How To Use The Law of Assumption In 4 Steps

Do you know about the Law of Assumption? It’s an immensely powerful law that when mastered will give you the means to easily manifest pretty much anything that you want.

The law of assumption was first introduced by prominent law of attraction thinker, Neville Goddard.

The main premise behind the law of assumption is simple, by assuming that all your wishes and desires are already fulfilled in the present moment, you’ll make it happen in real life.

It can sound unbelievable and indeed downright absurd. However, it’s real and I’ve personally manifested a great deal just through assumption alone.

It’s all about the intensity and consistency of your assumptions. If you assume for just a short while of time, then of course nothing much is going to come out of it.

But what if you consistently maintain a state of consciousness where you assume that your desires are already fulfilled over a longer period of time.

The universe will have no choice but to bend reality to your will.

In this post, I’m going to be showing what you need to do to start using the law of assumption to manifest what you want.

What is the Law of Assumption?

According to the Law of Assumption, whatever you assume to be real will eventually become your reality.

It’s like the law of attraction, but with the law of assumption the focus is mainly on assumption, faith, and belief.

Whereas with the law of attraction, it’s more general and covers every aspect of manifestation.

The secret behind making the law of assumption work is to believe wholeheartedly that what you want is already yours, even if the circumstances around you shows otherwise.

The state of your consciousness determines everything.

Your most dominant thoughts, emotions and beliefs that make up your consciousness will always end up overriding the external circumstances that you’re surrounded by.

If your consciousness is made up of thoughts and beliefs and an assumption that you already have what you want, then manifesting your desires is only a matter of time.

I’ll show you how to use the law of assumption in 5 easy to follow steps. Follow these steps to the best of your abilities and you’ll be able to witness the power of the law of assumption.

Step 1: Figure Out What You Want And Set a Goal

Before you can start using the law of assumption to attract anything, you must figure out exactly what you want.

When doing this, do your best to eliminate all traces of ambiguity.

You’ll want to be as clear and definite as possible when it comes to what you want to manifest.

Don’t be afraid to set manifestation goals that are a little more ambitious and to go after exactly what you want.

Do you want to manifest a specific person? Or a specific amount of money? Or perhaps a dream holiday.

With the law of assumption all of it possible. Let your imagination run wild and go after your deepest desires.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll have an easier time with goals that you personally find achievable.

With enough faith, you can manifest anything. There are no limits to the power of the universe.

However, you’re still limited by your ability to really believe and assume.

Therefore, I suggest that in order to first strengthen your levels of faith and believe, start with simpler, more humble manifestation goals.

Once you’ve personally experienced the law of assumption in action, you can move on to what you truly want.

As with the law of attraction, it’s better to place your focus on one goal at a time. Only when you’re more experienced with manifestation, should you attempt to manifest multiple things at once.

Once you’ve figured your true desire, write it down somewhere so that you’ll remember it.

Step 2: The Three Mental Aspects

The Law of Assumption works off three main states of mind. Positivity, Faith, and Persistence.

Just like with the law of attraction, you’ll want to do your best to maintain a positive mindset and avoid negative thoughts and emotions.

Having faith, believing, and knowing that you’ll get what you want is also very important for the law of assumption to work.

This is where having previous manifestation experience helps a lot. If you’ve ever successfully manifested anything before, then you’ll have an easier time believing and assuming.

The last factor is persistence. As with all manifestation methods, you’ll need to have a fair bit of persistence if you want the law of assumption to work for you.

This means that if you encounter any setbacks (Which you inevitably will at some point), fight the urge to give up.

No doubt that there will be moments where it can feel like nothing is working and none of this is real.

It is during these times that you need to remind yourself that the universe is simply arranging the circumstances of your life to allow your wishes to come true.

And this process can sometimes feel like things are getting worse.

That’s why perseverance is important. For the law of assumption to work, you need to persevere and remain detached through such moments.

Step 3: Feeling and Imagining

Imagination is used in all styles of manifestation, however, with the law of assumption, you should place greater emphasis on feelings.

So, what you want to do is imagine your wishes/goals coming true. Go into detail with this and imagine everything, from your surroundings, your appearance, the people around and so on.

But most importantly, imagine how you’d feel when you get what you want.

Feel the satisfaction, the happiness, and the anticipation of having your wishes come true. Feel the absolute joy knowing that you can create the exact reality that you want.

Know that the law of assumption is beyond the constrains of time and space and at this very moment, you already have what you want.  

You can do perform this imagination exercise once a day or once every other day.

The effects compound with each time you do it and the more intensely you can feel those feelings, the quicker you will manifest what you want.

Step 4: Assume and Act As IF

Once you’ve done all the previous steps, assume that you already have what you want and simply move on with your life.

Do your best to act as if you already have what you want to manifest and let go.

Don’t think about what you’re trying to manifest more than necessary.

Everyday, set aside some time to imagine and feel and once you’ve done that, let go and detach.

There’s no need to be constantly in a state of assumption 24/7. So long as you do the imagination exercise consistently, that’s enough.

This means you shouldn’t force assumption, like say when you’re having a conversation with someone and the topic comes up, there’s no need to lie or pretend.

Whenever you find yourself unable to enter a state of assumption, simply accept it, move on and try again later.

With manifestation, there’s never a need to be perfect.


Follow these steps to the best of your abilities and soon you’ll start to instinctively understand how to use the law of assumption to manifest anything you want.

Persevere when things look bleak and have faith, know that you deserve to live the life and have the things that you want.

And with that, assume to your hearts content, assume that whatever you ask the universe for is already yours.

When you can overcome all mental limitations and doubt, that assumption will have no choice but to become your reality and you will see firsthand how real the law of assumption and the law of attraction is.


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