Law of Attraction For Weight Loss: Manifest your Dream Body

Do you wish to gain the body of your dreams? Or maybe you just want to shed a few pounds, whatever your goals are with your body, the Law of Attraction can work wonders for you.

You’ve probably wondered why is it that some people seem to eat freely but still remain fit while some others struggle to lose weight despite tirelessly dieting and working out.

The answer lies in the difference in their dominant thoughts and vibrations.

Most of us understand how physiological factors such as diet and exercise affect our weight but not many know how much the body is influenced by our mental processes.  

If it’s your goal to lose weight through the Law of Attraction then know that it is entirely possible and in fact even easy if you know how to properly do it.

In this post, I will show you some brilliant Law of Attraction weight loss techniques to not only lose weight but also become much healthier by simply changing your thoughts about your body.

Our thoughts and our body

The relationship between the body and mind is an extremely close one, in fact it is actually easier to manifest body transformation and changes compared to anything else in your life.

To give you a better idea of what I’m saying, some of the changes that I’ve witnessed people manifesting in their body are slight changes in eye color, in their height, in their health, and of course, in their body weight.

You may find some of these hard to believe, but if you understand the relationship between the mind and body, then you’ll see how it’s all possible.

At the subatomic level, every single thought has an impact on reality, although most of the effects produced by these thoughts are negligible unless properly directed towards a specific outcome.

However, because the brain practically resides in the body, the reality-altering powers of thoughts are magnified for any body-related changes.

Thoughts have the ability to literally alter the body at a quantum level.

Compared to the more extreme changes that people have manifested in their bodies, losing weight is simple and very doable when you use the right law of attraction techniques and have the proper mindset.

Believing that it’s possible

A huge factor in successfully using the law of attraction to lose weight is to believe that it’s possible in the first place.

A lot of people completely disregard the mental aspect of fitness, focusing solely on the physical aspects such as diet and exercise, and when they fail to do all these things, they give up altogether.

When you realize that your weight and state of your body is highly dependent on the state of your thoughts, the way in which you approach everything will change drastically.

You will feel a sense of hope like nothing that you’ve never felt before, you will start to truly understand the amount of power that you hold.

Taking care of your mental blocks

Now the first thing we want to address is the types of thoughts that block you from manifesting the weight that you want.

Among these blocks are taking your weight too seriously, feeling guilt when you lapse in your diet or when you skip a workout.

If you’re able to address these negative beliefs and thoughts, your levels of fitness and weight will start to fall into place on its own.

Taking losing weight too seriously

Although it may matter a lot to you, taking your weight too seriously will make the process of losing weight much harder than it actually needs to be.

Instead try to take a step back and approach losing weight from a position of relaxation.

Treat the entire thing like a game, when you’re making progress enjoy it but even when you’re not, don’t make a big deal out of it.

With the Law of Attraction this applies to all things, attracting and manifesting will always be more effective when done in a relaxed, detached manner.

Taking anything too seriously, including your weight, will send out vibrations of lack and tension to the universe, your mind, and your body.

Let go of any resentment or repulsion at the idea of being a little overweight

This may sound counterintuitive, but as with all things in life, what you resist persists.

Just like how there’s a need to be okay with being single first before you can attract a successful relationship, before you can start losing weight effortlessly with the law of attraction, you have to first accept your body the way it is now.

The more you feel unhappy or unsatisfied with how your body or weight is now, the harder it will be to lose weight and attract the body that you want.

Instead of trying to lose weight from a point of frustration, do it from a place of self-love and acceptance.

Love your body

Loving your body brings benefits far beyond losing weight, this simple mental act will allow you to enjoy incredible improvements in health and also give you far more energy.

The more you’re able to feel unconditional love and acceptance for the body that you’ve been blessed with, the more satisfied you will be with your body.

In fact, if you truly love your body, you won’t even need to make a conscious effort to lose weight through the law of attraction. It’ll happen on its own accord. 

Love your body now and you will set the stage for the body of your dreams.

Love for your body is expressed through both your words and your actions.

Speak well of your body and never use negative words to describe it. In all your conversations, always speak kindly of it.

Make sure all the words you say allows you to feel better about yourself.

In terms of actions, do your best to treat your body well. Eat as healthily as you can and exercise as often as possible.

Now you’re probably thinking that isn’t the point of the law of attraction to be able to lose weight without doing any of these things.

Yes, however, the more you take care of your body at a physical level the easier it is to manifest your ideal body through the law of attraction.

In the end, we still live in a physical world governed by physical laws. By taking actions that support your goal, you will always make the manifestation process much smoother.

Visualization & Meditation: If you can see it then it’s real

If you’re able to picture clearly the body that you want in your mind’s eye then you’re already close to achieving your ideal weight.

All things, all events, and all circumstances take place first on the mental plane before they manifest in physical reality.

This is 10 times more so when it’s with something that’s related to your body, such as your weight.

Your mind and the images you visualize directly affects the structure of your body at the subatomic level.

Thus, one of the most powerful ways to manifest the weight that you want is through imagining and visualizing.

Try to picture yourself the way that you want to look, see it clearly and let nothing stop you from

Be as vivid as you can, try to imagine in detail how you’d look like when you achieve your ideal weight.

Imagine the clothes that you’d wear, how you’d look at yourself in the mirror.

It’s not what you eat but how you eat

If you ever notice one thing about people who are able to stay fit despite eating whatever they want, it’s their complete lack of guilt or self-consciousness when eating.

Compare to this to the behavior of those who struggle with their weight, instead of enjoying their meals they invest far too much emotions into the food that they eat.

They’d make a big deal about even a single meal and when they finally do eat, it’s usually accompanied by all sorts of negative feelings, such as guilt.

Dwelling on a meal and feeling guilty about eating something that you think you shouldn’t actually harm you far more than whatever it is you’re eating.

Therefore, relax and enjoy your meal. Pay no attention to thoughts about your weight when you eat, act as if you’re already at the level of fitness than you want to achieve.

In fact, you can take this a step further by making it a point to enjoy your food as much as you can.

Remember though, not to go overboard with this idea. Unless you’ve already reached a level of mastery with the Law of Attraction and manifestation, you’ll still be somewhat limited by the physical laws of reality.

In short, don’t abuse the idea or use it as an excuse to eat unhealthily.

Your relationship with your food

Whenever you’re eating, whatever it is you’re eating, be completely present and enjoy yourself without any reservations.

Be grateful for the food that you’re receiving.

I’m about to share a little technique with you that may sound a little outlandish, but believe me it’s extremely powerful.

This technique is simply ‘blessing’ your food before you eat it.

Every time before you have your meal, mentally/verbally bless your food, think about how well it will nourish you, how much pleasure it gives you, and simply how lucky you are to eat it.

When you do this, the molecular and energetic structure of the food changes to become more positive.

Some time back, Dr. Masaru Emoto did an experiment where water was exposed to different words and music.

What he found was that when water was exposed to positive and encouraging words such as love, their structure literally changes at the microscopic level.

Blessing your food with positive intent works very much in a similar manner and will greatly lessen all the unhealthy aspects found in your food.


These are some of my favorite law of attraction weight loss methods that have worked wonders for myself and many people that I know.

Throughout my life, whenever I was eating too much and becoming a little too heavy for my liking, all I needed to do was to shift my focus back to my thoughts.

In a short span of time, I would stop gaining any unwanted weight and start getting fitter, despite making no changes to my physical habits.

End of the day, it is our minds’ that ultimately determine the fate of our bodies.

Try these techniques and tips and see the results for yourself.

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