How To Manifest A Text Message With The Law of Attraction

We all know that feeling of longing in anticipation for that special text from that special someone in our lives.

A text that would literally put a big smile on our faces and brighten the rest of our day.

Sometimes it can completely consume our minds making us constantly think of it, like a splinter at the back of our minds that we’re unable to shake.

In this post, I’m going to show you some easy but extremely powerful ways to manifest text messages, calls, or even just attention from anyone of your choice.

First of all is it possible?

When you really think about it, text messages are nothing but pixels on a screen. That’s all they are, whatever effects that have on us all come from how our senses interpret them.

This means that like everything else in life, they’re nothing but an expression of energy.

When your mental state truly aligns with the right vibrations, everything will fall into place by itself. Texts will never be an issue for you again.

From reciprocations of love and interest to professional texts, all manner of texts are simply a reflection of your mental state.

In fact, there was once when I manifested a message from a random person on a dating app which eventually led to one of the best relationships in my life.

Now, attracting a stranger into your life is actually quite difficult, it took me much focus but even that was possible.

Manifesting texts from a specific person crush, an ex, or even just someone that you know will be far easier and is achievable by anyone.  

Here’s what we’re going to do.

We’re going to be using a special technique that combines visualization, imagination, and sheer faith and willpower to attract all the texts that you want and much more.

The “Imagine on your phone technique”

Okay, this is a meditation and visualization exercise with a little twist. It may even sound silly to some people, but trust me, if you do it properly it will get you your desired results.

Now, you won’t be closing your eyes or lying down when you perform this technique, instead what you’re going to do is to take your phone and imagine on your phone screen itself as if it were some sort of canvas.

  1. Take your phone and open the app where you want the text to take place.
  2. Now imagine exactly how you want the text to be. Go into detail with the words that’ll be used, the emojis, the replies, the entire mood of the conversation.
  3. Feel as if it’s already happening, really allow yourself to start feeling as if its already happening. Make the feelings the excitement and joy as realistic as you can.
  4. Do this exercise for as long as 10 minutes and once you’re done just let it go. Let it go with complete assurance that the universe will deliver this experience to you.
  5. Finally say a silent thanks to the universe for allowing all your desires to be met.

This exercise may appear simple (Simple techniques often work the best), but is actually very powerful.

In fact, if you keep doing this, you’ll be able to go far beyond attracting a text. You’ll quite literally draw the person whom you’re texting into your life.

A complete shift in consciousness takes place at the deepest level of your being even when you do this just once.

Now once done the exercise a few times with your phone and gotten familiar with it, you can move on to simply imagining how the texts play out in your mind.

I recommend doing this exercise as often as you like, whenever you start feeling doubtful and need a little reassurance, just do it for a few minutes.

Taking care of your mental blocks

Any manifestation technique no matter how powerful will fail to achieve their intended results if you have too many mental blocks and hang-ups.

The technique that I described above works very well but for it to work for you, you’ll need to make some effort to control your mind and emotions.

You see, certain emotions such as doubt and desperation will push the person that you want a message from, far away from you.

Those feelings of anticipation and anxiety when texting will make the act of successfully manifesting far more difficult than it needs to be.

I know exactly how it feels to have your thoughts oscillate between euphoria and disappointment depending on whether or not someone texts you.

That feeling of needing to check your phone every few seconds isn’t a fun place to be.

So, here’s how to overcome all of this.

Go beyond logic

You may have perfectly valid reasons as to why you’re not getting the text that you want.

Maybe you think that they’ve lost interest, that they’re angry with you or that they simply have no reason to message you.

What you should know is that these reasons all stem from doubt and limited perspective, created by overthinking with our logical and conscious mind.

Truth is, none of them are objectively true.

And even if they are, things can change. All circumstances are in a state of constant change.

You see, the Law of Attraction and the Universe doesn’t care one bit about these reasons.

The circumstances of the physical world reflect your inner world, they bend towards your most dominant of thoughts, feelings, and vibrations, not the other way around.

I can’t emphasize this enough, realize that you are a creator with immense power over the circumstances of your life.

This is why Neville Goddard always emphasizes the importance of ignoring what you see in the world around you.


It doesn’t matter how things appear now, even if they appear completely hopeless, they will start improving and changing for the better the very moment your dominant thoughts and vibrations change.

Instead of thinking about all these reasons and trying to rationalize, focus on how awesome it’d be to receive that text.

Focus on what it’d lead to, on the feelings that you’d feel on the replies that you’d get.

Suspend your rational mind for a second and go beyond logic and you’ll be able to access a power within that you that’s far greater than any human intelligence.

Put your phone down and Let it go

Now, this is big, after doing the visualization exercise above you must make it a point to let it go.

In fact, when it comes to manifesting anything at all, the more you’re able to let go the better the results you’ll get.

This has always been the case for myself and the many people that I’ve coached.

I know more than anyone how hard it can be to force yourself to let go and detach so the best way is to find something to occupy your mind.

It can be your work, hobby, entertainment, really anything at all. So long as it gets your mind and eyes of your phone.

Let the universe do its work uninterrupted so that it can bring you what you want.

The more you’re able to let go, the less you’ll interfere with the entire process.

Which brings me to my next point, thinking about that person.

LOA Basics: Focus on the person

Ever noticed that the more you think about someone, the more frequently they appear in your life?

Of course, this doesn’t always happen as most thoughts of this nature are scattered and undirected.

Not only that, very often they’re negative and end up inadvertently attracting all the wrong situations.

But when thoughts along these lines are directed with intent and focus, they take on a whole new level of power.

Therefore, try to think about the person whom you want a text from as much as you can.

I know what you’re thinking, “How am I supposed to focus on the person if I need to let it go?”

The key is to think about the person often, especially good thoughts, just don’t think about anything related to them texting you.

So long as you don’t let these thoughts spiral into needy feelings, they’ll only be beneficial.

Think about the person, think of how good it’ll be when you both are together, imagine how well you’ll get along.

Let your imagination run free, imagine the best scenarios that you can think of.

Be okay with NOT manifesting a text

Okay, this one may sound strange, but by being okay with getting your text, you’ll be able to become emotionally independent and eliminate all traces of desperation.

That feeling of being left on read is a horrible feeling but in a twist of irony, being able to accept that is one thing that will allow you to get all the texts and responds that you want much more easily.

Why would any of us want to attract a text in the first place? Usually to feel a sense of assurance, hope or appreciation.

But by doing it this way, you’re conditioning yourself to depend on someone other than yourself to feel alright.

And when you become too dependent on others to just feel okay, the universe interprets it as vibrations of desperation.

As you probably expect, desperation will serve only to repel, making attracting that special text and all that it entails much harder.

Not only that, when you’re emotionally independent it’ll also show in the texts you send. They’ll become confident and smooth allowing you to express the best and most authentic version of yourself.

Therefore, the better way to go about the entire thing is to get yourself to feel the emotions that you’d get from that text by yourself.

And one of my favorite ways of doing this is to use affirmations.

Now, there are countless affirmations out there for this purpose so to save you the effort of finding the best ones, I’ve narrowed it down to these three.

  1. I am already complete in every way, I feel at peace no matter what.
  2. The universe brings me all that I want in waves and avalanches of abundance.
  3. I am happy and full of hope at this very moment and always.
  4. I accept all of myself wholeheartedly at this very moment.

Repeat these affirmations often enough and you’ll start being able to feel happy and alright no matter what goes on around you and this will be reflected in all the texts that you receive.

Don’t Wait For The Text

Ah the question of ages, when will they actually text you?

There’s no set answer, it depends on a lot of factors but mainly on how well you’re able to let go and stay detached.

Do everything right though and you might manifest it instantly.

One thing’s for certain, the more you wait and anticipate, the longer it’ll take and the more unlikely that it’ll even happen in the first place.

The moment you’re able to forget about the text completely is usually the moment you get that much wanted reply.

This is why you often hear the saying, don’t look for it, it’ll come to you when you’re least expecting it. This is a saying about finding love but it holds much relevancy with manifesting texts too.

Let the universe worry about when it’ll come, you have all you need at right now to feel complete.

Is texting your ultimate goal?

Ask yourself why you’re trying to focus on manifesting a text in the first place.

In truth, the only reason to focus on that is because it is among the easier things to manifest.

If you’re confident in your ability to imagine and stay in the right frame of mind then it’s best to focus instead on what you really want, such as manifesting the person you want to message.

Whether it’s a romantic relationship with a specific person or getting your ex to come back to you, focus on that instead.

Focus on the big picture. In the grand scheme of things, texting isn’t a big deal.

Even a good text exchange may not lead anywhere if your vibrations aren’t aligned with your goals.

Work on your fundamentals, align with the vibrations of abundance and romance and you will attract all the messages you want AND much much more.

Use Special LOA Programs

For these matters of friendships, love, and romance, I highly recommend you check out Instant Manifestation Secrets, I personally know many people who’ve used it to manifest the people they want into their lives with great success.

There’s a lot of scams and nonsense products lately when it comes to these sorts of Law of attraction courses, but I can tell you from personal experience that this one works.

It’s designed to work specifically on your core subconscious beliefs and because of that, it works EXTREMELY well for romantic or relationship-oriented goals.


Use the techniques and information that I’ve laid out here to manifest the text message that you want and when you do successfully manifest it, you’ll feel much better and it’ll serve as a stepping stone towards much bigger things.

Once you’re able to go beyond that, focus on manifesting the end goal, whether it’s a relationship, job offer, or business deal.

Make it your main focus to manifest what you really want and you’ll never have to bother with the little details like texting ever again.

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