How To Manifest Health With The Law Of Attraction

The universe in its infinite power and boundless abundance can fulfill almost any of our material desires. However extravagant our wishes may be, the ability of the universe to grant and provide is near limitless.

According to the law of attraction, the universe responds to the most dominant of our thoughts and emotions and reflects them back onto our reality.

But did you know that the universe also has a great influence over the state of your body and health?

If you focus your mind on recovery (if you’re suffering from any illnesses) and vibrant health, then you’ll inevitably attract the conditions that would make you healthier.

With the right approach and willingness, you can harness the powers of the universe and your mind to improve your health significantly and enjoy robust and vibrant health.

In this article, I’ll be showing you exactly what you need to do to effortlessly manifest health so that you can truly enjoy life without any hindrances.

Keep in mind, that you can also use the methods here to manifest good health for another person.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for entertainment purposes only and is in no way meant to replace professional medical advice. If you’re suffering from any medical condition, please seek medical help.

Power of Our Mind

Our minds have an extremely powerful influence over the state of our bodies and health.  Each thought we have about our bodies affects us on a molecular level and when you can

And when these thoughts are intense and consistent enough, they can induce deep powerful physical changes in our bodies.

Whether this effect is positive or negative is up to us. Largely depends on how we manage our thoughts.

This body and mind connection has been known for centuries by ancient civilizations and is just recently starting to be discovered by modern science.

This effect is independent of that of the law of attraction and the universe. They are the effects of your mind’s innate influence over your body.

But to put it simply, think good thoughts about your health and body consistently, and good health will naturally follow.

How To Manifest Health

The Mind And The Universe Intertwined

So how about the law of attraction and the universe?

Well, this is where the magic happens. When your mind’s ability to influence your body is combined with the effects of the law of attraction, almost anything is possible.

This is how people use the law of attraction for creating changes that defy the laws of physics and reality.

This is how people manifest stuff like height increase, eye color changes, or losing massive amounts of weight.

This same combination can be used to give you the best health you’ll ever experience.

Be Clear About What You Want

The very first step towards attracting good health is to be clear about exactly what you want. If your goal is to manifest good health, you can take it a step further by specifying which aspect of your health you want to improve.

Another thing is to be clear on why you want to become healthier. Is it because you want to have more energy? Or is it because you want to be free from pain?

You need to be clear about your reasons as this will make the manifestations that you want more likely to happen. It’ll also speed up the process by quite a fair bit.

Take some to think and really get clear about your health goals.

Once you’ve done that, the next thing to do is to phrase your goals in a positive manner.

So let’s say that your goal is to stop being tired all the time. Instead of saying “I wish to stop feeling so tired”. You should say something like “I am active, healthy, and manifesting boundless energy.”

You should always think and speak of your goal in a positive manner.

This makes all the difference and literally determines whether or not you successfully manifest the health that you want.

Remember, positive intentions lead to positive outcomes.

Take Care of Your Health and Wellness

It is important to take good care of your health and body even when you’re doing everything right with your thoughts and the law of attraction.

When you do things and perform actions that are in line with what you’re trying to manifest, you’ll greatly increase your chances of manifesting it.

It’s all about vibrations. When your thoughts and actions align, you put out the vibrations that will attract what you want.

Another reason is that by neglecting your health with unhealthy habits, you will end up creating feelings of guilt in your subconscious that could cause negative manifestations.

Instead, do your best to take care of your health while simultaneously using the law of attraction as a health booster. The combination of both is almost guaranteed to put you in the healthiest state possible.

Don’t “Own” Your Disease

If you’re suffering from any illnesses or conditions, one thing that you can do that’s immensely helpful is to never refer to the illness as your illness.

When people talk about any illness they’re suffering from, they often talk about it in a way as if they own the illness.

For example, my cough, my fever, or my ocd, the list goes on.

You should never refer to any illnesses this way and never take ownership over an illness. This is to prevent sending the wrong messages to your subconscious

This is an extremely simple step to take but don’t underestimate it. If you cease from doing this, you’ll find that any illnesses you have will have less hold over you and your health will start improving.

Of course, this alone won’t be enough to manifest good health, but it’ll certainly aid in it.

Use Affirmations For Health

Affirmations are one of the most effective law of attraction techniques and for good reason. When used consistently and efficiently, they can quickly create some extremely powerful results, which of course applies to manifesting good health as well.

The key to making affirmations work well is to use properly structured affirmations and using just the right amount of them.

The other thing is to use them consistently. Affirmations lose a lot of their efficacy when you skip even just one day of using them.

Unlike stuff like subliminals, affirmations can’t bypass the conscious mind and therefore require consistent repetition for them to stick. This is even more so during the early stages of using them.

As you go along, say after a few weeks, you only need to repeat them once a day. At that point, you should be seeing real tangible results as well.

Over time with consistent usage, they can lead to profound changes in the vibrations you send out to the universe which will forever alter what you manifest into your life.

Here are some excellent affirmations that you can use for the purpose of manifesting excellent health.

– My health is getting better every day

– I love my body. I send pure love to my body. Every day my body is getting healthier.

– I am growing more vibrant as each day passes.

– The vibrations of health and wellness engulf every inch of my body.

– I take care of my body the best I can.

-Joy and health follow me always. Wherever I go.

Visualizing A Healthy Body

Visualization is one of the best ways to attract good health.

Remember what I said above about the mind’s influence over the body?

When it comes to visualizing good health, there’s no need for fancy visualizations or going into too much detail.

One method of visualization that has worked wonders for me in the past is to simply visualize yourself being healthy, running around, and smiling vibrantly.

Visualize it every day and with as much emotional intensity as you can muster.

This visualization may sound simple, but as with the affirmations above, with consistency and diligence, the results they produce can be life-changing.

A lot of people may find it hard to fathom but with the law of attraction, the simplest techniques are often the most effective.


These are some of the basic principles and techniques for manifesting good health through the powers of the law of attraction and your own mind.

They may seem simple but don’t be mistaken, if you follow them diligently, you’ll be surprised at how much your health can improve in just a few days to a few weeks.

Do the things above and pay attention to your body and watch for signs of positive changes.

Remember to do your best to take care of your body as well by eating right, exercising, and all that stuff. Think of it as inspired action. It’ll really help speed up the rate at which you manifest.


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