Law of Attraction: You Attract What You Are

The majority of all our present and past circumstances are the results of what we have thought. Over time, our dominant thoughts will form our mindsets and beliefs. You attract what you are.

The emotions that you experience on a day to day basis, your deepest fears, the way in which you react to things, all these elements that make up you who you are today ultimately stem from one thing alone, your thoughts.

Your thoughts lead to actions which will lead to your destiny

Who you are is the sum of all your thoughts, which will affect every single action that you’ll ever take and every decision that you’ll ever make.

This all happens subconsciously, without our awareness. Have you ever wondered why you like a certain genre of music or a certain type of food?

Chances are that you never logically decided to like them but simply did so. These preferences all emerge from the various thoughts that you’ve had throughout your life.

You are always attracting whatever vibes you put out even down to your choice of actions in life.

If you want to start massively improving your life and to attract wonders, start by going to the ultimate source, your mind.

You inner world dictates your actions which in turn determines what you attract.


The Law of Attraction: You are what you think

On a deeper level, your thoughts create ripples on the atomic levels of reality which will subsequently manifest on the physical realm.

From the quality of your relationships to the level of success you have in your career, all of what you attract depends on the vibrational state that your mind vibrates at.

Quantum physicist have found signs of this happening in real time. In a recent study, it was found that the molecular structure of an object literally changes when a person is looking at it. The change in structure was even more apparent when the person has different thoughts about the object!

In every moment, every second of the day, the universe picks up on your thoughts and manifest them into your life.

Your mind is a magnet

Think of your mind as a magnet of sorts, it attracts whatever your state of mental vibration is. This phenomenon is constantly in action every minute and second of the day. Be they negative or positive, not a moment goes by where you aren’t attracting anything into your life.

Now before you get paranoid about staying positive all the time, let me tell you not to worry about it. It is normal to slip from time to time.

The occasional stray negative thought is harmless if you know how to deal with it. Anytime you catch yourself being in a negative state of mind simply acknowledge the negative thought and let it go. That’s it, this simple technique of awareness will be able to neutralize most of any negative effects brought about by stray bad thoughts.

Happiness and Joy or Pain and loneliness. What you attract depends on what you think daily. It all depends on your habits.

How then can we start to control our minds?

Throughout history, the ability to control one’s own mind is something that has been valued by many different cultures and religions in the world.

There’s a reason for this, the ancients understood that when the mind is brought under control, it can become your greatest ally. Your thoughts become miraculous tools by which you can attract the greatest of your dreams into reality.

The mind when undisciplined on the other hand, can turn into a person’s greatest tormentor.

Symptoms of an undisciplined mind include being unable to stay focused on what you want to attract. You may even have intrusive negative thoughts, like a relentless voice in your head, repeating the worst things to us throughout our waking moments like a broken monologue.

Thankfully the mind and its thoughts can be trained to be positive and wholesome. By developing the right mental habits with the correct techniques, it is a simple and straight forward process.

1. Remember to focus on the right things

The very first step in developing a disciplined, positive mind is to start paying attention to what you focus on in your daily life.

What you focus on will inevitably become what you’ll think of the most which will end up becoming what you’re going to attract the most.

For example, if you constantly focus on financial problems, you’ll simply magnify and attract more of them. Focus instead on what you want to achieve.

In this example, you should focus on being financial abundance, on attracting more opportunities to make money.  Think daily on how good it would be to have enough money. Meditate on the feeling of having all the material possessions that you want.

This is true in any areas of your life, say if you’re unhappily single and spend your time dwelling on it, it will be very hard to attract any love into your life.

Focus on the good stuff that you want to achieve.

Start in your daily life. Watch your thoughts.

Start slowly by paying attention to your thoughts and the way you react to things on a day to day basis. Start by being a little more present in your daily life.

Changing your inner state won’t be done overnight, it is a gradual process. Whether you focus on the positive or negative things is largely a matter of habit.

Habits take time to form as well as change, so in the beginning you’ll have to make a conscious effort to focus on the positive in every situation.

Be aware and pay attention to the thoughts that you have every single day. How do you mentally react when something bad happens? Pay attention to it. If your mental reaction is negative, you can change it through sheer willpower. No matter how hard, try your best to find something positive in any situation.

This may feel unnatural at first, especially during the first few days. But give it time and persist.

Once the habit of focusing on the positive is formed, you will be able to have positive thoughts consistently and pretty effortlessly. After a few months, you’ll experience of a complete shift in your inner state and will start to see massive changes take place in your life.

Watch what you say

“Speech has power. Words do not fade. What starts out as a sound, ends in a deed.” ~Abraham Joshua Herschel

Words are things or more appropriately, words are thoughts expressed through the voice. Therefore, you must watch what you say vigilantly, for not only do they affect the way you think, they have the power to attract in themselves.

The most important things you can do when it comes to words is to avoid complaining about your problems. Unless necessary (Like when you’re trying to explain them to someone who could solve them), do not speak about them at all.

Now that being said, there’s no need to go overboard and pretend or say anything that is untrue. If you’re single now there’s no need to tell anyone that you’re happily in love.

Instead you can do something like talking about the solutions at hand and the ways in which you can overcome them. Talk about how much more hopeful and positive you’re becoming. Talk about how things are getting better for you.

You can take it a step further. Write down your goals and read them out loud daily. This is a simple but powerful technique, especially for those who struggle with intrusive thoughts.

What you think and what you say will ultimately become your destiny.


One step deeper than thought: Feelings.

An extremely powerful way to get yourself into the most abundant and positive state of mind possible is by controlling your feelings.

Feelings are basically condensed thoughts, they are the subconscious mind’s primary way of communicating with you. If you feel good about something, you will think good thoughts about it.

How do you control your feelings? Imagination

Neville Goddard, one of the greatest authors and teachers of the Law of Attraction, was a huge proponent of imagination. According to him, anything can be successfully manifested through imagination alone. By imagining the outcomes that you want, you will immediately start to feel better.

A simple way to apply the power of imagination is by using this exercise here.

Every night before you go to sleep. Start imagining yourself having the thing that you are trying to attract.

Meditate on how good it would feel to have it. Focus on the emotions, the sense of accomplishment you’d feel, the immense satisfaction. Imagine how the people around would react and how that would make you feel.

Pretend for a moment that the things in your imagination is real and take a moment to bask in the good feelings you feel. Do this every night or anytime you need to feel some inspiration.

The act of feeling good alone has the power to radically change what you attract into your life. Do this constantly and even if you change nothing else, you will generate some very positive feelings which will significantly improve the quality of what you attract into your life.

Remember your ability to imagine as a kid? Cultivate that ability today but now honed in with laser focus on your goals.

2. Identify your greatest fears and work towards overcoming them

Fear is an important emotion that everyone possesses on some level. Without a healthy level of fear, we wouldn’t even look before crossing the street.

However, when this emotion gets out of hand, it can bring about many unwanted side effects. Excessive fear is an insidious emotion that will rob even the greatest minds of its ability to progress and achieve.

The greatest danger of excessive fear is that impedes a person’s ability to move forward and attract anything worthwhile.

When a person is fearful, their sole motivation in life will be the avoidance of the things they fear most. They will be unable to take risks and will only attract situations that will keep them stagnant.

Therefore, if excessive fear is something you struggle with, it is essential that you work towards overcoming it.

Find your greatest fear and do this

What are some of the things you fear the most that are holding you back in life? This can be from any area in your life which you wish to improve.

Perhaps you wish to find girlfriend but are too afraid to approach women or maybe you wish to go skydiving but are too afraid of heights. Identify these fears.

Now, list your fear downs and be honest with yourself. On this list, beside each fear that you’ve listed down, write down this statement “I am safe and well protected, every day I am guided by the universe to my greatest good, thank you”. Keep this paper close to you and read the statement once for each fear that you’ve listed down. Do it once a day.

Over time the effects will compound, and you will start to see your fears dissolve. When this happens, it will be reflected in your life by a large increase in opportunities and positive changes. Fear will no longer hold you back from having what you want. You will finally be able to attract progress.

Boundless opportunities arise when you overcome fear, when you develop courage.

3. Let go of the past 

Whether the past was positive or negative, it is always beneficial to let go it and focus instead on the present.

A person held back by their negative past will end up attracting more of the same types of negative experiences.

A person stuck in the good old days perpetually living in the happy past, will be unable to move on from past good experiences. As a result, unless they move on, they won’t be likely to ever live it again.

Like fear, preoccupation with the past will attract nothing but stagnation. In order to start attracting new energy into your life which will bring about the opportunities for positive change, it is essential that you are able to let go.

Resolve this by making a decision to be as present as possible. Whatever you do, give it your fullest attention.

Whenever you encounter a situation that leads you to think of a past experience, shift you focus instead to the present. Take notice of everything that is happening in the current moment, from what you feel with your hands to what you see with your eyes. Notice every single detail. This simple practice of awareness alone has the ability to end preoccupation with the past just like that.

Do it daily, even if you’re only able to stay present for 5 minutes a day at first. Over time you will get better.

Like with all the other mental practices, staying present is largely a matter of habit. The more that you’re able to be present, the less you’re likely to stay in the past which will always be beneficial to you.

4. Let go of the future too

When you start thinking too much about the future, you will tend to get unnecessarily anxious and overwhelmed.

You mind has the ability to deal with any challenges it faces today, no matter how big they may be. But it won’t be able to deal with the future, simply because the future doesn’t exist yet.  By focusing too much on the future, all you will do is create anxiety and unnecessary projections.

The resulting doubt and anxiety will greatly interfere with the workings of the universe in attracting good into your life.

I once struggled with thoughts of the future too

In the early stages of starting this website, I would often think about its future, wondering if I was able to turn it into something successful. As you probably guessed, this seriously impeded my ability to focus and actually build the website.

It was only until I decided to put away all my thoughts about the future and focus on the present was I able to build the site and achieve the success that I wanted.

Try to stay present in even the most mundane of tasks. Once you’re able to overcome the past/future. Change and new opportunities will come in abundance.

Visualize and imagine the future that you want

A good way to make letting go of the future easier is to declare your wishes to the universe the moment you get up in the morning. Now let go of those wishes, have complete faith that they already being accomplished and are well on their way. If you do this every morning, you’ll find it far easier to let go of the limiting nature of the past and the overwhelming uncertainty of the future.

Imagine and visualize the future to the best of your ability, make it a time when you’ll have all the things that you want to manifest. Realize that on some level it is already present on reality and simply a matter of time before it manifests on the physical plane.

This is the only time that you should think about the future. Now let go and go about your day with complete faith that your desires are being manifested.

The best way to go about life is to live it being as present as possible. This may sound cliché, but being as present as possible we allow the universe to do all its work undisturbed.

5. Use mind altering tools and exercises

There exist a vast amount of different mental exercises and tools that you can utilize out there to help develop your inner self to its ideal state.

This is especially so for individuals who have trouble in changing their minds on their own.

Tools such as subliminal mp3s, brainwave frequencies and hypnosis can do wonders in helping you achieve a positive mindset. If you have the discipline to use these tools consistently for a set period of time, you’ll be able to overcome even the most stubborn of bad mental habits and mindsets.

Many people I know personally who once big messes on the inside, were able to go on and change their lives by 360 degrees simply by using the right tools and exercises.

Using mind tools will turbocharge your progress in developing your mind to its highest state

6. Let go of all grievances and resentment.

A long time ago, I used to struggle a lot with envy and resentment that I feel towards people who have what I want but don’t have. I remember as a younger man in my early twenties, I was single and deeply unhappy about it. Every time I saw a couple walk by when I went out, I remember feeling very envious.

Needless to say, this behavior wasn’t just keeping me single but spoiling all the chances I have at ever finding love.

It wasn’t until I started giving up any resentment and wishing others well that I started to see massive improvements in my dating life.

This is only one example, but the point is that whenever you feel any forms of envy towards anyone, you will inevitably push the things that you’re envious of further away from yourself.

What you need to know is that there’s enough in the world for everyone. Never envy others but instead wish them well and know that those well wishes are actually directed to yourself.


Life gives you exactly what your mind puts out, you attract what your dominant thoughts, emotions and feelings are. In the end, no matter what happens, you attract what you are.

Put the habits and mindsets I’ve written above into practice and you will start to see big changes within your inner world. What will naturally follow is an incredible life that will be attracted by your subconscious mind effortlessly.

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