How To Manifest Good Grades With The Law Of Attraction

If you’re looking to make your school life easier and enjoy academic success, then you’d be pleased to know that the law of attraction works excellently for this purpose.

Whether your goal is to manifest better grades, graduate with flying colors, or simply pass your exams, through the law of attraction all of these things are possible.

Like anything else in your life, your grade and marks are greatly affected by your mental and emotional states.

Aside from the effort you put into your studies, what you think, feel, and believe will determine the amount of academic success you enjoy.

In this post, I will show you exactly to put yourself in the best mental state so that you can start manifesting the grades of your dreams.

1. Visualize your grades

Visualization is one of the most popular law of attraction techniques and for good reason. When used properly and consistently, it has the ability to literally bend reality to your will.

Some people have manifested empires through visualization alone. In comparison, manifesting academic success is relatively easy if you have the know-how. The good news is that I’m here to show you just that.

For grades and academic goals, there are very specific visualization techniques that you’ll want to use.

First, you’ll want to visualize the exact grade that you want as if you’re actually looking at it.

Second, you’ll want to visualize yourself along with the emotional state you’ll have when receiving your results.

As with all visualization techniques, you’ll want to perform these somewhere comfortable and quiet.

Visualize the grade that you want

Okay, so for the first visualization exercise, you’ll need to be very clear about the grades you want to receive.

It’s helpful if you know how your grades will be presented to you. Like the format or platform that they’ll be presented in.

This includes all the fonts, the color of the grading paper, and all. Basically, you want to visualize them in as much detail as possible.

Visualize your grades on the result paper (Or website) as clearly as you can. For example, say you want a high distinction, a 100% score, or even just a pass, visualize it as if you’re looking at it in real life.

Do this once a night, up until you receive your grades. More often than not, you’ll find yourself receiving the exact grades that you visualize or at least something close to it.

Visualize Yourself After receiving your results

Can you imagine how you’d act once you receive the results that you want? What would you be doing?

Perhaps it’s smiling, cheering, or hugging a significant other, whatever it is, visualize it.

Visualize the smile on your face, the excitement, and the deep sense of relief you’d feel.

And as you do that, feel those feelings as intensely as you can, as if you’re really receiving the results you want right now.

Relax and try to enjoy the visualization process and bask in the good feelings for a few minutes.

Once you’ve done the two above exercises, know with full faith that you’ll get the grades that you want.

Perform these visualization exercises twice a week or daily after/before you’ve taken an exam or submitted an assignment.

If you perform these exercises before you’ve done your exam/assignments, you’ll influence the way you’ll perform on them and the way the grader grades your work.

If you perform them after, then you’ll influence how the grader grades them.

2. Be Clear About What You Want

Although getting better grades is something any student would want, knowing why you want it would greatly help the universe make it a reality.

Behind every academic goal is a reason, whether it’s to secure a good career, make your parents proud, or even just to prove something to yourself, there’s always a reason and you need to find out what it is.

Be honest with yourself and find out exactly what your reason for studying is and not only will you start feeling more motivated and positive.

The universe will acknowledge your reason and use it as fuel for manifestation.

Once you find your reason, you’ll feel an almost instinctive drive within yourself to succeed and this will be reflected in the grades you manifest.

It sounds simple but having a reason and being clear about what makes a world of difference.

3. Study Hard

As I always tell my readers, the actions that you carry out in your life play a huge role in determining what you manifest.

In law of attraction jargon, we call this inspired action. To put it plainly, inspired action is any form of action that’s in line with what you’re trying to manifest.

You take action to reach your goals which in turn sends out the vibrations that encourage the universe to manifest what you want.

Now, of course, the main purpose is to manifest good grades through the law of attraction. However, when you put in the effort to do your best in your studies, you’ll find the universe that much more receptive.

4. Manifest When Studying

Now when it comes to studying, you can either choose to make it a chore or a form of inspired action. The choice is up to you.

However, with that being said, you’ll be taking a different approach to studying, where instead of approaching it with anxiety and stress..

You approach it from a position of abundance and faith, knowing full well that the universe has your back.

Every time before you study, head to class or do assignments, remind yourself that even if you find yourself struggling, in the end, the universe will bring you the grades that you want.

This confidence that you feel will both your studying efficiency and manifestation attempts.

A question you don’t understand?

Whenever you come across a topic that you don’t understand or a question that you can’t answer, you should try your best to figure it out.

But if even after trying your best you’re unable to find a solution.

Simply put it aside for a while, sincerely ask the universe to provide you with the solution, and go about doing something else.

You’re going to have let go for a while and it’ll all come back.

When you least expect it, the universe will provide you with a way to figure it out, either that or something will just click in your mind, and you’ll have a lightbulb moment of sorts.

This method is how Mozart wrote some of his greatest symphonies and how Edison thought of some of his greatest inventions.

And it’ll work excellently for your studies.

5. Detach from the outcome

Once you’ve done all of the above, the final and also an extremely important step would be to simply let go and let the universe take care of everything.

Overthinking and worrying about your grades will only block the flow of abundance from the universe and make it harder to manifest the grades that you want.

Many students get into the habit of worrying excessively about their grades, you must avoid that if you want to manifest truly excellent grades.

If you do the visualization exercise I described above and follow the rest of the guidelines then all that’s left for you after that is to let go and have faith that it’ll all work out.


So there you have it guys, this is a simple but highly effective formula for you to use the law of attraction to get your desired grades.

To sum it up, visualize, study hard and properly, have faith and stay detached. If you can do just those things, manifesting academic success if almost a guarantee.


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