Profilemate Review & Bonus: Dominate Instagram Marketing NOW

Hey there, today in this Profilemate review, I’m going to be reviewing an Instagram software like no other. This is the Instagram software that will allow you to absolutely master Instagram Marketing.

Instagram Marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing in recent times. There are more than 7 million users on Instagram.

Just imagine if you can reach even a fraction of them, whether to sell them products or to advertise to them. The potential to do anything with Instagram is almost limitless.

The thing about using Instagram for marketing though, is that it’s often hit or miss. For the first timer or even for the seasoned social media marketer, Instagram marketing can be very confusing.

This is because end of the day, running successful Instagram campaigns comes down to knowing about the biggest hidden trends.

This is where ProfileMate comes in. With this tool, you will be able to discover the most powerful trends on Instagram and capitalize on them.

Profilemate Review – Overview

Title: ProfileMate
Creator: Luke Macguire
Launch Date: 30th  September 2020
Launch Time: 11:00 EST
Official Website: CLICK HERE
Front End Price: $47

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Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Refund: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Niche: Social Media Marketing


ProfileMate is an Instagram growth and analysis tool that’s designed mainly for the purpose of growing your Instagram profile/presence, building your email list, and dominating your competitors.

ProfileMate accomplishes all this by giving you invaluable insights into the hottest trends and into the mindsets and behaviors of your target audience.

Through deep analysis of your target market and competitors, ProfileMate is able to bring you information about the hottest trends, keywords, surfing habits of Instagram users, etc.

The developers intended this software to become the world’s best Instagram growth tool and this shows in how well designed the software is, and how many powerful features are implemented inside it.

And this valuable intel allows you to truly understand your target market/demographic makeup which you can use to generate leads, grow your user base, maximize conversion rates, and increase sales.

How Does ProfileMate Work?

-Provides insights and extracts detailed information about your target audiences, competitors, and their followers.

-Through this information, ProfileMate allows you to really maximize engagement and get only the most targeted leads.

-Finds Trends, Keywords and Hashtags that have the most marketing potential.

ProfileMate Features:

  1. Valuable Intel and Insight into your most successful competitors

One of the best ways to start with Instagram marketing is by modeling other Instagram accounts and marketers that are already successful.

This doesn’t mean that you have to copy them, but by following their posting and content strategies, you’ll go a long way.

Even if you don’t plan on following them, understanding your competitors’ behaviors and strategies will give ideas on how you can beat them and dominate on Instagram.

Some examples of the kind of insight ProfileMate provides include hashtags, follower demographics, engagement rate, post frequency, and many others.

  1. Finds The Ideal Target Audience For You

If you’re randomly targeting users on Instagram then you could possibly be doing Instagram marketing wrongly.

Every user on Instagram is different and very often the success of an Instagram marketing campaign depends on the user groups you market to.

Whether you plan on running ads to grow your Instagram following or you’re using a follow tool, having the right group is essential.

Profilemate is able to give you just that. The software does this by calculating all relevant factors through its advanced algorithm.

Resulting in you having an extremely targeted audience base that you can easily turn into leads and prospective sales.

  1. Insight Into Your Own Followers

Profilemate will give you unrivalled understanding of your own followers and fans. You’ll get a look into their behaviors and habits on Instagram.

This feature will greatly aid in promoting and selling to them.

You’ll figure out the kind of content that is best received by your followers and this will cause your engagement rate to soar.

  1. Email and Mobile Number Extraction

One of Profilemate’s most powerful features is its ability to extract the email addresses and phone numbers of any Instagram user.

You can use this module on any Instagram profile or page to extract the emails of all their followers.

The extracted data will then be compiled neatly into an excel sheet document.

With this list, you instantly have targeted leads at your disposal that you can use to drive sales and exposure.

Note: The email list generated by this feature should only be used for running your ad campaigns. Email marketing campaigns run on email lists that weren’t obtained through opt-ins is unethical.

  1. Mass Analysis Of User Accounts

ProfileMate is a powerful software and more than capable of analyzing thousands of profiles at the same and get’s it done in a short period of time.

How Does ProfileMate Work?

This is what the dashboard and members area of ProfileMate looks like. As you can see, the interface is intuitive and everything is easy to navigate.

To get started with using the software, you’ll have to install an extension on Google chrome browser. It’s really simple to do. After that just input your Instagram account’s login details.

Once that’s done, you’ll be able to access the software anytime.

Extracting Users

You can extract Users from four different sources. These are:

  • Followers/Following
  • Specific Post’s Likes/Comments
  • From Hashtags
  • From Locations

You can do it either on your account or other accounts.

The extracted users will then be compiled into an excel sheet.

Email Extractor Feature

Here’s Profilemate’s email extraction feature in action. As you can see it extracts the email addresses from any username you input.

Other than that you can extract a bunch of other extremely useful information from the users.

As with the emails, the results will be in an excel sheet.

Profilemate Pros and Cons


– Great interface that makes the software really easy to use

– No risk to your Instagram account. API completely in line with Instagram’s terms of service.

– Mobile version available: Software can be used on mobile phones

– Amazing at generating leads. Every feature, every function is created with the purpose of creating leads which you can then turn into sales/profits.


-There are certain features that are only available if you purchase to upsell options.

Profilemate Pricing

ProfileMate review: ProfileMate is available in multiple options.

  1. The most basic option is where you’ll get Profilemate on its own. Priced at $47.
  2. The second option comes bundled with a VIP training module. Priced at $67
  3. The third option adds the option of VIP searches, this is priced at an additional $47 per month.
  4. The last option is the licensing option which allows you to use ProfileMate to provide service to your own clients. This option is the most expensive and priced from $197- $497, depending on how many licenses you need.

My Experience with Profile Mate

This is a POWERFUL tool indeed. You can target users based on so many different types of information, from their follower count to their biographies.

I didn’t just use this tool for the sake of writing this Profilemate review, but actually still use it to run my Instagram campaigns.

The more targeted your leads, the better your results with whatever it is you want to achieve from Instagram. Whether it’s more profits, engagement, or exposure.

You’ll need to spend some time figuring out which analysis your goals/business but all in all it’s easy to figure out.

The VIP training module is extremely solid and shows you how to get the most out of all this targeting power.

Follow the training and I guarantee you with almost absolute certainty that you will experience some amazing growth through Instagram.

Who is ProfileMate for?

ProfileMate is designed for all sorts of businesses. The software performs well regardless of what industry you’re in. Instagram marketing will allow you to scale any type of business incrementally.

ProfileMate is mainly for,

-Internet Marketers

-Instagram Page Owners

-Brick and Mortar Business Owners

-Website Owners

-Video Marketers

-Content Creators



-Artists and Designers

ProfileMate Review – Final Verdict and Conclusion

ProfileMate is wonderful and one of the better social media marketing tools released recently.

Whether you’re just looking to get started with Instagram Marketing or are aiming to take your current Instagram campaigns to the next level, or just simply growing your Instagram account follower base, ProfileMate will be able to do all of it for you with outstanding efficiency.

For its very reasonable price of $47, this software is absolutely worth the money. Not only that, but I’ll be providing some insane bonuses for you. T

Thank you for reading my profilemate review, hope it helps make the right purchases online.

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