How To Manifest New Clients With The Law Of Attraction

If you’re looking to use the law of attraction for attracting new clients in your job or business, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Not only is it possible but attracting clients is among the more basic or elementary of things to manifest.

The best part is that the law of attraction can be used to attract not just any clients but the type of clients you actually want to have. Clients who are friendlier, more generous, reasonable, and respectful.

In any business or job, clients can be one of the most stressful things to deal with. I know because I personally run a couple of businesses myself.

Aside from getting more of them in the first place, you probably had to deal with unreasonable demands and pressure from them.

But tweak your mindset a little and focus on the right stuff and all of that will become a thing of the past as you start enjoying an abundance of amazing clients.

Client Manifestation is easy

Some years back in my younger days, I was an Airbnb host. For the sake of some side income, I used to rent units and re-rent them to prospective clients.

It was during my time as a host that I started learning about the law of attraction, I would use it to great effect in manifesting a constant abundant flow of amazing guests (or clients) that would stay at my rental units. Very seldom would I get any guests that were unreasonable or too demanding.

It worked wonderfully and for many years, I ran my business in an easy and hassle-free manner.

Despite the many manifestation mistakes that I did, I still succeeded.

This is because the act of attracting new clients is relatively easy compared to other manifestation goals.

I’m not sure exactly why but it could be because you get to see your progress and the effects of your manifestations quite quickly.

This was the experience of many other people I’ve coached as well, who all worked in a wide range of different businesses and jobs.

Simply follow the guidelines below and you too can attract waves of clients.

How To Manifest Clients

Get Passionate and Excited About What You Do

You often hear people say that passion is a prerequisite for success in any pursuit. They tell you that if you’re passionate about something, you will succeed in it.

When it comes to the law of attraction, this is true as well.

You see, passion puts out a unique type of vibration. It sends a unique mix of faith, satisfaction, and abundance to the universe that gets reflected back into your life in the form of increased clients and sales.

When you are passionate, you will attract clients that are passionate about working with you. The passion you feel will be reflected in every aspect of your business and job.

If you’re already doing something that you’re passionate about then half the battle is already won. If not then don’t worry, you can simply learn to be passionate about what you’re already doing.

Passionate about what you’re already doing?

Yes, you heard me right. Even if what you’re doing now is something you loath there is a way around it.

And that is to simply find something that you like about your business and job and focus your mind solely on that. It can be anything, even something seemingly ridiculous.

Eventually, this will give rise to a small flicker of passion that would grow into an unquenchable inferno of passion that engulfs everything.

I’ll give you an example. I had a friend who was a wall painter. He had a hard time getting new clients and even when he did, they were often unpleasant ones who would often make impossible demands from him and even berated him at times.

One day he confided in me about this problem, and I looked him in the eye and asked him a simple question. “Do you like what you do?”

And he said that he hated it with every fiber in his being but that it was the only skill that he had at the time to make a living.

So, I explained to him that this itself was the source of his problem, it was because of him being so dispassionate about what he does that he attracted these sorts of clients.

I then told him to find something about wall painting that he likes and to focus solely on that.

He was an avid tennis player and got the idea that painting for such long hours through the days would increase the endurance of his arm and make him a better player.

He went on to focus on that idea every time he painted which distracted him from the other hardships he faced at his job.

And that distraction was all it took for his situation to start improving. While he didn’t start loving his job immediately, over time he became alright with it.

And with that, he started doing things differently and attracting far different circumstances. His business started improving and he started attracting more clients, all of whom were more pleasant as well.

Be in an Abundant State of Mind

Abundance is a word that I use quite often simply because it perfectly captures the state of mind required for successfully manifesting anything.

When a person is in a state of abundance, they know that they will always receive what they ask for and that they will never be in a state of need.

Even if today they don’t have what they want, they know that it’s only temporary and that things will improve eventually.

This state of total faith and confidence that things will work out for them is abundance in a nutshell. If you too can put yourself in this state of mind, then attracting clients would be easily accomplished.

Give thanks to all who patronize your business

You probably already know that gratitude is helpful for manifesting anything at all, but there is a very specific method of applying it towards this goal.

And that is to simply give thanks for every single client that you receive. Do it every single time, no matter who they or what they’re hiring you for.

Even those the ones who seem small or insignificant, be thankful for them anyway.

If you do this consistently, I can guarantee you with almost one hundred percent certainty that you’ll start receiving far more clients in just a few weeks.

It may seem simple, but this technique is incredibly powerful.

Note: If the client happens to be a difficult or unreasonable one that you have a hard time being thankful for, then you can just give thanks for the payment and money that you receive from them instead.

Remove clutter in your workspace

Clutter impedes the flow of energy and abundance into your life. When your work environment is in a state of mess, it can negatively affect your business and the clients that you attract.

If you’ve ever tried to do any work in a cluttered environment, you’d notice that your productivity suffers and that you’d even start feeling a sense of dread at the thought of doing any work.

But more importantly clutter affects you on a subconscious level, affecting the vibes and vibration you put out to the universe.

It sends a message of chaos and dispassion to the universe both of which would interfere with the flow of good clients and abundance into your business.

Therefore, it is really helpful if you try to keep everything in your work life as neat and organized as possible. The more organized the better.

Not only will you become a lot more productive, but the vibes that you send out to the universe subconsciously would also be reflected in your life in the form of better business and more clients.

Do note: Clutter can also be found in your digital workspaces such as your phone and computers. If your files are messy and all over the place, then that is a form of clutter in itself. So try to keep them organized as well.

Visualize Clients Showing Up

Visualization is a technique that can be used to manifest a very wide range of goals but for manifesting new clients, it is especially effective because all you have to do is visualize your clients showing up at your business.

If you have a digital business or job, you can visualize sales notifications or their messages to you popping up in your inbox.

Take five minutes a day to visualize all of this happening and do it as intensely as you can. As you’re visualizing, feel and bask in the satisfaction of having a steady constant stream of business.

The key point here is the intensity of your visualizations. Try to be detailed as possible, visualize the way in which your clients look, the way that they talk, the tasks that they want done, the list goes on but spare no detail.

Do this for around a few weeks until you see improvements, from there things should take off naturally and you won’t need to do it anymore.

Summing it up

And there you have it guys, if you’re looking for a sure-fire way to manifest clients through the law of attraction then simply follow the steps and guidelines above and you’re all set.

In the grand scheme of things, clients are just one part of succeeding in your business or job.

As you find success in manifesting them, you will start being more aware of the creative powers latent within you.

Through time and persistence, you will eventually get to a point where you can use the law of attraction to manifest complete abundance in your business and life.


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