30 Abundance Affirmations That Will Completely Change Your Life

A life of abundance is your very birthright. Instead of living in struggle and worry, all of us have the potential to live a life of true happiness, ease, and comfort.

All your dreams are achievable if you know how to accept the universe’s abundant flow of goodness into your life.

Whether it’s about getting the love that you deserve, the body that you want, or the freedom of not having any financial worries, all of it can be yours if you make the decision to claim the abundance that is rightfully yours. 

Now, the abundance that we enjoy comes down mainly to our deepest thoughts, beliefs, and mindsets.

Whether you’re wealthy or poor, happy or depressed, all of it starts with your mind and thoughts.

Change what goes on in your mind and you’ll be able to change your destiny.


Affirmations are among the most powerful ways to cultivate the right thoughts and beliefs so that you can enjoy the limitless abundance of the universe.

They have the power to work on your beliefs at a subconscious level, allowing you to transcend your circumstances no matter how they currently are.

With proper usage and enough repetitions, they are one of the greatest ways to put yourself permanently into an abundant state of mind.

I’ve seen firsthand, people achieve amazing changes in their lives through the use of affirmations alone.

I’ve seen people I know go from broke to wealthy, from lonely to loved, simply through affirming powerful statements on a daily basis.

With all that being said, for affirmations to be really effective, they have to be structured properly and correctly written.

Generally, they should be short, written in the present tense, and absent of any negative statements. If you want to create your own, then be sure to follow these guidelines.

In this post, I will list down some of the most powerful abundance affirmations that I’ve used myself to manifest a life of pure abundance and joy.

If you use these constantly, I am certain that you will be able to achieve the same life of abundance for yourself.

I will be diving these affirmations into 3 essential categories, each category is designed to target specific areas of your psyche so that you’ll be able to obtain a completely abundant state of mind.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

One thing to note is that you don’t have to use all the affirmations that I list here, simply pick the ones that resonate with you the most and that’ll be enough.

Do you believe that you deserve abundance?

Although they aren’t aware of it, many people subconsciously believe that they don’t deserve to have any good in their lives.

From a young age, society has instilled in us the value of hardship and struggle but most of us never really learned how to simply lie back and receive. For all the hard work that we do, we don’t give ourselves enough credit sometimes.

As a result, many people subconsciously believe themselves to be unworthy or underserving of receiving anything good from the universe.

And these kinds of beliefs tend to block the flow of abundance into your life more than anything else.

Therefore, the first step towards being truly abundant to get rid of these beliefs and affirm to yourself that you are indeed deserving of all the best that life has to offer.

Here are some of my favorite abundance affirmations to make you feel deserving.  

1. I am a magnet of abundance.

2.  I deserve happiness and success.

3. I completely and wholeheartedly accept abundance into my life.

4. I am worthy of all the good things in life.

5. I embrace all the good that I receive from the universe.

6. It is my birthright to be rich.

7. I allow myself to be prosperous.

8. My true nature is to be abundant.

9. Every day my life gets better.

10. I am destined for great things.

Take care of desperation and the problem of wanting it too much

Desire when in excess becomes craving and attachment. Both of which are emotions that can sabotage all your efforts in manifesting and push the things that you want away from you.

Sometimes you may be doing everything right yet fail to attract what you want simply because you want it too badly.

This excessive desire sends out vibrations of lack more than anything and greatly impedes the flow of abundance into your life.

If you’re able to simply let go and relax then I assure you will be able to improve your life and all that you manifest by leaps and bounds.

Here are some affirmations that will tame your desires and get rid of all traces of neediness and desperation inside of you.   

11. I am complete and content right now.

12. I am happy the way I am.

13. I enjoy my life as it is.

14. No matter what happens, I know that everything is alright.

15. I feel abundant right now, at this very moment.

16. Every failure in my life leads me closer to success.

17. I am lucky and things always go my way.

18. I am blessed and so incredibly fortunate.

19. I know that all things happen for my greater good.

20. I have everything that I need right now.

Understanding that there’s enough to go around

Scarcity is the direct opposite of abundance, so it’s imperative that you rid yourself of any thoughts of scarcity if you want to live abundantly.

The universe always has enough to fulfill all of your needs and wants, so long as you are able to believe this at a subconscious level, it will come true for you.

Part of understanding this is also to let go of any resentment for people who seemingly have more than you.

The following statements will allow you to instill a solid sense of abundance into your mind, repeat them often enough, and never again will you want for anything.

21. Why am I so abundant? It seems like I always have enough.

22. I  hope the best for other people, for there is enough for everyone. 

23. The universe provides for me endlessly and abundantly.

24. I am an embodiment of abundance.

25. Every day I feel more satisfied and I know that the universe will always provide for me.

Gratitude: The key to abundance

You’ve probably already heard this one a thousand times before but gratitude is an extremely powerful feeling to have.

When you’re grateful you send vibrations to the universe telling it that you’re already living in perfect abundance.

To truly be able to live abundantly you need to be grateful for the good that you currently have in your life, as well as the good that you’re about to receive soon.

Here are some powerful affirmations that will allow you to express gratitude naturally and sow the seeds of unlimited abundance into your mind.

26. I am thankful for all that I have in my life right now.

27. I am truly grateful to the universe for all the abundance that it has brought me and will continue to bring.

28. I feel thankful to be alive and for all that I have.

29. It is such a wonder that the universe always fulfills all my wishes.

30. I give thanks for everything that I’m blessed with.

What can you expect from using these affirmations?

Remember, you have to affirm these statements to yourself consistently in order for them to work. Just once or twice everyday is sufficient, but you need to say them every day.

You won’t notice any effects immediately but after a week or two you will start to feel significantly better, you will start understanding innately that abundance is your true nature.

There won’t be any need to rationalize or try to convince yourself, you will just feel it very naturally.

If you keep at it for a few months, you will start to notice very obvious changes in your life and physical circumstances.

Even without any conscious effort on your part, you will start manifesting things that are in line with the abundant beliefs that you’ve conditioned into your mind.

You’ll find yourself becoming luckier than ever before, nothing could ever bother you again.

If you have the discipline and willpower to affirm these for more than a year, then congratulations for this where the real magic happens.

You will start to transcend all your limitations of both yourself and your circumstances and the life of your dreams will start manifesting before your very eyes.

It’s hard to imagine till you get to that point but persevere and take it one day at a time. After the few weeks mark you will start noticing improvements every day which will spur you on further.

Speed things up by listening to affirmations

If you want to speed up the benefits gained from affirming these powerful statements then there’s no better way than to listen to them whether you’re asleep.

Simply record yourself saying the affirmations and play them in the background while you’re sleeping.

When you’re sleeping your subconscious is far more accessible compared to when you’re awake, so the effects of the affirmations will be magnified.

Personally, I find repeating them myself to be enough but listening can really help speed up the process especially for those who struggle with gaining results.

15 Minute Manifestation

15 Minute Manifestation is a program designed exactly for this purpose. It is a set of specially created audio tracks that contain a powerful mix of abundance affirmations and binaural beats and is one of the fastest working programs that I’ve ever used in my life.

Within a month or so of using it, you’ll be in your most abundant state ever.

Now, this program doesn’t use the affirmations that I’ve written out here however they are just as powerful if not more so.

I’ve reviewed the entire program here, so you can check that out.

Summing it up

As I said before, consistency is the key for gaining success with these abundance affirmations. These statements are all tailor-made to have the most potent effects possible so even if they seem simple, don’t underestimate them.

Keep at it and you’ll be able to live a life that is far more abundant than you ever thought possible.

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