself about what I want.

You see, despite thinking I wanted a car, I was regularly telling my friends how good it was to be carless, always preaching about how much of a liability a car was.

I’d go on and on about how I didn’t have to worry about repairs, about how much money I saved, in fact, I even told these things to myself in my private moments.

Do you see what’s happening here? On one hand, I wanted a car, on the other I’m pretty much telling the universe how much I don’t want one.

So, I made it a point to change all of that and guess what happened next? Just a month later, I manifested a pretty decent car that I received through some pretty unexpected and miraculous circumstances.

Therefore, try your best to know your desires inside out and be as honest with yourself as you can about them.

Much of the confusion and desperation that usually comes with wanting will be cleared away by doing this.

2. Have a strong reason and intent behind your manifestation goal

“Goals are magnets, they’ll attract the things that make them come true.” Tony Robbins

Having a strong intent is one of my favorite manifestation techniques.

No matter what you do, think, or say, you must have a strong intent before you proceed.

Having a strong intent means to be perfectly clear on what your intentions and motivations are when manifesting anything.

When you know the reason behind why you’re pursuing something, your subconscious will take it far more seriously which the universe will take note of.

Find a good reason, a reason that you can believe in wholeheartedly. The stronger the reason and intent, the better the results you’ll have.

When you have a strong intent, there will be a huge shift in consciousness at every level of your being, you will be able to persevere through less encouraging times and push through the most deep-seated doubts.

All the forces of your subconscious mind will conspire to bring about your wishes.

The power of intent in action

Through having a crystal-clear intent, one can accomplish tremendous good in the world on a scale beyond imagination.

This can be seen in the likes of great people in history such as Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa, all of which are people who’ve impacted the world tremendously through the power of their intent alone.

The power of intent has even been abused to perform great acts of evil.  Hitler for example, utilized his tremendously strong intent to carry out unspeakable horrors.

So, take care that you make your intents moral, for immoral intents often lead to great downfalls.


I’m sure you’ve heard people saying casually, how they wish they were rich, or if only things were better.

Now, such a statement has very little intent behind it and as you probably expect, won’t lead to anything at all most of the time.

Compare that statement to someone who says they want to be rich because they have a burning desire to be the best in their business or someone who says that they want to be rich in order to provide a good life for their family.

Unlike the casual statement in the first example, these statements come from people who mean it.

And because they mean it, the universe will take their wishes seriously and reward their strong intent with the results they want.

This is also the reason many (Not all) children of extremely successful people fail to achieve anything substantial in life compared to their parents. The lack of intent and reason to pursue anything.

Therefore, make it a point to find out the reason behind what you manifest, and everything else will take care of itself.

Having the right reason and intent alone has the ability to manifest by itself even if you don’t use other techniques, it will drive you to unconsciously think all the right thoughts and take all the right actions.

3. Make space for the universe to bring its good to you

The universe can only provide if you give it the space to provide. Sounds confusing? Well, it’s not, I actually mean it quite literally.

Take a look at what you’re trying to manifest, whatever it is, is there something else already in your life that’s incompatible with what you want to attract?

When we’re initially unable to obtain the things that we want, our first instinct will be to find something else to replace it.

Unfortunately, the replacement can often become the very thing that blocks what you want from entering your life.

Like say, for example, you want to manifest a bigger income but also have an interest in saving money.

If you let the interest in saving money become an obsession, you’ll start taking it too seriously and be beset even by the loss of pennies, which will leave little space in your psyche for attracting a bigger income.

You can actually both save money and make more money but when starting out with manifesting, it’s always better to narrow your goals and leave as much space as possible for it to come.

Let me tell you a story about a person I once knew, we’ll refer to him as Jon.

Jon was a fella who used to struggle with finding a decent girl to date, he’d do everything to get a girlfriend, yet year after year, he was still unable to achieve his goal.

So, one fine day he came to me asking for advice and the first thing I did was to figure out if there’s something in his life that’s already taking the place of a girlfriend.

It took a little prodding, but it turns out there was something indeed.

Apparently, Jon had a habit of frequently patronizing strip clubs and entertainment venues to fulfill his needs and appease his loneliness.

He had been doing so for years and said it was out of frustration, he also said that he’d stop the moment he’s able to find love.

What he didn’t know was that his habit was the very thing that blocked the flow of love into his life.

He had been doing it for years and such a habit, simply left no space for anyone in his life.

So, I told Jon to stop visiting strip clubs for at least a few months and also at the same time, actively use law of attraction techniques to attract a suitable partner.

He was smart enough to follow my advice and within just 2 months, he attracted a girl who would eventually go on to become his wife.

Today he couldn’t be happier.

4. Play Visualization and Imagination

I know I said I won’t talk about common techniques such as visualization on this post, but this technique is just too helpful for me to ignore.

This is an innovative technique that involves approaching visualization in a relaxed and playful manner that will allow you to literally double its effectiveness.

A common issue faced by many people when visualizing is the presence of intrusive negative feelings and thoughts/images.

Unfortunately, although these feelings/thoughts are unintentional, they can still adversely affect even the sincerest efforts in visualizing.

The most common solution given is to overcome these obstacles by visualizing/imagining as vividly as possible, however, there’s a fundamental problem with this solution.

If you don’t get rid of the doubts and intrusive thoughts in the first place, adding lucidity to your visualizations will just give them more power to taint the vibrations you send out.

Here’s a better approach

Here’s my way of making visualization as clean and effective as possible, I’ve dubbed this technique the play visualize technique.

It goes like this, before attempting to visualize, simply remind yourself that you’re doing it as a form of imagination and play.

Do you see what’s happening here, as you make an acknowledgment that the visualization is done merely for the of sake of your amusement, all the pressure and desperation of having to have your wish come true will be released.

And as the pressure and expectations are released, intrusive thoughts, images, and feelings will start to subside on their own.

Ironically, play visualization will allow the effects of your visualizations to become more serious and effective.

So, humor yourself for a minute and let your imagination run free. Imagine all that you want to attract appearing before your very eyes.

Allow yourself to detach from the situation, even if you’re attracting something that matters a lot to you, let go and just enjoy imagining.

Plus, if you make visualization something fun to do, something that’ll look forward to every day, you’ll end up doing it far more consistently, leading its effects to compound with time.

The effects of doing this play visualization is not to be underestimated, this practice sends out a special and potent vibration that’s free from desperation and neediness.

A vibration that contains the perfect mix of intent, detachment and positivity that will be able to affect reality at the deepest levels.

Try this for a week and see the results for yourself.

5. Manifest Gradually

Very often, people who’re new to the law of attraction rush head on to manifesting the bigger stuff.

While this can work and indeed you shouldn’t place any limits on what you can manifest, it can be more difficult at the start due to the lack of competence and experience with the law of attraction.

Here’s a slightly different approach that I use.

Instead of rushing to the big goals, start first by manifest something that’s related to your bigger goals but smaller in scale.

Don’t rush into manifesting a million dollars, start with manifesting a dollar first.

The bigger the goal, the more effort, and skill required on your part to manifest it, and if you fail to manifest on your first attempt, you may disrupt your faith in the law of attraction as a whole.

Starting with goals that are smaller, goals that you can see yourself easily manifesting, will allow you to build up the necessary skills and confidence in a gradual manner.

Don’t be afraid to fail experiment with different techniques, look at the law of attraction as a skill or game, and keep trying to no matter what. You’ll be able to go far this way.

Going back to the million dollars example, start instead by manifesting a dollar first which everyone will be able to do easily, ask the universe for that dollar and visualize yourself receiving it, then finally let go.

It can take anytime between a few hours to a few days, but the very moment you manifest that dollar, your faith in yourself and the law of attraction will increase tenfold.

That confidence and faith that you’ll feel will be carried over to all your future manifestation attempts and eventually, your faith and confidence will be powerful enough to manifest a million dollars.


I hope you find these manifestation techniques helpful, they are some of my most frequently used techniques and have greatly helped me in all my attempts to manifest with the law of attraction.

There’s no need to do all of them at once, choose one that resonates with you the most and start doing it for a week or two, the results that you’ll be get will surprise you.



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