Manifesting a specific person – 5 amazing ways to attract anybody into your life

To be in love is one of the greatest experiences’ life has to offer. When we are happily in a relationship with someone that we love, everything in life just seems better. Food tastes better, time seems to fly by and even the skies appear clearer.

And yet this desire for love can often hurt us, especially when the word love becomes synonymous with manifesting a specific person that we want.

Throughout history, there have been countless stories of people sacrificing everything for the sake of love.

When we fall in love with someone, it can feel like they’re the center of our entire world. No matter what we do, all our thoughts seem to gravitate towards thoughts about the person that we love or desire.

This is especially so when we aren’t in a relationship with the person or our love for them goes unrequited, it is at this point when they can feel like the main preoccupation of our lives.

And what usually follows is an insidious sense of desperation that will only serve to repel them further leading to a cycle of emotional despair.

Sadly, this is how it usually plays out for most people who experience unrequited love or for those who long for their exes.

It doesn’t have to be this way however, for there’s a better way, a far better way.

What I’ve just described only happens if you approach love from an angle of lack and incompleteness.

When you change your frame of mind to one of abundance and fulfillment, attracting happiness in love with the person of your choice becomes an easy and almost effortless process.

You see, with the law of attraction, the only limits that exist are those that we place on ourselves.

The limits to what you can attract go as far as the limits of your imagination. Through tremendous will and faith, one can quite literally achieve and attract anything.

In fact, attracting someone specific is considered easy and elementary compared to the huge shifts in reality that many people have achieved using the law of attraction.

But in order to do that you’ll have to completely change your approach and mindset towards love, romance, and relationships.

In this post, I will show you how the way and techniques that are will allow you to attract the person of your choice effectively. I’ll also share a very powerful technique that I’ve used to great success in manifesting all manner of things, including people that I desired.

Yes, you can manifest the person of your choice

“As above so below”- the kyballion

Attracting a relationship with a specific person of your choice is not only possible, it has been done countless times by many people from all over the world.

In fact, you may not realize it, but it has been done by you many times in your life as well.

You see, although you may not be aware of it, most of the relationships in your life have been attracted to you by the dominating thoughts, feelings and vibrations that you hold on a daily basis.

We are always attracting at every moment. Every single thought that you’ve ever had has a cumulative influence on the state of your life and relationships.

All the couples you see around you have attracted their relationships through the vibrations that they put out as well, though they may not be conscious of it.

Ultimately, many of the relationships you have in your life now or lack thereof is a direct reflection of your inner state and the relationship that you have with yourself.

The fact that you’re reading this post also means that you have an extra edge, for just by being aware of the law of attraction alone, you open up the possibility of controlling your reality from its very source.

Free will and the other person

Now before we proceed any further, you must understand that although we can attract any person into our lives, the law of attraction isn’t some magical way to charm or control them.

This is where many people misunderstand how all of this works, the focus should never be on changing anyone’s behavior in any way.

Manifestation shouldn’t be confused with remote or psychic seduction which infringes on peoples’ free will.

Not only is it difficult to try and influence people in this manner, doing so can bring about much unintended consequences and some nasty karmic backlash.

No, with proper manifestation you’ll be able to attract a love that is real. You’ll attract circumstances that will allow the person of your desire to love you on their own accord.

The Focus is on yourself

Instead what you should focus on is yourself, for all the relationships that you attract in your life can only be as good as the relationship that you possess with yourself.

There are many emotions, thoughts, and mental habits that come together with falling in love with someone, and some of these can seriously hinder even the most genuine efforts in manifesting.

These emotions and thoughts such as doubt and desperation can render even the most powerful law of attracting techniques useless.

Therefore, the priority should be on eliminating these blocks in yourself and developing a mindset that will support you instead.  

Cultivate the relationship with yourself, and everything else will follow.

Below, I will list down all the mental habits that you need to adopt if you want to do this correctly.

1. Love yourself

This is the biggest factor when it comes to manifesting anything related to love and romance.

Including the goal of attracting someone specific. An important prerequisite for being truly loved by anyone is to first love yourself.

I remember a while ago when I was single and lonely, I was trying very hard to attract the right partner into my life. I tried everything, both real-world actions, and manifestation techniques but nothing seemed to work.

It wasn’t until I made the decision and conscious effort to give myself the love that I want from another person, that I was able to attract my dream partner into my life.

Therefore, ask yourself, what would you want from your partner? Is it attention, affection or maybe just the feeling of being desired?

Whatever they are, list them down and see if you can start giving them to yourself.

With the exception of physical comfort, you’ll be surprised at how much you can satisfy your own needs.

As you start giving yourself the love that you desire, the universe will reflect that in all of your relationships.

Remember it all comes down to you, the way in which you’re treated by the world is largely a reflection of how you treat yourself.

Loving yourself is the first step to manifesting a relationship with the person you want.

This self-love cannot be faked, you can’t fool the universe, also other people will be able to perceive the amount of self-love you possess at a subliminal level.

So, do your best to work on genuinely loving yourself as much as you can. Treat yourself with the respect, attention, and care that you deserve.

2. Eliminate Desperation and Neediness

There is nothing that repels love from your life more than being desperate and needy.

The more desperation you feel for a certain person, the more you will repel them for your life.

For the core vibrations of desperation and neediness is one of lack. And lack expressed in any way is simply antithetical to successful manifestation.

You often see this in real life, with people who are inexperienced in relationships finding it very difficult to attract any romantic relationships into their lives.

It isn’t because of their inexperience, but rather because many of them feel such desperation to experience love just for the sake of it, they end up pushing it away.

That’s why, even if your feelings of desperation are justified, you must guard against them at all costs.

How to overcome desperation

Here’s the secret to overcoming desperation, respect the wants of the person you’re trying to attract.

This means that you have to allow yourself to mentally detach from your target’s feelings and behavior towards you.

Let go and mentally give them the space to act as they see fit.

Accept the possibility that they may not return your love, that there’s a possibility that they might not be the right person for you at all.

Ironically, when you are capable of acknowledging this possibility, your chances of successfully attracting them significantly increases.

Now, I understand that this can be difficult especially when you’re deep infatuated with someone, however, if you followed my advice above about cultivating self-love, it won’t be hard to do and will actually come quite naturally.

3. Take action

Aside from cultivating the right mindset, sometimes the best thing you can do is to simply take action.

It’s true, the universe has the power to arrange circumstances and reality so that you can manifest the relationship that you want without doing much else.

However, taking the right action and working alongside the universe will significantly speed up the process. Sometimes the universe needs a little push to bring you what you want.

If you haven’t asked that girl or guy out yet, evaluate the situation, and then if it’s appropriate, ask them out. You never know where it will lead.

Even if they reject you don’t fret, detach yourself, and trust in the process with complete faith and assurance. It may come as a surprise, but sometimes initial rejection is part of the process.

A word of caution however, never act from a point of desperation. If you feel the need to text or call due to neediness then it’s not the right time to act yet.

Let the universe inspire you, when you have a feeling in your gut to take a certain action, then go ahead and do it.

4. Be open to the possibility of someone even better

It can be hard to see this when you’re in the fits of infatuation, however, understand that the universe is infinitely abundant in nature.

And no matter who you are, as long as you’re properly aligned with the vibrations of love, there will be an abundance of ideal suitors available for you.

I’m not saying that you have to give up on the person you want now, but merely being open to someone else will help tremendously in the manifestation process, allowing you to transcend all feelings of desperation and lack.

When you start aligning with the vibrations of love and abundance, the universe has no choice but to bring you the love that you truly desire. And sometimes, this love could mean someone even better.

5. Imagination

The techniques I’ve described above allows you to put yourself in the proper state of mind so that your mind and thoughts will work in your favor and won’t block you from attracting the person you want.

And once you’ve got a hold over your thoughts, you can start using this technique to actively manifest.

This is a technique created by the brilliant law of attraction master, Neville Goddard.

The technique can be summed up in one sentence, imagine the scenario that you desire with as much detail and lucidity as possible and feel as if it’s already happening.

So, for this case, you’ll want to imagine yourself in a scenario where you are happily together with the person that you love or desire.

When you imagine your lover, make sure your imagination is as vivid as possible. Imagine their image, scent, and voice. The surroundings, the way in which they treat you and the things that you’ll do together.

Do this every night before you go to sleep, without fail until you are successful with your manifestation.  

Let this image be the last thought in your mind before you fall asleep and it’ll sink into the depths of your subconscious.

A story to inspire you

There’s a story about a woman in the 1950’s, who went on a blind date with a man. On their date, they shared such a deep connection that she fell deeply in love with him right there and then.

Yet shortly after, she moved to a different state and due to the lack of communication technology at the time, she wasn’t able to get in contact with the man again.

She, however, couldn’t forget the man and realized that she actually wanted to him to be her husband. That was how deeply she felt about the spark that they shared on the first date.

Not wanting to give up, she then proceeded to imagining herself being with the man as vividly as she can.

She saw the end result of what she wanted clearly in her mind’s eye, she’d imagine his likeness, the wedding isle, the way in which he would talk to her, every detail that she could possibly think of.

She would do this every single night without fail.

A few weeks went by and there will still no signs of the man appearing in her life, the situation seemed hopeless and most people would have given up at this point.

However, her conviction to attract him was unwavering and she persisted with imagining every night, with even more enthusiasm this time.

After about 2 months of consistent imagining, the man got into contact with her through the most unexpected of circumstances, and guess what, shortly after they married.

The wedding turned out to be almost exactly the same as how she envisioned it to be and just like how she imagined, their life together would go on to be one that was filled with absolute happiness and joy.

What can we learn from this story

From this story, you can see how powerful the technique of imagination is when practiced with consistency and dedication. It has the power to literally alter your reality.

But that’s not all there is to it, notice that nowhere in the story did the woman show any signs of desperation, doubt or despair.

Even after weeks without any signs hinting that she would ever meet the man again, she never questioned the possibility of attracting him and believed wholeheartedly that she would find him again.

Due to her immense faith and persistence, she was able to get what she truly wanted.


You see, manifesting a specific person into your life is not only possible but actually very easy if you know how.

There’re only 2 steps to doing it successfully, there’s no need at all to complicate the process.

Take care of your inner world, embrace an abundant mindset, and eliminate all thoughts and feelings of desperation and lack.

To the very best of your abilities, imagine yourself being in a happy relationship with the person.

Do both of these things consistently and I promise you that you’ll attract that person that you want so much and if not, then you’ll attract someone even better.

Now go out there and get the love that you deserve.


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