Subliminal Club Review

If you’re looking for the best subliminals, you can’t go wrong with the ground breaking subliminals found at Subliminal Club.

Some time back in 2019, while browsing the net I came across this company called subliminal club. The tracks on their website were like nothing I’ve ever seen, claiming to have features that I’ve never heard of in a subliminal before. Needless to say, I was intrigued and decided to give them a shot. Little did I know that I would be finding the subliminals that will forever change my life.

Unlike the majority of other Subliminalsfound online, these subliminals have the ability to bring about actual tangible results that can be clearly observed by the changes that they will bring into your life.

As you continue to use them, you’ll find massive improvements in many aspects of your personality, habits, thought patterns, emotions as well the as the general circumstances of your life.

These are the subliminals that I’ve personally used to great effect in improving my own life and achieving many of my goals. They’ve allowed me to overcome many issues that I struggled with previously.

So without further ado, let’s get to reviewing these subliminals.

Subliminal Club Review: Why are these the best subliminals

Now I don’t call these the best subliminals for nothing. There are literally thousands of subliminals out there and many of them are pretty decent, but out of them all, these are the absolute best. Here’s why.

For years, I have been trying every subliminals from every single subliminal company and makers out there, both free and paid. While I managed to get results from using some of them, were mostly negligible, failing to even achieve half of the results that they promised. For a short while, I even swore off subliminals as nonsense that doesn’t work.

Proper Scripting

As you probably already know, subliminals work by repeating various affirmations and statements at the subconscious level to induce changes.

These affirmations can’t be taken lightly, they alone determine the effectiveness of any subliminal. If the messages within a subliminal is scripted poorly, they will not only fail to bring about any positive change but can actually be harmful to the psyche.

All of the subs I’ve tried suffered from the same fundamental flaw, they don’t take into account the stubbornness and defense mechanisms of the subconscious mind. By it’s nature, the subconscious is pretty resistant to change prefers consistency in your personality and life over anything else.

Without a solid understanding of how the subconscious mind works, subliminal creators won’t know how to properly write messages that twill penetrate the subconscious mind’s defenses leading the messages to be mostly ignored.

Subliminal Club’s Mp3s tackles this problem amazingly

Every single one of the tracks at subliminal club have been meticulously tailored to work in harmony with the subconscious mind as much possible. This is especially evident in the scripting that they use.

Special attention is placed to ensure that the affirmations used are neither too forceful nor soft allowing the subconscious to gradually accept them without much resistance.

Ascensded Mogul – the first subliminal I used for them

The first subliminal that I used for them was the Ascended Mogul subliminal. To put it simply, the goal for this track was mainly to become more confident, and become more successful in your career and finances. There were other effects of course but these were the 2 main ones.

This was a track that among other things claimed to be able to get you to become much more confident, outgoing, better with women and better with your work and finances. Skeptical as I was, I decided to purchase it and listen to it as consistently as I can.

So here’s what happened

For the first few weeks, I wasn’t able to feel any noticeable differences in my mind nor was I able to see any changes in the circumstances of my life.

Fast forward to about a month later and I still wasn’t able to notice any differences, or so I thought. I started looking back and instead of focusing on the big goals that I had when using the subliminal, I started looking around for minor changes.

Here’s what I found

Started saving money

I started saving money in small unobvious ways. Before this I had a very bad habit of going to the bar twice a week to drink, inevitably I would spend a few hundred dollars while I was at the bar. After a month of listening, I found that I didn’t have as much of an urge to go anymore.

In the entire month I only went to the bar 3 times in the entire month, which is much less than the few times a week affair I had before.

Started Investing

In that month, I went to the bank to create a fixed deposit investment account. Throughout the entire month, every week I would take out a few hundred dollars from my earnings and put it into my fixed deposit account. I did this without even noticing, it just seemed so natural at the time.

Social skills significantly improved

While I always had sufficient social skills that were able to get me through life without much trouble. After a month of listening to the sub, they literally skyrocketed.

I used to be shy around certain people, particularly people whom I liked or people who were higher in authority and standing then me.

After listening, I found this shyness to be all but gone. I no longer felt the tightness in my chest or fidgety hands that comes with this shyness. They lessened gradually every week and eventually just ceased to be there all together.

In my opinion, this is one of the things that impressed me the most with these subliminals. When it to certain emotions such as nervousness which are accompanied by various physiological symptoms like sweating hands and a heart, you can’t just turn it off or cure it through willpower alone.

I’m not entirely sure how subliminals manage to get rid of this shyness I felt, but it seemed to be able to cure it at the root level.

These all happened only after a month of listening to the sub

Even only after a month of listening, I was able to get these results. The beautiful thing about these sublminals is that although they are able to produce some extremely powerful results,

Subtle but extremely powerful

Now you may be asking how could I have missed something so obvious. This illustrates extremely clearly the subtle way in which subliminals work. They work directly on the subconscious mind and by doing so, are able to create the desires and intentions to achieve certain things.

Now one could argue that I would have done these things anyway even without listening to the sub. At the time however, I was still very much at the beginning of my journey to better myself and was pretty much still a mess.

I procrastinated a lot even for the smallest things and generally had an extremely low motivation to get anything.

The thing was, the very moment I started using the sub, changes were already taking place.


Unlike other premium subliminal providers who often charge exorbitant prices for their tracks, the subliminals from Subliminal Club are priced fairly reasonably.

Many of their best tracks are priced around $14.99-39.99, They have some more expensive multistage subliminals priced around $100 but these are multistage tracks meaning that they contain multiple tracks in the package, so if you think about it, it’s still pretty decent.

Huge Selection covering all sorts of topics.

Another thing that I really like about the guys at Subliminal Club is that their subs cover a very wide extensive range of topics. You can find subliminals that are suitable for both men and women.

Their subs cover a very wide range of topics.

New updates are constantly being added in, even with their oldest files. Allowing them to be ever relevant and effective. I believe their subliminals are created with some of the best technology and equipment out there.

Whether it’s fitness, increasing your intelligence, becoming more confident, succeeding in your romantic life all of it has.

Comes in masked and ultrasonic fomats

Subliminal club’s tracks comes in both masked and ultrasonic formats. Masked format refers to tracks where the subliminal messages are masked behind various ambient sounds such as the sound of a flowing river. Ultrasonic tracks on the other hand utilize of, while these ultrasonic tones are picked up by the subconscious mind, they will sound near-silent to the conscious mind and ear.

This is extremely refreshing, too often you see subliminal creators putting their tracks into various musical tracks which many people, including myself, can find irritating.

This simple difference makes listening to the tracks far less tedious. And as a result, you’ll be far more likely to use them consistently, which is extremely important when using them.

You can listen to subliminals covering completely different issues at the SAME time

In the subliminal world, this is quite a big deal. Usually in order to get the fastest results possible, one would have to stick with a certain subliminal for quite some time. Listening to other subliminals that cover other unrelated topics may pose a risk in diluting its effectiveness.

The subliminals from Subliminal Club are designed from the ground up to work perfectly in sync with each other.

Special care is taken to ensure that none of their subliminals will interfere with one another.

You must understand subliminals aren’t magic, but they work on what matters most in your life. Your mind.

Usage of scripting slowly but profoundly changes your inner most thoughts

30 Day Refund Policy

If you’re on the fence of about buying these subliminals for whatever reason, you’ll be able to take advantage of the 30 day refund policy offered by subliminal club. If for whatever reason you didn’t get any results from using their subs, simply email them and they will refund your purchase without any questions asked.

They have quite a wide selection of subliminals available on their site, many of which cover the same goals and topics, differing only in depth of focus and approach. So you’ll be able to see which one works for you the most effectively.

Everybody’s different, with different sets of beliefs and backgrounds. Naturally, some subliminals would work better for some people and others not as much.

That being said, I assure you that even though you may not feel anything, you’re bound to at least see some results after using the subliminal even for 2 weeks.

How to get most out of these subs

I’ve extensively covered the way in which you can get the most out of the subliminals in this article here. So you can check that out if you’re looking to maximize your results.

Aside from that I can sure you that as long as you use this product diligently, you’re bound to experience at the very least some good results.

A solid community

Subliminal Club has it’s own discussion forum that is relatively active with new posts and topics being posted every few days. In my opinion, this can be extremely helpful for a variety of reasons.

Having an active community allows you to share your experiences with others as well as gain insights into the results that other people are getting with these subs.

The creators and more senior users on the forum are generally friendly and very helpful and are more than willing to answer any questions that you may have about the subliminals.


With enormous amount of care and attention paid to the creation of these subliminals plus the top level support offered. I firmly believe that these are the absolute best subliminals out there. And even if they fall short of that title, they are still definitely worth a shot.

With the 30 day guarantee offered, there’s no risk. So try them out for yourself and see what happens, high chances that you’ll be very impressed by the results.

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