BizVideo Review: Double your video traffic and profits

Hey guys, in this Bizvideo Review, I’m going to be reviewing one of the most unique Video Marketing software ever created.

Video Marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing out there. Through the use of videos alone, people have started full fledge businesses, gotten famous, and even became millionaires.

Search YouTube for anything, in any topic or niche, and you’ll see many individuals using videos to gain massive traffic and exposure.

In fact, one could argue that it’s the most powerful form of traffic out there, even more than SEO traffic.

The marketing potential of videos are endless, its ability to drive massive leads, sales, and conversions is almost unrivaled.

With that being said, getting viewers to view your video in the first place can be a very difficult process.

Especially if your business, website, or whatever you’re trying to promote is new and doesn’t possess any notable online presence.

Without any proper plan or strategy to get your video out there, it can be very hard to get that first initial wave of exposure. And with no viewers, what can your video do?

This is where BizVideo comes in.

Normal video marketing strategies involve a mix of paid ads, outreach and SEO to get traffic and exposure. Now while all these strategies do work, they often involve huge amounts of time and money to carry out.

Truth is, there are many other avenues where you can promote your video while saving time and limiting your costs. Unfortunately, only experts know these video marketing loopholes.

With BizVideo however, it’ll save you the trouble and seek out these avenues for you. Everything is optimized in order to help you gain as much leads, exposure and profits possible.

What is BizVideo?

BizVideo is a complete video marketing suite that comes with features never seen before in a video marketing software.

Now there are other software out there for creating videos, optimizing them, and all that stuff.

But that’s not what BizVideo is for. Oh no no, BizVideo is created for a completely different purpose, namely to get massive traffic and engagement to your videos.

It will completely revamp the entire process of advertising and marketing your videos. Which in turn will boost your leads, sales, and profits like nothing else.

No matter how well made a video is, if no one is watching it, it won’t be able to accomplish anything.

BizVideo’s specialty lies in getting your videos high amounts of viewers and traffic from the freshest most untapped sources, each of its campaigns attempts to generate traffic from multiple angles.

Aside from that, this program offers unparalleled flexibility when it comes to editing your videos. Allowing you to edit your videos or update them with new information even months after posting them.


Every Social Media Platform targeted at the same time

Most video marketing campaigns only focus on one social media platform at a time, usually Facebook or Instagram.

With Bizvideo, you will be able to promote your videos on all the social media and video hosting platforms, including Twitter, Linked In, TikTok, Snapchat, and many smaller video sites.

Physical Integration

Imagine being able to promote your videos in the physical world without having to tell people to visit your website or pages.

BizVideo allows you to integrate QR codes with your videos, so just by showing your QR code to people, you’ll be able to get them to watch your video.

This opens up many marketing options, including putting the codes on pamphlets, T-Shirts, Signboards, and the like.

This option is especially useful if you’re using video marketing to promote a physical business such as a café or store.

Editing your video even after posting

Ever wanted to edit a video after posting and launching it in a campaign? With BizVideo it’s entirely possible.

As time goes along, things change. Such is the nature of life and business. Inevitably there will come a point where some factor in a video causes it to be outdated, and when that happens, video creators are usually unable to do anything about it.

With this program, you can update your video long after you post them. Whether it’s changing the dates, address or any other information found within your video, you’ll be able to change it.

Opt-In Form inside video

This is an amazing feature that allows you to forgo the process of redirecting your viewers to a landing page in order to turn them into leads.

You’ll be able to get the contact information of your viewers right on the video itself through using the campaigns built in opt in form.

Viewers that turn into leads that turn into profits.

Now, this is the juicy part. Due to the way that the campaigns are set up in BizVideo, there is a significantly higher chance for your viewers to turn into prospective leads and profits.

The longer you wait to interact with a lead, the less likely they are to convert. That’s why it is imperative that you take advantage of a lead while it’s warm. Through the module described above you can do so effortlessly.


BizVideo comes in 3 different packages.

You can subscribe to it for 1 month at a time or 3 months at a time. Compared to the 1 month package, the 3 months package offers some additional features such as a funnel creator

Who should use it?

BizVideo is ideal for business owners whether of an online or offline business. It is a program created with lead generation and profit maximization in mind.

That being said, musicians, artists, entertainers will also be able to utilize the powerful features of this software to gain massive exposure and traffic.


This is a very good way to get into video marketing. If you start marketing your videos through BizVideo campaigns, you will stand a far higher chance of succeeding and increasing your exposure and profits.

Whether you run an online business or an offline one, the features included in this program will you to tailor-made your videos and strategies according to your greatest needs and goals.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy my BizVideo review.

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