How To Manifest Your Soulmate – 9 Key Secrets To Make It Happen

Imagine a lover who ignites a fiery passion in you, someone who’ll not only share your greatest highs but also be there for you in your darkest moments. Someone who’ll not only bring out the very best in you but spark the greatest growth in your life.

To have such a lover is to have a relationship with your soulmate, a relationship that transcends the physical and is in essence the union of two souls.

A connection that is so deep that it’ll feel as if you’ve known each other through many lifetimes.

I’ve been together with my soulmate for many years now and while there are up and downs like every relationship, it has been a wondrous journey and experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

The way I met her is nothing short of magical, she literally walked into my life in the most unlikely of times and the best part is, I consciously used the law of attraction to manifest her into my life.

With the right techniques and approach, you too can start living your life with true romantic satisfaction together with your soulmate.

Everyone is born with a soulmate out there for them and attracting them into your life is simply about being in the right state of mind and sending out the vibrations to allow it to happen.

If you too would like to quickly manifest your soulmate and enjoy one of the most blissful relationships in your life, then read on.

Even if you haven’t had much luck in romance in the past or you somehow keep on attracting the wrong kind of people, don’t worry,

Closely follow the guidelines that I lay out here and you too can manifest your soulmate.

1. Love Yourself

The relationship you’ll have with your soul mate is among the highest forms of relationship that exist in this universe.

Your soulmate is a mirror to yourself, they are intrinsically linked to you at the deepest level, the spiritual level.

They will be the person that will simultaneously complement, challenge, and mirror you in every way.

From the explosive chemistry, sense of humor, deep intimacy, and unshakable bond that you both will share down to the tiniest detail such as your music preference…

Everything about your relationship with yourself will be reflected in your relationship with your soulmate.

This means that you need to love yourself first before you can meet them.

Take Care of Yourself

What I really mean by self-love is not inflating your ego or being selfish but to simply is to do your very to take good care of yourself.

To the universe, that’s all that matters, that’s how it’ll determine whether you’re ready to meet your soulmate.

Seek out actions that improve your life and happiness and avoid those that harm you. Express yourself freely and muster the courage to go after what you want in life.

Think kind thoughts about yourself and forgive yourself easily. Prioritize your own well-being and stand up for yourself when others are unfair to you.

Doing just these things sends out extremely strong signals that you’re ready to meet your soulmate which greatly speeds up the entire process.

2. Accepting Your Current Circumstances

Acceptance is the beginning of life’s greatest changes and events, which of course includes meeting your soulmate.

If you currently have anything regarding your life or relationships that you’re unhappy about, it is important that you accept them and make peace with them.

Whether it’s unhappiness about being single or bad relationship experiences in the past, you have to accept them for what they are.

Now don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying you have to force yourself to be happy about the things in your life that you’re not happy about.

But you have to accept that it is what it is and stop mentally resisting it or wishing things were different.

It is only when mental resistance ends that abundance, love, and joy can flow freely into your life from the universe.

The moment you learn to fully accept yourself and your current life without judgment is the moment your soulmate starts walking into your life.

3. Declare Your Wish To The Universe

Here’s a powerful yet deceptively simple technique that will greatly hasten the arrival of your soulmate.

In fact, for meeting your soulmate, this technique works even better than other popular techniques such as visualization.

It’s really simple, all you have to do is verbally declare your wish of manifesting your soulmate to yourself and the universe.

Find a suitable time and place to do this. You only need to do this once, but you must do it with all the sincerity and earnestness that you can muster.

It’s like reciting an affirmation except that there’s only one affirmation.

Here’s the line that I use that has worked excellently for me and the people that I’ve shared it with..

I am ready and open to meeting and sharing a beautiful relationship with my soulmate, the one whom my fate is tied to. He or she is…. (Describe how you want them to be). They come to me in the most suitable time and place for both of us in the most miraculous of ways.

You don’t have to use the exact line above, anything similar will work. The most important thing is that it has to be said with absolute sincerity and conviction.

You only need to do this once but you can do it again whenever you find yourself feeling doubtful and in need of reassurance.

4. Keep Your Attention on the present

One of the best things that you can do to help the universe bring you what you want is to keep your mind focused on the present and what’s going on around you right now.

Holding on to the past and thinking too often about past relationships and experiences will block the manifestation of new relationships into your life, including that with your soulmate.

Therefore, as much as possible, try your best to avoid thinking about the past.

You’ll also want to avoid thinking too much about it, as doing so, creates unnecessary tension and anxiety.

Once you’ve stated your wish to the universe, all you have to do is sit back and live the best life that you can.

There’s no need to wonder about when your soulmate will come or where/how you’ll meet them. In fact, the less you think about it, the better.

Have faith that the universe will arrange everything for you and simply let go.

5. Practicing Patience

A relationship with a soulmate is not just any relationship, but one where you’ll enjoy a complete union with your partner on every level of your being. Including, the physical, mental, and spiritual level.

It is truly a remarkable relationship like no other and as one would guess, manifesting such a thing can take a fair bit of time.

Remember, your soulmate is another person with a life of their own, so the time needs to be right for them as well.

Don’t make the mistake of putting everything on hold and waiting for your soulmate to arrive. Go about your life as usual and enjoy the things that come forward.

The old adage, “it comes when you’re not looking” applies greatly in this instance.

It might be tomorrow, or it might be next month, but know this, as long as you follow the guidelines here, it’ll never take longer than you’re able to wait.

6. Take Care of Your Environment:

Your environment strongly affects your mental state and by extension, what you attract into your life.

This influence from your environment happens on the subconscious level, and you may not be even aware of it. Yet its influence can be extremely powerful with effects on your mind that compound with time.

With manifesting your soulmate, the place, and environment that matter the most is your bedroom. The bedroom is where you recharge and relax after a long hard day.

When you sleep at night, you’ll naturally absorb the energies and vibrational frequency that your bedroom invokes.

Decorate your bedroom with items and images that bring vibes of romantic love and relaxation. Fill it with warm colors, images depicting happy relationships, and so on.

Avoid pictures and decorations that are depressing or dark.

Clean up any clutter and mess as well, as their presence can invite chaos into your life.

Also, if possible, try to avoid anything work-related in your bedroom. If this is unavoidable, use a partition to block it out.

There’s actually an entire field called geomancy that studies how your environment affects what you attract in life, but for attracting your soulmate you only need to follow what I’ve said above.

7. Scripting

The main law of attraction technique that I’ve used to attract my soulmate is called scripting.

This technique is really simple, all you have to do is specify a time frame in which you want something to happen and write about it.

You then take this script, visualize what you’re written down, and trust with full faith that it will happen.

Now when it comes to scripting for your soulmate, don’t worry about how you’ll actually meet them, pay more attention to what you’ll want them to be like.

Scripting is especially useful if you wish to attract your soulmate quickly as you’ll get to specify the time frame in which it happens.

Of course, there are things you have to keep in mind if you want to make this technique work, I’ve written a full detailed guide here which you can check out.

8. Realize that you have a soulmate

Some of you have doubts as to whether you even have a soulmate.

Understand that everyone in this world has a soulmate out there for them. And the very moment you set your intention on manifesting this relationship, the universe will start working towards bringing you and your soulmate together.

With that, find even greater faith and reassurance that your union with them will happen. It’s only a matter of time.

If you’re currently not with them, it simply means that you haven’t met them yet.

9. Be Grateful for the relationships you already have

I know, you’re probably tired of every law of attraction article out there telling you to be grateful. However, gratitude is emphasized by everyone for good reason.

It is an immensely powerful emotion that attracts nothing but good into your life and lessens the effect of every negative emotion.

For manifesting any good relationships including that with your soulmate, all you have to do is consciously give thanks for the good relationships that you already have in your life.

You only need to do this from time to time. But every once in a while, take a moment to appreciate the great relationships that you already have in your life, such as those with your friends and family.

When you do this, you send out vibrations to the universe that invite happy relationships into your life which greatly helps in attracting your soulmate.

Summing It Up

Follow the pointers I’ve laid out above and you’ll be well on your way to meeting your soulmate. There’s of course more you can do to hasten the process, but these pointers will be good enough to put you on the right track.

When you finally meet your soulmate, it’ll be like no relationship that you’ve ever experienced before, and you’ll know one of life’s greatest joy.

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