Dream Life Mastery Review: What I found after trying it myself

To live a life filled with happiness, wealth, love, and abundance is something that most people in the world can only wish for. 

The truth is that most people live mediocre lives with only a few fleeting moments of pleasure sprinkled between their waking hours.

It doesn’t have to be like this, however. For you see, the potential for greatness lies dormant within every single person.

To unleash this potential, all you have to do is cultivate the right mindsets and habits and start taking the necessary actions. Do this and living your dream life will be inevitable.  

Whatever it is you desire, whether it’s more freedom, becoming wealthy, finding true love, or simply becoming a happier person, all of it is within your reach if you make the decision to go after it. 

It doesn’t matter what your life is like right now, no matter how bad you think your current circumstances may be. Change your mind and your reality will follow suit. This is how life works. In the end, all that we are, all that we have today, are the result of what we have thought. 

In this post, I will be reviewing Dream Life Mastery, a program designed to show you the fastest and surest way towards living your dream life. 

In Dream Life Mastery you will learn the ins and outs of mastering your mind and habits so that you too can start living the life of your dreams. Apply the lessons you learn from the program to your life and you will be able to reach heights beyond your wildest dreams. 

Without further ado, let’s find out just how good this program actually is. 

How I came across Dream Life Mastery

So one fine day, I was scrolling my Facebook feed and out of nowhere, I came across an ad for Dream Life Mastery.

In the ad, the creator, Dr. Steve G. Jones, introduced his course as a powerful streamlined system that’s guaranteed to bring you a life of true success, mastery, comfort, and joy.

Sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it. After all, time and time again, we see personal development courses that make all sorts of great claims only to turn out to be a bunch of rehashed nonsense.

Still, I was intrigued by the ad and decided to delve deeper to see for myself whether this was the real deal or merely another elaborate scam. 

So, I made the decision to purchase the product and use it for myself.

What I found

To my surprise, it actually turned out to be one of the best self-development courses that I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking. In fact, calling it a self-development course wouldn’t be adequate, because it’s really so much more. 

What I’ve found was an extremely comprehensive and well-rounded program that’s designed to hold your hand from start to finish until you’ve mastered virtually every single aspect of your life. 

Inside you’ll find innovative and extremely powerful techniques to condition your mind for success, multiply your wealth, and reignite the passion in your relationships.

I’ll let you know exactly what I found in the course and the benefits I’ve gained from using it but before that, let me give you a little background on its creator.

Who’s the creator


The creator of this course is Dr. Steve G. Jones, a man who has figured out the secrets behind tapping into the mind’s fullest potential in order to live the best life possible.

While Dr. Steve G. Jones is today a successful entrepreneur, life coach, and hypnotherapist, it wasn’t always this way. There was once upon a time where he was pretty much destitute and over $80,000 in debt.

Through gaining mastery over his mind, personal habits, and mindsets, he was able to pull himself out of his rut and go on to live a truly abundant life.

In this course, he will share the exact methods and secrets that he himself used to achieve the success he enjoys today.

The fact that he wasn’t always successful but somehow managed to completely revamp his life means quite a bit and is a testament to the effectiveness of his methods.

All too often we hear of famous gurus and coaches doing this and that, yet somehow it’s hard to relate to them and their advice simply because they’ve already reached a level of success too far beyond our own.

Dr. Steve is pretty much just a regular guy who was able to transform his destitute life to a successful one filled happiness and satisfaction.

What’s inside

You’ll find the system divided into 8 different modules, each tackling different important areas of your life.

These modules range from finding inner peace and happiness to adopting the mindsets required to become wealthy.

All eight modules are delivered in common video formats, so you’ll have no problems accessing them on most computers and mobile devices.

The content found in each module is comprehensive without being long-winded. And all together they make a very detailed and complete system that anyone can use to greatly enhance every aspect of their life.

Let’s review these modules and see what they contain.

Module Number 1: The path to true happiness

Inside the first Module, Dr. Steve shares some very effective and potent techniques that will allow you to significantly increase the happiness that you experience on a daily basis.

Instead of focusing on short terms joys and pleasures, the focus of this module is on achieving a type of long-lasting happiness that can be felt at a much more profound level.

Indeed, having happiness as the topic of the very first module of this system is one thing that impressed me the most about this course.

Happiness, especially inner happiness, is not only an essential part of living an abundant life but is also one of the prerequisites of being successful in other areas of life.

Steve’s approach towards happiness is unique in the sense that it emphasizes acquiring happiness from within.

The happiness module is organized in a linear simple to follow manner. You’ll find detailed lessons on finding happiness in tough situations, the importance of having your happiness come from within, and the transmutation of negative states into happiness.

I spent a few weeks putting his teachings on happiness into practice and felt quite a noticeable difference in my levels of happiness.

There are 5 are different videos contained inside this module.

– The real secrets of happiness

– How to develop a framework for joy

– How to face unpleasantness, discomforts, and hardships and transmute them into happiness

– Taking control of your personal happiness (The way to inner happiness)

– Putting it all together

 Module Number 2: Success Conditioning: Conditioning the mind and cultivating the habits for success

As I often say, success is the result of the thousands of small actions and decisions that we choose to take on a daily basis.

Yet even if we know this fact, it can be hard to ensure that we will always act in the most beneficial manner.

Life can be unpredictable and there are times when our willpower simply fails us.

Steve understands this and instead attempts to condition us for success through the cultivation of successful habits and behaviors.

In this module, Steve goes into detail about what habits are the most conducive to living a successful and abundant life.

These were based on the habits of real-life successful individuals that Steve knows personally.

He shows the main behaviors, mindsets, and beliefs that separate the successful and unsuccessful.

Proper instruction will be given on how to integrate these successful habits and behaviors into your core personality.

Through this module you will learn how to stay at your most efficient and sharpest state in your daily life.

5 Videos are available in this module

Video 1- How to ensure success in your present and future

Video 2- 4 powerful ways to change any habit

Video 3- Shifting from your current mental state to a much more powerful state

Video 4- 8 secrets of exerting irresistible influence over your psyche

Video 5-Becoming the best version of yourself

Module Number 3: Wealth Achievement

This module covers the mindsets of millionaires and the secrets behind their vast amounts of wealth and material abundance.

Before setting out on doing anything to earn more money, it is important to first cultivate the right mindsets about money and wealth.

Having the right mindset and beliefs will allow us to experience far greater efficiency and ease in obtaining the wealth that we want.

In this module, Steve expands on the mindsets, traits, and habits of real-life millionaires in great detail.

He reveals the little-understood thought processes and mindsets of the wealthy.

Anyone who dedicates themselves to cultivating these mindsets and beliefs about money will be able to realize all their financial goals effortlessly.

There are 4 video clips included in this module.

The topics of the 4 videos are:

-The traits and characteristics of millionaires

-How to perform at your very best at all times

– How to adapt to any situation. The power of flexibility in obtaining wealth.

-The 20 attributes of millionaires

Module 4: Unleashing the power of your subconscious mind

Steve goes into extra detail with this particular module and for good reason.

The course that our lives take is largely dependent on the contents of our subconscious mind, so appropriate respect and attention should be given to its development.

Every experience you’ve ever had, every bit of information you’ve ever taken in, is recorded permanently in your subconscious.

And from there stems every single thought, action, and belief that you possess.

The lessons found in this module will give you illuminating insights into the little-understood workings of the subconscious mind.

You will learn how to utilize and harness its power to make achieving any of your goals near effortless.

Through the techniques shared inside you will be able to induce huge positive changes on the subconscious at a deep and profound level fairly quickly.

Great emphasis is placed on instilling powerful core beliefs and getting rid of unsupportive beliefs.

What’s inside

-Understand the true power of the subconscious and all that it’s capable of

-Unleashing your greatest potential

-How to get rid of limiting beliefs forever

-6 core beliefs of success that you should condition into your mind

 Module 5: Physical health

Both your life and your mind can only reach its fullest potential when your body is vigorous and healthy. So physical health is definitely something that you shouldn’t neglect.

Steve understands that one of the key aspects of a brilliant life and a developed mind is a healthy and robust body.

With a healthy body and mind, achieving success in any area of your life will be much easier, whether your goal is to be happy, wealthy or successful in love.

Included in this module are ways to get fitter, enhance your immune system and have more energy to go about your life.

What’s inside:

-The dangers of processed food

-How to utilize superfoods to greatly enhance your health

-Improving the health of your internal organs

-Brain Food: Food that increases your mental capacity

-Secrets of the food industry: What they’re hiding from you

-How to make following the path of healthy living and eating, easy

Module 6: Ways to achieve massive wealth

Expanding on the mental aspects of wealth covered in module two, this module focuses on the more practical aspects of acquiring wealth.

We often hear the importance of investing and having multiple income streams in our life, but setting out to acquiring these things can be confusing and overwhelming for many.

Here Steve lays out the steps you’ll need to take in order to make money outside your job. You’ll be able to take action straight away.

Steve goes into detail in covering the nuts and bolts of affiliate marketing, real estate, physical product businesses as well as investment in stocks.

With the state the world is in today after being ravaged by the Covid19 pandemic, there hasn’t been a more important time to consider alternative sources of income.

The affiliate marketing aspect of this module is especially helpful in this regard. With affiliate marketing, there are very little startup costs, all you need is time, dedication, a computer and internet access to start making money.

What’s inside,

-How to get started with affiliate marketing

-How to start investing safely and properly

-Making money from online work & freelance Jobs

-Property arbitrage and the real estate market

-E-commerce & product arbitration

Module 7: Relationships and Romance

A big part of living an abundantly successful life is being happy and successful in your romantic relationships.

Even those who prefer to be single will be able to gain quite a bit from this module. You’ll learn what it takes to be single from a place of happiness and choice.

Everything from finding your ideal partner to igniting more passion in your current relationship is covered in this module.

Topics of the videos

-It all starts with you, how to be your best and most attractive self

-The secrets to having a truly satisfying relationship

-How to keep the passion going in your relationships even after long periods of being together

Module 8: Putting it all together: The 60 days challenge

This module will finally show you how to apply all that you’ve learned in the previous modules within a 60-day time frame.

Steve calls this the “60-day challenge”.

This is one of the more interesting aspects of the course. A common struggle a lot of people face with these types of courses and self development systems is actually putting the information they’ve learned into practice.

This module is designed specifically to tackle this problem.

The 60-day challenge will help you avoid procrastination and make applying lessons you learn from the course easy and effortless.

So even those of you who struggle with discipline and procrastination should face no trouble with the help of this module.

With the help of this module, high chances are that you’ll be able to successfully go through the course and when completed, expect to see big massive changes in all areas of your life.

You’ll be much closer than before to achieving the dream lifestyle which is the ultimate goal of this course.

So, how did I find the course and what benefits did I get?

I was able to get tangible and real benefits in all aspects of my life. I experienced improvements in my relationships, in my personal wealth, and especially my personal happiness.

I’ll elaborate more on these benefits below.

Note: At the time of writing this review, I only applied the contents of the course for 30 days. As the course is designed to be used over a span of 60 days, my results should be even better after I finish the 60 days challenge.

Happiness benefits

In terms of happiness and mood, I noticed a stark increase in the happiness I experience on a daily basis.

I was able to enjoy the smaller pleasures of life much more and little things that used to affect my happiness no longer bothered me as much.

Even in the face of more challenging situations, I was still able to feel a sense of joy that is independent of whatever was going on around me.

That’s the best part really, the fact that this joy seemed to radiate from within. It was like I’m on some happiness pill.

You could have everything you want in the world but if you lack the right mindsets and perspective, you won’t be the happiest that you can be.

No matter where you are now in terms of personal happiness and satisfaction with your life.

Happiness wise, you’re bound to be able to get something from the course.

Relationship benefits

The relationship I have with my girlfriend became much more intimate.

I noticed a lot more passion in our relationship reminiscent of our earlier days together.

The occasional conflicts and arguments that we used to have become a lot milder. And I’m sure as I put these teaching into practice for a longer period of time, these conflicts will eventually cease to come up altogether.

Wealth Benefits

I felt an improvement regarding my beliefs and mindsets about money.

I started feeling much more confident about my business ventures, especially in regard to the many difficult decisions I have to make.

The practices from their wealth module also made me a tad more generous. Which is a good thing, as generosity actually puts you in a better frame of mind to attract and obtain more wealth.

Prior to this, despite doing pretty okay financially, I still felt stingy sometimes and often felt unhappy with parting with my money, even when it was necessary.

Now, I’m able to spend happily while knowing at a gut level that it’ll come back to me tenfold.

Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t make me frivolous with my money or anything like that, but when it comes to times where it’s necessary to spend, I’m able to do so happily.

Ease of Use

It doesn’t matter how good the contents of a course are, if it’s presented in a confusing and long-winded manner, it can be very hard to absorb it.

Thankfully, this is one of the strong points of Dream Life Mastery. The content and modules of the program are presented in a manner that is very systematic and easy to digest.

You’ll be able to start implementing them in your life the moment you start the course.


-Very detailed and concise.

-Packed with value for the money paid

-Serves as a solid foundation for mastery in all areas of your life.


-You’ll need a little effort to put what you learn from the course into practice if you want to see massive improvements.

-Only available in digital format.

Verdict & Final Thoughts

Dream Life Mastery certainly lives up to its claims of allowing you to achieve an amazing life that’s lived with purpose, abundance, and happiness.

For its price, it better damn well deliver, and fortunately, it does pretty well.

Put in enough dedication to applying the lessons taught and there will be no doubt that you’ll able to achieve it.

If you’re looking for big changes in your life then this is the course for you. Expect to see a complete 360 change in every aspect of your life after going through it.

Even if you’re already fairly successful in life, you’ll still be able to get a lot out of this course. There is always room for improvement, and your experience will probably be just like mine. Massive improvements in every area of your life.

They also offer a 30-day refund policy, so you’ll be to try it risk-free to see if it’s the right course for you.


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