Instant Manifestation Secrets Review: Too good to be true?

Instant Manifestation Secrets is a great law of attraction program that does a rock-solid job at programming your mind for success and abundance.

For its affordable price of $47, the program is packed with immense value. You’ll find some very powerful tools (audio tracks) and methods that will allow you to master the less well-known secrets behind successful manifestation.

The emphasis placed on positively reconditioning your mind and raising your vibrational levels at all levels of your consciousness allows the program to enact profound changes at every level of your being and every aspect of your life.

The results that I’ve gotten from this program were downright amazing, though it took me a bit of time (a month) to achieve them, so it’s not exactly instant like what its name suggests.

That being said, the program still delivers what it promises to and is definitely one of the best law of attraction programs out there. You’ll only get benefits from using it.

In this post, I will be sharing my own experiences and the results that I’ve gotten from using this program. I’ll be using it over a span of 30 days, which is, in my opinion, the optimal time frame to test these types of products.

What prompted me to try this program?

So first things first, what is it that made me want to try this program?

One of my goals with this website, aside from helping people achieve mastery with the law of attraction, is to discover and review the most effective law of attraction and self-development products out there.

While it’s true that you can successfully master the law of attraction without any of these programs, some of them can really help take your manifestations to another level and significantly speed up the entire process.

Yet, with so many junk products out around these days that are just downright ineffective, it can be hard to discern between what works and what doesn’t.

Thankfully I enjoy trying out these products and I had a pretty good experience with this particular one so it’s only natural that I review it.

Is it a scam?

Quite a number of my subscribers have asked me to review this program and I’m not sure why, but with this particular program, the question of whether or not it’s a scam seems to come up quite often.

Maybe their ads and sales copy sound too good to be true or something, though I admit it’s their sales copy that piqued my interest in the first place. Anyway, I’d rather not guess so I’ve decided to give the program a shot and find out for myself.

After using it for around a month and getting pretty decent results, I can say with absolute certainty that this program isn’t a scam at all. This is the real deal.

The program comes with a Full 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can get a full refund for it if you aren’t satisfied with it for any reason. And as far as I know, no scam would ever offer such a policy.  

The Law of Attraction & Vibrations

Instant Manifestation Secrets is structured mainly around manifesting with the law of attraction through raising your mental and emotional vibrations to the highest state possible.

According to The Law of Vibration, these vibrations are responsible for every single one of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions and are in many ways, the ultimate source of all that you attract into your life.

You see, not a second passes when your mind isn’t attracting or vibrating at some frequency.

Positive vibrations such as abundance, love, and faith aren’t to be underestimated for they can trigger a complete positive shift in anybody’s reality.

The more positive an emotional vibration, the more in line it is with the abundant nature of the universe.

The main goal of this program is to allow you to ascend your level of consciousness to the highest vibrational state possible so that you can effortlessly manifest all that you want.

In every person, there will be a core vibration that determines all their thoughts, actions, and emotions and by extension all that they attract into their lives.

For example, if a person has lack as their primary vibration, they will experience lack in every area of their lives.

Therefore, the ultimate way to quickly raise the quality of your life is by changing your core vibrations.

If you could vibrationally align mainly with the vibrations of wealth, abundance, and success, can you imagine what your life would be like?

It’d be one of absolute ease and comfort and the best thing is that once this shift in vibration happens, everything will start falling into place on its own.

Every feeling that we’ve ever felt, every thought that has ever entered our minds affects our reality on levels that we cannot comprehend.

What is Instant Manifestation Secrets

Created by Croix Sather, Instant Manifestation Secrets, as its name implies, is a comprehensive law of attraction program that will show you the secrets involved in manifesting your dreams with absolute ease.

The program comes packaged with 4 audio tracks as well as a comprehensive instructional video where Croix shares the very techniques that he himself used to achieve the success he enjoys today.

The audio tracks included are designed to work on your mind at all levels, they are mostly in the form of guided visualization and meditation sessions.

It doesn’t matter what your goals are, whether it’s more money, better relationships, or simply more happiness, anyone can attract what they want if they use these tracks consistently.

3 Levels of Mind

In this program, Craig divides the mind into 3 different levels, the conscious, the subconscious, and the vibrational mind.

The conscious mind determines all our conscious thought processes and decisions, while in the subconscious lies our deepest beliefs, motivations, and thoughts.

And how about the vibrational mind? The vibrational mind represents the total sum of our conscious and subconscious mind and is responsible for the vibrations that we send out to the universe.

Being a holistic approach to manifestation, the program covers all 3 levels of consciousness thoroughly but places extra emphasis on the vibrational mind.

In my opinion, this focus on the vibrational mind is the highlight of the program, few if any other course pays any attention to this incredibly important aspect of consciousness. 

You see, the vibrations that we put out is the most important factor in determining everything that we attract into our lives. You can try to think a positive thought consciously but unless you change the level of vibration that you’re at, you won’t be likely to change what you attract.

This is why simply “thinking positive” doesn’t work, you can mentally tell yourself that you’re abundant all day but unless you’re able to feel it at a vibrational level, nothing would come of it.

Yet many people approach the law of attraction in exactly this manner, it is no wonder that they struggle in manifesting anything at all.

By getting to the roots of successful manifestation which are namely your mind and vibrational level, you will be able to approach the law of attraction the way a master would.

Inside the product

The program is divided into 3 audio sessions and 1 video session. It also comes with 4 bonus programs which I’ll get into in a bit.

Zero to 60-How to Manifest Fast

The first track in the program is a video that will outline the entire process of transforming a normal mundane life to one that’s filled with happiness, abundance, and satisfaction.

All of this will be shown to you in a clear and easy to follow manner.

Here in this module, you’ll learn all the fundamental manifesting techniques and mindsets of the program.

Opinion: This is a good introductory video that allows you to understand how this program/system works and how to really get the most out of it.


Audio 1: The Power Within Me

The purpose of this module is to get rid of any negative beliefs, thoughts, and emotions inside of you that block the flow of abundance and success into your life.

Positive beliefs that will serve as a foundation for any successful manifestation will also be conditioned into all 3 levels of your mind and consciousness.

Opinion: Works very well in doing what it claims to do, after using this I instantly felt fewer negative emotions and much more inner peace.


Audio 2: An amazing life

In the 2nd audio track, you will be guided in a series of guided visualizations that will allow you to properly set your manifestation goals and targets.

Through this audio, you will be able to see, in your mind’s eye, an extremely clear picture of your dream life which will spur the universe to manifest it in reality.

Visualization in itself is already a very potent technique, but one that can be very hard to implement properly without proper experience and expertise. This track allows you to visualize what you want extremely vividly, in an almost lifelike fashion. 

Opinion: Without having a clear vision or image of what you’re trying to manifest, you will have a hard time manifesting anything at all, let alone your biggest goals and desires. This audio track tackles this issue brilliantly and works very well in bringing a huge power boost to your visualizations.


Audio 3 Transformation Level 3: My Incredible Transformation

In the final session, you will learn how to put all 3 levels of your consciousness; the conscious, the subconscious, and the vibrational mind in perfect alignment. This will allow you to radically change what you attract at every moment.

The very moment you finish listening to this track, you will start putting out the vibrations necessary to bring about your dream life. As that happens, you will also start ceasing to attract unfavorable circumstances into your life. 

That’s right, no more arguments, drama, accidents, etc. Negative events in your life will greatly lessen if not outright disappear. 

Opinion: After going through this session, everything started falling into place and this was the time where I truly experienced what it means to be in a powerful vibrational state. I’ve always known about vibrations but I’ve never experienced it the way I experience it here.

I use this track mostly in the morning and it’s absolutely amazing for prepping yourself to start your day in the right frame of mind. As I expected, my days go far better than usual if I start it with listening to this track, the effects are almost miraculous in some instances.

I’ll admit, when going through the first 2 tracks I still had my doubts, but after finishing the last one I was absolutely certain that this program is the real deal.


Bonus Programs:

Included with the main program are some very decent bonus programs. You can use these in conjunction with the main program depending on which areas of your life you’re looking to improve.

These are bonuses, so you don’t have to use them to enjoy the perks of the main program.

Bonus 1: Financial Freedom

This is a track that allows you to restructure your beliefs and relationship with money from the ground up. If your main goal is to manifest wealth, then this bonus really packs a punch when paired together with the main program.

Use them both and you’ll easily put yourself into the perfect state of mind for attracting vast amounts of wealth. 




Bonus 2: The Success Ritual

This one involves the common habits and rituals that successful people perform on a daily basis. Every successful individual, regardless of their field of pursuit, all share certain traits, habits, and rituals. And here it will all be revealed to you. 

These are traits and rituals, such as visualizing success, staying positive in the face of hardships, etc. All of which are imperative towards being successful.

It doesn’t matter who you are, anyone who follows these habits of success will inevitably become successful.

This one is good but not great in my opinion, a lot of the “success” advice here is quite cliché and can be found in most self-help books. Still, considering that it’s a bonus program, it’s pretty good for what it is. 

Who’s the creator

Croix Sather

Croix Sather, the creator of Instant Manifestation Secrets, is one of the most established and inspirational life coaches and motivational speakers out there.

He has given some amazing talks on personal development and has even been featured on TED talks multiple times.

Croix started out as a humble carpenter who didn’t have much, but one day came to the realization that the potential to achieve all his goals and wants in life lied dormant inside him.

Although he was from a humble neighborhood, he lived in close proximity to the neighborhoods of the wealthy. Every time on his way home from work, he would admire what his rich neighbors had, he would gaze in awe at their giant mansions and beautiful cars.

Croix wondered to himself, how is it that they can live so affluently while he had to struggle to even get by. With that, he was determined to find out the secrets behind their wealth. 

And what better way than to ask the wealthy themselves, so Croix went on to interview as many wealthy people as he could, in hopes of finding out the answer once and for all.

Although many of them wouldn’t entertain his questions, he managed to find someone who gave him the answers that would allow him to change his life forever.

This man, Mr. Kronenberg, was a phenomenally wealthy and successful businessman, and he told Croix that all his success came down to his mastery over the Law of Attraction.

Through the law of attraction, Croix managed to completely change the direction of his life and within a few months, manifested the house of his dreams among many other things.

However, his manifestations were inconsistent, aside from the house he wasn’t able to make much progress with other aspects of his life. Despite applying his newfound knowledge, there were certain goals of his that still seemed out of reach.

Through deep research and experimentation, he discovered that in order to unlock the greatest potential with the law of attraction he had to go to the source of all his thoughts; the subconscious and vibrational mind.

He would then go on to develop special techniques to fully utilize the power latent in these levels of consciousness which eventually led to him achieving all that he has today. These are the very techniques that he shares in this program.

Among his many achievements, aside from releasing many successful self-development products and giving some of the most inspirational talks ever, he was running around the world in an insane unassisted marathon, breaking a few world records in the process.

Why this matters

One of the best ways of finding out the legitimacy behind a product is by checking out the credibility of its author.

I already knew of Croix Sather before discovering this product, so upon finding out that he was the person behind it, my expectations were pretty high.

In my opinion, his story is extremely inspirational, showing that anyone can live the life they dream of if they only knew right ways to realize their maximum potential.

Here’s an example of one of his talks.

Here are the pros and cons that I’ve found after using the program

Of course, no program no matter how good is perfect. Everything has its ups and downs. Here are some of the pros and cons I found.


-Croix Sather is an amazing teacher and teaches in a clear and understandable manner. The way he guides you in the audio track is extremely pleasant, which is very important as you’ll be listening to them daily.

-You’ll be able to apply the techniques to manifesting anything that you want in any area of your life. Whether it’s more money, better relationships, or just becoming fitter.

-Allows you to condition your mind for abundance from the ground up. No need to figure out the intricacies of the Law of Attraction by yourself, this is a system that will guide you from start to finish.

-Generous free bonuses included. And to be honest, some of these bonuses are good enough to be sold as separate products.

-60 Day Money Back Guarantee, this gives you ample time to try the product first and see whether it works for you


-Found a couple of upsells when I was purchasing it, which can be offputting for some people. I suggest that you ignore these upsells, as the program works brilliantly on its own and is pretty much all you need.

-One of the bonus programs isn’t that good.

-You need to pay a little attention when listening to the audio tracks, it isn’t something that you can just listen to in the background.

-For real life-changing results, you’ll need to use it daily, at least for 1 month. After that, the effects are mostly permanent.

Did Instant Manifestation Secrets work for me?

Yes, it did. Insanely well in fact. I was expecting this to be another run of the mill law of attraction program, but what I got instead was a program that allowed me to completely revamp my life and approach towards manifestation in just a few weeks.

You see, recently I was facing a lot of challenges in my businesses due to the recent world pandemic. I’d try everything to manifest solutions to the problems I was facing but nothing worked.

After using the program for just a couple of weeks, I was able to literally multiply my income and double my productivity almost effortlessly. 

Turns out that my vibrational state or the “vibrational mind” as this program calls it, was the main issue.

Let’s face it, in the state of the world right now, signs of negativity and fear are extremely prevalent, everywhere you look you’ll see news of impending doom and economic crisis.

If you let your guard down for even a minute, you’ll inevitably be affected and your vibrations will be pulled down.

I let the negativity of my surroundings get to me which significantly affected my vibrational state, greatly hindering my attempts at resolving the issues I faced.

Instant Manifestation Secrets worked tremendously well in pulling my vibrational state back up to one of abundance and security and in doing so, I was able to start attracting wealth and success again.

Is Instant Manifestation Secrets the right program for you?`

If you’re new to the law of attraction or if you face any trouble at all with manifesting then this is the ideal program for you.

However, if you’re already fairly advanced in the art of manifestation and have no problems attracting what you want, then some of the content shared inside may seem a little elementary for you.

That being said, you’ll still be able to improve your manifestation results with this program, no matter where your level of expertise is currently at.

There are many different approaches and styles towards manifestation but the one presented here will work easily for pretty much everyone.

Believe me, when I say this, this program is all you need to effectively use the law of attraction to manifest anything that you want.

Now you won’t become a manifestation expert overnight by using this, but you will learn all the essential aspects of manifestation that will allow you to actually make the law of attraction work.

Final Thoughts

I hope my Instant Manifestation Secrets Review can give you a better idea of what to expect from this program.

Would I recommend this program? Absolutely, this is a solid program that works, and here on this site, I only recommend products that deliver. If there’s anything I can’t stand more, it’s fake BS programs or so-called magic pills that are commonly found on the internet.

This is a program that’s designed to hold your hand all the way through the often arduous process of manifesting.

You will need no prior experience to find success with it, you don’t even need to be familiar with the law of attraction, just follow the audio tracks to the best of your abilities and you’re all set.

There’s no question or not whether Instant Manifestation Secrets will work BUT in order to get solid and real results, you’ll need to have the discipline to use it consistently. So, if you plan to purchase it, make sure you listen to the tracks at least once a day.

Do that and you’ll be able to gain miraculous improvements in your life, you will finally be able to manifest the life of your dreams.

Try it yourself here!

2 thoughts on “Instant Manifestation Secrets Review: Too good to be true?”

  1. Thank you for this review, it was the reason I went ahead and bought this in the first place. Initially I was on the fence about purchasing this one but 2 weeks ago after reading your post I thought I’d just go ahead with it.

    Well it’s been 2 weeks of using it daily and all I can say is that I’ve started to attract things into my life that I’ve never thought possible.

    I work in sales and recently my sales have climbing steadily among other things that happened, such as finding a parking spot in the morning EVERY SINGLE DAY, I just seem much luckier in general. Can’t even begin to imagine what I’d attract after a few months.

  2. This is hands down one of the courses on law of attraction out there. Manifested the love of my life with this one, seriously mind blown.

    For those of you not getting results just stick with it. Sometimes it takes some time to work but it definitely does eventually.

    Anyway a solid 5/5 for me.


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