Law of Attraction Happiness (10 powerful ways to attract and manifest happiness)

We use the law of attraction to attract many things that we want in life. Things such as cars, money, love and relationships, all of which can indeed raise the quality of our lives. But the main question remains, can these things really make us happy?

I’m about to share a new and slightly different approach to the law of attraction that you’ve probably never heard of before.

Instead of focusing solely on attracting the things that you want, how about shifting that focus instead to attracting happiness itself?

You see, there’s sound logic behind this approach. When you are happy, you’ll naturally put out vibrations that bring even more happiness into your life.

And when you become happier, you will indirectly start to attract all the good things in life.

This is why happy people often have good lives where everything just somehow works out for them.

Whatever your goals are, being happy will make it much easier to achieve them.

Happiness doesn’t just feel good, it can literally make your manifestation attempts twice as effective.

In this article, I’ll share with you some of my favorite ways to start attracting more happiness.

1. Know what happiness is and what it isn’t

What is happiness to you? How do you define it? We often depend on external factors for our happiness, perhaps we feel that we must achieve a certain level of success before we can be happy, or perhaps we feel that we need to enter into a certain relationship first before we can feel joyful.

Truth is happiness comes from the inside. As cliché as that sounds, the amount of happiness we feel is largely the result of our thoughts and perceptions.

That means that no matter what your circumstances are right now, you have the ability to be happy or at the very least happier than you are now.

Realize that being happy is your birthright and choice. Nothing in this world has the right to take your happiness away from you.

This realization is the first step you must take because it is only after accepting the fact that your happiness is within your control that you are able to start attracting it.

From there it is mostly a matter of working on your thought patterns and habits.

Try not to confuse happiness with pleasure

Another thing I want to point out is that true happiness is very different from short term pleasure.

While happiness is characterized by an inner state of bliss and satisfaction. Pleasure mostly comes from a feeling of being high, either on the neurochemicals produced by your brain or an external substance.

Happiness can bring many benefits to our lives but the highs of pleasure will only lead to an inevitable low.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s no need to stop doing whatever you currently find pleasurable in your life. But it is important that you are able to differentiate the two, so that you won’t make the common mistake of pursuing pleasure in hopes of achieving happiness.

2. Make the choice to be happy

Once you can clearly define what it means to be happy. Your next step is to make an important choice.

You have to make the choice to be happy, make a decision to be as happy as you can in every moment of your life.

Once you’ve made a decision to be happy, your subconscious mind will acknowledge your decision and start to find ways to bring more joy into your life.

By making a conscious choice to be happy, the universe will also respond in kind. The vibrations you put out as you dedicate yourself to becoming happier will attract even more situations into your life that you can be happy about.

Set a time to make this decision.

You don’t have to do this straight away, take some time to reflect on yourself first if you need to.

This isn’t some big ritual or anything like that, it is simply a simple statement that will forever change the way you feel and the amount of happiness that you’re able to attract.

Find a suitable place and time where you won’t be disturbed, now say this to yourself. “I allow myself to be happy for it is my birthright, from this day onwards I choose to be the happiest I can be.”

You must actually voice out this statement verbally, not just mentally. However, you don’t have to say it loudly. Whispering it is fine.

Now, this technique may sound a little cheesy but I assure you that there’s a purpose behind it. By doing this, you will send a clear message to your subconscious mind that it is indeed your choice to be happy.

Do this technique for a few days and it will put you in a much happier state of mind permanently.

3. Think of yourself as a happy person

The decision to become happy should also come with a change in self-image. Our self-image determines many of the actions and choices we take in life.

By seeing yourself as a happy person, you will naturally start to think thoughts and take actions that will bring more happiness into your life.

A quick exercise to improve your self-image

Picture yourself in your mind’s eye as someone who is genuinely joyful, as someone who is always able to smile from the heart.

Every day take some time to visualize yourself being happy, smiling and laughing. if you do this often enough, your self-image is bound to change. You will eventually start thinking of yourself as a happy person.

And as your self-image changes, your behaviors and thoughts will follow. The universe will have no choice but to respond in kind and bring you much more joy in life.

4. React positively no matter what happens

In our everyday lives, all sorts of things can happen to us. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances can make it very difficult for us to experience any happiness at all.

Try to realize that although these circumstances may not be within our immediate control, we can always control is how we react to them.

Always try your best to find the positive in every situation. There’s a silver lining in even the darkest of situations and if you look hard enough, you’re bound to find it.

When you’re able to find something positive in every situation, even the most challenging of situations will become easier to overcome. You’ll start to see opportunities where you once saw obstacles.

Conversely, if you’re always thinking negatively, you will find something bad in every situation, even in seemingly good situations.

Don’t try too hard to be positive

We are only human and at times it can be very hard to react positively, so all that I ask is that you give it your best to find something positive in everything you face in life.

That is enough, by making a conscious effort to look for something positive, you will naturally start to react more positively and become happier.

Note: Don’t force yourself to be happy/positive if your emotions get too overwhelming. There are times when it is natural to be sad or angry. During these times, do not repress anything, allow yourself to feel whatever emotions that come up. Only attempt to look for the positive when your negative emotions subside a little.

5. Do not procrastinate

You may be wondering how this is related to happiness, but procrastination is actually one of the biggest hindrances to happiness for many people, including myself.

When I was younger, I went through a period of deep unhappiness despite the fact that things were going pretty well in my life at that time.

There was always this nagging feeling at the back of my head that something in my life wasn’t complete. I always felt like I wasn’t living to my fullest potential.

I tried to repress these feelings but overtime they simply compounded into an even deeper feeling of unhappiness.

This nagging feeling eventually morphed into a very potent sense of dissatisfaction with my life that nearly ate me up.

It wasn’t until after some time that I realized that these feelings all came from procrastinating too much.

It doesn’t matter what you’re procrastinating about, all people do it to a certain extent. Maybe it’s that book you’ve always wanted to read, that girl or guy you’ve always wanted to talk to, or that homework assignment you need to finish.

Whatever it is, you will inevitably start to feel happier the moment you start doing it.  

How to overcome procrastination

A simple way to overcome procrastination is to simply get started with what you need to do. Just get started and do as much you as you can. If you’re only capable of doing a little, that’s completely fine. The most important thing is that you get started.

When you start thinking about what you need to do in its entirety, you will feel overwhelmed which will make you more likely to procrastinate. Therefore, it’s best if you can break your tasks down into small chunks.

Now allocate a set amount of time to do what you need to do. Get a stopwatch or use the timer function on your phone and start a countdown for that period of time.

While the timer is running, do what you need to do and nothing else. Focus completely on the task at hand.

Try to muster all the willpower that you can to focus completely while the timer is running.

Do this every single day and you will eventually complete the thing that you’ve been putting off for so long.

And once you’ve completed that little thing that you’ve been putting off for so long, you WILL feel much much happier.

6. Stay Present

Staying present is the one simple technique that I’ve used to enhance the quality of my life in every aspect. It has allowed me to become more focused, more at peace, more effective in manifesting and yes, much happier as well.

The key to being present is to anchor your awareness and focus to whatever it is you’re doing at the moment, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, try to be completely present when you’re doing it.

Being present allows much more happiness into your life because it will allow you to avoid all the negative thoughts and feelings that thinking about the future or past will conjure up.

When you think of the past too much, you open the doors to bad memories, resentments and feelings from the past.

Even if the past is filled with good memories, dwelling on it will only serve to fill you with longing and make you feel unsatisfied with the present.

Overthinking about the future can lead to feelings of anxiety and a sense of feeling overwhelmed.

As you can see, living in either the past or future isn’t very conducive to attracting more happiness into your life.

Stay present as much as you can, over time it will become a habit and once it becomes a habit, life will no longer be just a means to an end.

You will start enjoying it or at the very least develop the capability to face it, and this will definitely to help you attract more happiness into your life.

7. Do not compare yourself with others

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Rosevelt

When you compare yourself and your life to that of others, you strip yourself of the ability to appreciate the good and abundance that is in your own life.

Understand that everybody has their own path with different sets of challenges and karma, therefore it is completely pointless to compare yourself with other people.

When you compare, you tend to magnify the good in other people’s life and the bad that is in your own.

Give up the habit of comparing to others and you will start to appreciate what you have. And as you start appreciating what you have, you will realize that you have far more than you realize.

This will in turn attract much more abundance and happiness into your life.

8. Don’t try too hard. Take things gradually with the law of attraction and with life too.

With everything in life, including the law of attraction and manifestation, it is better to get into it gradually.

Don’t make the mistake of being overeager especially when you’re just starting out or you’ll run the risk of tiring yourself out and consequently unhappy.

Many people take the law of attraction and being positive a little too far and start obsessing over it.

They start to feel frustrated with themselves because they have a few stray negative thoughts or they panic when they fail to attract something that they want.

This is the wrong way to go about the law of attraction because all this does is make you more frustrated and unhappy.

If left unresolved, this obsession can become a deadly cycle of frustration, greatly hindering the ability to successfully manifest anything.

Over eagerness and trying too hard are the main reasons many people fail to make law of attraction work for them.

Instead, take a step back and relax. Learn how to detach and let go.

Remember and always remind yourself that there is never a need to be positive all the time, you can still achieve results and progress as long as you make a sincere effort.

Realize that with the law of attraction and happiness. Trying your best is enough.

If you’ve been on my site for a while, you’ll know that I’m always telling my readers to just “try their best”, and there’s a reason for it.

You see, the mental state you enter when you try your best at anything sends out a very specific kind of vibration to the universe that will make success very likely.

When coupled with feelings of faith, your success will be inevitable.

Thus, there’s never a need to micromanage your feelings and thoughts. As long you try your best and have faith that all will be taken care of, the stray negative thought or feeling can never harm you or your progress.

More important than having the perfect manifestation technique and constant positivity is the ability to detach.

Take a relaxed approach to the law of attraction, you will find far more happiness in your journey and a lot more success in your results.

9. Prioritize your own happiness

From young we’ve been brought up to deprioritize our own happiness in favor of productivity, material success or even just appeasing the expectations of society and others.

Even smiling is sometimes discouraged as it’s commonly thought by many that smiling too much will make one appear weak or foolish. it’s almost as if society celebrates unhappiness.

As a result, many people subconsciously believe that they’re unworthy of happiness and end up attracting a life where their own happiness is barely considered.

Make your happiness a priority in your life and it will be reflected back to you in the way the world and other people treat you.

10. Understand that happiness comes from within.

When you understand this, you claim back your birthright to be happy. It is not so much about what we have or do in life that determines our happiness but rather our thoughts about them.

Even if there comes a time when you may have to sacrifice what you want for the sake of others or when you’re unable to do what makes you happy, through this realization you’ll be able to transcend the limitations of your external circumstances and feel happy anyway.


I’m glad that you’ve taken an interest in becoming happier through the law of attraction, otherwise, you wouldn’t have typed “law of attraction happiness” into your search bar.

Not many people know, but being happy is actually the foundation towards attracting all of your dreams and goals. When you’re able to become truly happy, everything good will naturally follow.

Try your best to follow the guidelines listed out here and I guarantee you that you will start feeling happier immediately, over time happiness can even become your default state.

Be happy,


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