Video Flow Review: The Ultimate Vid Editing Solution

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As you probably already know, video marketing is one of the most powerful platforms for marketing nowadays.

With the rising popularity of YouTube and various video-sharing sites, businesses can quickly build up a strong online presence through video marketing alone.

In fact, there are even successful businesses that use videos as their sole marketing platform.   

I can’t emphasize enough how powerful video marketing can be when utilized properly.

Now, with all that being said, creating videos especially high-quality videos can be a complicated and extremely difficult process for the average person.

Most of the video editing software out there, like for example, Adobe After Effects, are designed for professional editors and people who are formally trained in video creation with no consideration for the average user at all.

If you’ve ever tried to do any video marketing, you’ll know how tedious the entire video creation/editing process can be, especially if you need to produce a large volume of videos.

It is no wonder then that many companies and business owners avoid video marketing altogether despite being aware of its tremendous potential.

Fortunately, there’s a video editing software designed specifically to tackle this problem.  

Introducing Video Flow

VideoFlow is unique in the sense that it is created with the amateur user in mind. Unlike other video editing software out there, it is created primarily for business owners and marketers.

With VideoFlow, video creation transforms from a tedious chore into a highly streamlined and straight forward process.

The need to figure out the technicalities of video editing is completely eliminated so that you can focus on what matters the most in your business, the marketing.  

Well then, without further ado, let’s find out together in this review whether this software really lives up to the hype.    

VideoFlow Review – Overview

Creator:                      Sam Bakker

Product:                     Video Flow

Launch Date:             10th December 2019

Launch Time:            11:00 Est

Official Page:   

Front End Price:        $99

Recommendation:    Highly Recommended

Refund Policy:           30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Niche:                         Video Marketing

Support:                     Excellent Support


What is it?

VideoFlow is a revolutionary video creation software created specifically for the creation of marketing and advertising videos.  

With VideoFlow you’ll be able to easily create incredibly detailed HI-RES videos that are filled with impressive effects such as detailed animations, animated logos, emojis, text, intros, and much more, all with just a few mouse clicks.

These effects are downright amazing and indistinguishable from those created by professional editors.

They help tremendously in increasing viewer engagement, doing an excellent job in grabbing the attention of viewers, which of course also translates into higher conversions and extra profits.

Upon opening VideoFlow, one thing that impressed me the most is how ergonomic and user friendly the interface is.

Importing, exporting, adding effects, all of it is amazingly simple to do.

Imagine the simplicity of Windows Movie Maker’s interface combined with the power of Sony Vegas Pro, that’s what VideoFlow is like.

As it is a web-based video editor, you won’t even have to install it on your computer to use it.

This means that you’re able to do your work from any device of your choice, making it ideal for editing on the go.  


VideoFlow comes fully packed with a ton of useful features. Whatever your video editing needs, you’ll be able to find a solution quickly and easily.   

Aside from that, it comes complete with in-depth tutorials and a strong support team, making it one of the easiest software out there to learn and use. 

[+] Simple and user-friendly interface.

With a very linear learning curve, you’ll be able to start creating professional-grade videos within minutes. The interface is extremely intuitive and easy to figure out.

[+] Fast rendering and processing speed.

Even videos with 4k resolution can be rendered quickly in as fast as a few minutes thanks to AI implementation. This makes it perfect for bulk video creation.

 [+] Add difficult effects with a few mouse clicks such as animated logos and emojis as well as stunning captions with the click of a few buttons.

The need to figure out how to add these effects into your videos is eliminated and you can simply add these effects through a few mouse clicks.

[+] Beautiful animated intros and outros

We’ve all seen videos with those fancy intros and perhaps even tried creating them ourselves. If so, you already know how daunting the creation process can be.

With VideoFlow you’ll be able to easily create beautiful customs intros by relying on their huge effects library which contains hundreds of different templates to choose from.

 [+] Pre-made templates

Made with video marketing as its core focus, in VideoFlow, you’ll find an abundance of templates to suit pretty much all your video marketing needs. There are templates for ads, social media stories, and much much more.

[+] Amazing video filters, effects, and transitions

These are extremely high quality and completely indistinguishable from effects that are edited in by professional editors.

I’ve tried adding similar effects into videos on my own without the help of VideoFlow, and let me tell you, it’s insanely difficult.

The amount of effort and time you can save by using these is just downright amazing.

[+] Access to hundreds of high-quality stock images and videos

These would cost hundreds of dollars if purchased elsewhere or downloaded from stock picture subscription sites.

[+] Screen Recording and Webcam Recording function

With this function, you no longer need to use separate screen recording software if you ever need to record anything off your screen.

[+] Multi-Resolution rendering. Up to 4k

You’ll be able to render videos with up to 4k resolution, not only that, they can be rendered very quickly, in as fast as a few minutes.

[+] Multiple User Sessions

If you run a few different businesses, you’ll enjoy being able to split your videos under different user sessions, which would allow you to transition between your projects with ease, maximizing your productivity and efficiency.

Who is it for?

Video Flow is designed from the ground up for business owners and internet marketers who want to scale up their profits by tapping into the immense power of video marketing.

Everything is made to be as accessible and easy to use as possible. This makes it stand out from other video software out there which are created mainly for designers and editors to use.

With Video Flow, you’ll be able to fully capitalize on social media and video platforms such as YouTube and Facebook by being able to easily produce beautiful professional-grade videos in record speeds.   

You will no longer need to waste precious time figuring out the technicalities of video creation.


VideoFlow is a fast, powerful, and amazing software that does what it promises to do flawlessly.

With all that it’s capable of, you’d be hard press to find a video that it isn’t capable of creating.  Saves me tons of money too as I no longer need to hire editors/artists to help me with my video production.

I’d even go as far as to say that this is the best video editing software that I’ve ever used.

Most other video editors are simply too technical and cumbersome for those of us who just want to make marketing videos and ads for our businesses.

With VideoFlow, not only will you be able to save huge amounts of time but you’ll also be able to save a ton of money on hiring freelancers while increasing your profits steadily.

In my opinion, $67 for such a product is a huge steal.

They also offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and offer a full refund in case you’re not satisfied for whatever reason, making it completely risk-free to try. Believe me though, that it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever ask for a refund.  

All in all, it’s an excellent solid product. 5/5 rating from me.

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